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 October 25, 2020

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Champion Power Equipment 73536i Portable Inverter Generator


  • 2000 Starting Watts and 1700 Running Watts
  • Real sine wave inverter system
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Overload preventing system
  • 120V AC Load / 12V DC outlet
  • Up to nine and a half hours running at ¼ load
  • 53 decibels at 23 Feet.
  • Weighs 48.5 Pounds
  • Easy cord-pulling start
  • Low oil shutdown system
  • USDA accepted spark arrestor
  • Stackable Layout
  • Double capacity (Linking to another generator)
  • Includes carrying grip
  • Suitable for using in 50 states (Meets EPA/CARB standards)

Champion Inverter Generator 73536i

The Champion inverter generators use some of the most creative technology and it’s no surprise that they’re ahead of their time. In the past 15 years they made an important name thanks to models such as the Power Generator 73536i.

A huge power in a compact size

This inverter’s dimensions are about 19” x 13” x 16” and weighs almost 49 Lbs. Though it’s quite small, they achieved to put a potent 80cc Champion 4-stroke OHV motor inside of it.

Thanks to this incredible motor it can generate 1700 running watts and 2000 running watts, which is more than enough for most works. If you want to have more power, you can easily link this machine to another identical one.

It’s a real quiet generator

Inverters are supposed to be quiet, but none as much as the Champion 73536i. It reaches a 53-decibel level at a distant of 23 feet, which won’t hurt your ears.

If you want to know approximately how noisy it can be, let’s say it’s a bit louder than the sound of a gentle rain. It’s by far less noisy than a gossip, so it’s ideal for a picnic or a barbeque where you want to chat with your friends without annoyances.


Well thought-out panel layout for a practical operability.

The engine can run all night long on a single load.

What you look for in a portable generator is that it runs for a long and continuous time so that you don’t have to reload it. Getting one that you know will run all night long is great since you can leave it working by itself while you go to sleep.

This generator has an average of 9,5 hours runtime at ¼ load. So you’ll be able to power your important appliances as long as you need. It also incorporates an economic mode which makes it run for a longer time.

It includes some security features

Potent generators are usually considered unsafe and it can always happen something when one is running. Inverters are much safer than standard generators. But it’s good when they come with some safety additions.

The Champion Power Equipment will not burst when you’re away thanks to the low oil shut-off system that will act automatically. It also has an overload preventing system, in case of an excessive power demand.

That a power outage happens doesn’t mean that you can’t go on with your daily routine. You can easily apply a portable generator. That’s my case. When an outage happens in one of the restaurants I have in Puerto Rico, my employees activate a generator to keep the kitchen working and lights on for the customers. I need to keep my business active and alive and a generator does that.

I bet you need the same thing for your house or working place when the power is out or for your equipment when you go out on a trip. The issue is how to choose the right machine for you. This review on the Champion 73536i 2000w Four-Stroke Inverter should help you make up your mind.

I chose the Champion 2000w inverter to make this review because it’s one of the best-selling generators nowadays. I’ going to test this model for you so you don’t have to do it yourself. You know how important it is to know what you are about to buy before you take the big step, since it’s not a little investment what you are about to make.


The 73536i generator has a compact design and is light enough to be transported easily with your hands. It generates 2000 start watts and 1700 running watts. Its square form and plastic case are some of its most remarkable characteristics. But it offers much more than that. It’s a product of inverter engineering that provides high quality power.


Its dimensions are 21,5” x 16,25” x 18,25”. It’s actually pretty small. It also weighs barely 48 Lbs. That’s remarkable since most portable generators weigh more than 200 Lbs.

The square design also helps with the mobility of the machine. The durable plastic casing of the apparat makes it able to withstand hits and falls and many other mistreatments. That plastic housing is worth its mention if you ask me.

The four-stroke motor runs on fuel. This is the fuel it’s usually used to feed generators engines. The most amazing feature this engine has is that it can run at different velocities. Its variable system lets you switch to economic mode when you require it. And when you need to power up the engine, you just have to speed it up. That’s a more efficient fuel burning and you save money.

Also, the motor is more resistant to normal use and damages caused by weariness. In other words, its technology makes it live longer. The speed variations help you lower its noise. The brand says that the product generates barely 53 decibels while running. I would say this machine works very quietly.

As an inverter, this model generates what is technically considered as “clean energy”. The AC output current distorts rarely. The clean energy powers safely delicate electronic appliances like tablets or computers, without threat of any kind of damage.

This model come with a 120v outlet. This can be a good deal, but I would rather want two outlets to power a larger amount of appliances. And so it is that the 73536i has an additional DