Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Review 

 November 1, 2021

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Champion Power Equipment 100692 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator, Ultralight
  • ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT: At only 39 pounds, this inverter is one of the lightest 2000-watt inverters in...
  • QUIET OPERATION: 58 dBA from 23 feet is perfect for camping, tailgating or to backup a few home...
  • PARALLEL READY: The optional clip-on parallel kit enables this inverter to connect with another...
  • CLEAN POWER FOR SENSITIVE ELECTRONICS: Includes two covered 120V 20A household outlets with clean...
  • CHAMPION SUPPORT: Includes 3-year limited warranty with FREE lifetime technical support from...

At a mere 39.5 pounds, the Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator features 2000 W starting watts, 1700 W running watts, and up to 11.5 hours run time. It's undeniably one of the most efficient and lightweight inverter generators currently on the market today. It has been built to reduce the electrical load providing quieter operation of 58 dBA from 23 feet.

The Champion power equipment inverter produces clean power that's perfect for sensitive or expensive electronics and includes two 120V 20A household outlets(covered) with clean electricity that's less than 3% THD. This comes in handy in camping, tailgating, or even as a home backup for a few home essentials. To double your output power, the Champion power equipment comes with an optional parallel kit clip-on that makes it a parallel-ready inverter.

This enables you to connect your portable inverter generator with another 2000-watt Champion inverter. Thanks to Champion's innovative design, you get a portable source of power that's always ready when you are has never come easier. It powers up with a reliable recoil start, plus the Cold Start Technology ensures that you get a quick start in the cold weather.

Summary and Overview of 2000W Champion Power Equipment Generator

If you're familiar with the Champion power equipment brand or have used any of their products before, then you know that Champion is a reputable company. A company that's well known for durability and quality performance in its products. Unlike other inverter generators, this portable inverter generator packs many great features that make it an excellent choice for people who have an active, outdoorsy lifestyle.

As a trustworthy brand, Champion power equipment produces some high-quality options that are packaged and ideal for just about any fit. This is why the release of the new Champion 2000-Watt inverter generator had so many high built-up expectations. The company has packed a lot of power and extras into a portable generator that can be used for so many different options. 

The Champion generator 2000 Watt electrical load providing quieter operation is ideal for people who are mostly on the move and are actively outdoorsy. This portable inverter generator is lightweight, compact, and quite efficient. In addition, it has roughly 20% better fuel efficiency than what the other conventional models can offer.

What Are the Key Specifications?

  • Engine Brand- Champion Power equipment
  • Starting Wattage- 2000W
  • Running Wattage- 1700W
  • Engine type- 4-stroke 79cc OHV
  • Fuel Tank- 1.1 Gallon
  • Run Time- Up to 11.5 Hours
  • Doesn't require assembly
  • Product Dimensions- 17.3 x 11.5 x 17.7 inches
  • Outlet: two 120V 20A household outlets (5-20R) with clean electricity (less than 3% THD) and a 12V DC automotive outlet
  • Sound levels (dBA)- 53 dBA
  • Fuel type- Gasoline
  • Engine oil included-Yes
  • Covered outlets -Yes
  • Oil type -10W-30
  • Low oil shut-offYes
  • Circuit breaker/ overload protection- Yes
  • Engine displacement - 79 Cubic Centimeters
  • Oil capacity -0.5 qt.
  • Frequency - 60 Hz
  • CARB compliant- Yes
  • Included items in purchase- USB adapter, engine oil, battery charging cables, and oil funnel

What are the Features of the 2000- Watt Champion Power Generator?

A) Reliable Power Output

The Champion 2000-Watt inverter generator is a powerful 79cc, 4-stroke portable inverter generator engine that delivers a starting wattage of 2,000-Watts and 1,700-Watts running Wattage. Note that this also means that you need to know your specific power needs before using it.

It has a recoil start tha offers reliable performance that you can trust to work even during the cold season. Additionally, the engine comes with a nifty overhead valve design, allowing the Champion power equipment to dissipate the heat efficiently after each use. This feature can help increase its service life expectancy.

B) Stable Clean Power

It's only natural that you'd be concerned about the quality of the current electricity coming in from your generator power unit, especially if you want to use it to charge some expensive and sensitive gadgets. For this reason, Champion power equipment has less than 3% Total Harmonic Distortion.

THD is simply a quality measure of electricity. Electricity is considered clean and good if it has a THD that's no higher than 6%. Anything above that can damage sensitive electrical circuits like those you'd find in phones, tablets, or the newer model laptops.

Despite all this, most standard generators in the market tend to produce 9-15 % THD. But at less than 3%, the Champion 2000-Watt inverter generator's clean electricity sniffles out its competition.

C) Very Quiet Operation

This inverter has a noise level of 53.0 dBA that definitely qualifies it as a quiet generator, which is no easy feat. This feature is even more impressive if you consider the fact that a normal conversation is between 60.0-65.0 dBA.

Plugged in to run 23 feet away, your Champion 2000-Watt portable generator would be almost at the same noise level as a hairdryer running in the next room.

D) Sleek Build and Aesthetics

Like the other portable Champion generators, the 2000-Watt 100692 Champion power generator comes in its traditional black and yellow body, that's compact, cube-shaped, and with a neatly placed handle to easily carry it around.

E) Parallel Ready Generator

If you need more power output, the Champion inverter generator comes with an optional Parallel Kit for additional power. This essentially increases its output power two-fold without taking up any more floor space.

F) Smart Economy Mode

The 2000-Watt Champion 100692 inverter's economy mode helps with fuel conservation and helps minimize engine wear. In addition, the engine has less work and potentially a longer lifespan by automatically reducing the rev speed when the demand for power drops.


  • An impressively powerful 4-stroke engine that delivers enough power with an impressive 11.5 hours runtime
  • Mere 53.0 dBA for an ultra-quiet operation, making it suitable for use in campsites, RVs, tailgating, or other outdoor use
  • An in-built handle that part of the encasing makes it easy to carry
  • Portable inverter generator that's CARB compliant and EPA certified
  • With the new inverter technology that produces clean power to allow you to plug in your expensive electronics safely
  • Weighs 39 pounds for an ultra-light and portable inverter generator
  • Smart Eco-mode technology for fuel-saving operation
  • Integrated cold start technology that ensures that it can still work when it gets cold
  • Limited 3-year warranty and a free lifetime technical support by Champion
  • Quite affordable
  • Extra protection features to prolong the engine's lifespan
  • A space-saving stackable design that increases its total wattage output
  • 2 covered 120V 20A (5-20R) household outlets, and 1 covered 12V DC automotive-style outlet
  • No assembly required


  • Unlike other portable generators, the Champion power equipment has a pull-start manual function in an age where the other inverter generators have a push-to-start automatic button
  • This portable inverter generator unit doesn't come with a data center
  • It only runs on gasoline and doesn't run on dual fuel

What Are the Maintenance Requirements for the 100692 Champion Power Equipment?

1. When starting this portable inverter generator:

  • Don't start a damaged generator
  • Always ensure that the air filter, gasoline cap, fuel lines, spark plug, and exhaust system are correctly connected, secured, and in place
  • Always allow any spilled gasoline to evaporate before attempting to start the engine fully
  • Ensure that the generator is firmly resting on level ground

2. When operating this portable inverter generator:

  • Don't move or tip it during operation
  • Don't tip it or allow the fuel or oil to spill

3. Before starting the Champion power equipment engine:

  • Move the generator outside
  • Always check the oil level; the recommended oil to use is 10W-30
  • Always check the gasoline level
  • If you need to add gasoline, use a minimum octane with an 87 rating and a 10% or less volume ethanol content
  • Turn 'ON' the fuel cap vent lever
  • Turn 'ON' the fuel dial to the full clockwise position
  • Pull the choke knob to the 'CHOKE' position
  • Pull the recoil cord portable inverter generator
  • Push the choke knob to the 'RUN' position
  • Plug in the desired device

4. Cleaning the Champion power equipment generator

  • Don't spray the water directly onto the generator since it can slip into the generator through the cooling slots and damage its generator windings. The water could also contaminate its fuel system
  • Simply use a damp cloth to clean its exterior surface
  • Alternatively, you can use a soft bristle brush to remove the dirt or oil
  • You can also use an air compressor (25 PSI) to clear the dirt and debris from your Champion power equipment
  • Always inspect all the cooling slots and air vents to ensure that they are unobstructed and clean
  • To prevent your portable inverter generator from accidentally starting while you perform any service, you can remove and ground its spark plug wire

5. Changing the Champion engine equipment oil:

  • It's advised that you change the oil when the engine is still warm. Refer to the oil specifications to select the recommendable grade for your specific operating environment
  • Set your portable inverter generator on top of a stable workbench or flat table
  • Loosen its cover screws and remove the generator maintenance cover
  • Remove its oil fill cap/dipstick
  • Tilt your generator on the side to allow the oil to drain completely

Who Is It Best Suited For?

The 2000-Watt Champion power equipment generator 100692 is the perfect companion for active, outdoorsy people. Tailgate parties and campers who appreciate a lightweight design with an in-built handle that lets you take this portable inverter generator literally anywhere you go.

You can also use it in your home as a backup energy source for particular appliances. You'll need to be extra careful about what you connect to it, especially lights and small gadgets.


The Champion 2000-watt inverter generator is a well-rounded portable generator that performs exactly what it is intended for. It's a 2000-watt portable inverter generator mainly intended for powering outdoor activities, including camping, RVs, tailgating, and others.

If you're on a budget looking for an affordable portable 2000-watt generator, this is definitely one that we'd vouch for, the 2000-Watt Champion power equipment generator 100692. It's a low-maintenance unit that saves you much more in the long run. In addition, Champion poured a lot of innovation and technology into this ultra-weight generator, such as the Smart Economy Mode, to have it run on a better fuel economy that has its competitors scrambling.

This Champion power equipment generator is ultra-lightweight, quiet in operation, parallel ready, provides clean power for sensitive electronics, reliable, and versatile. If you need more power output, it comes with an optional clip-on parallel kit that can confidently connect your portable inverter generator with another 2000-watt Champion inverter. This gives you a double output power setup.

Unlike many other inverter generators, it is a CARB compliant generator with features that are covered with the 3-year limited warranty, with free lifetime technical Champion support. The technical support from dedicated experts is one final selling point for the best value you can get out of this range of inverter generators.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

1. How long does a 2000-Watt Champion inverter generator 100692 run?

Generally, you can rely on its 79 cc engine and enjoy it providing quieter operation extended engine life since the inverter operates at 53 dBA and runs for up to 11.5 hours. The Champion 2000-watt inverter generator also comes in a space-saving stackable design that offers lightweight power in an innovative design that saves space, produces clean power, has great engine life, and runs on Smart Economy Mode (Eco-mode) for better fuel economy, making portable power a reality with no assembly required and a hassle-free setup.

2. What household items can the 2000-Watt Champion inverter generator 100692 support?

It's not meant for an emergency home backup system in case of any power outages. Still, with Champion's innovation, you can confidently provide backup for a few basics or connect it to a few home essentials. The 2000 watt Champion power equipment generator has enough output, great engine life, and better fuel economy to support a good number of small household/RV appliances or recreational equipment that include:

  • A mid-sized fridge that runs on not more than 1200 watts of starting power and one that has an ENERGY STAR rating
  • A portable light source that runs on utmost 500 watts
  • Space heater using utmost 1,800 watts
  • Coffee maker using utmost 1,000 watts
  • Microwave oven using utmost 1,000 watts
  • A ceiling fan that uses less than 140 watts
  • A dishwasher that runs on less than 1,500 watts
  • Computers that will use the utmost 1000 watts
  • TV that uses utmost 250 Watts and others

3. Can the 2000-Watt Champion inverter generator run a table saw?

Yes, this 2000-Watt portable inverter generator can support a table saw, among other work appliances that include jigsaws, sanders, small-angle grinders, and so much more. The Champion power equipment 2000-Watt unit is quite portable, has enough power, doubles up in electrical load for use in both camping and select job site uses.

4. How long does the Champion 2000-Watt generator run on gasoline?

The new 2000-Watt Champion power equipment generator runs on a portable generator technology where when the 1.1-gallon gasoline tank is full, the run time at a 1/4 load is 11.5 hrs.

5. What wattage is needed to run the house?

The most vital household equipment can be run on a generator that's rated at 5,000-7,500 Watts. These items will include appliances like a well pump, lighting circuits, refrigerator, and freezer. A 7500- Watts generator can run all the appliances at once. For an RV-ready outlet, a 3000 – 4000-watt generator would ideally work.

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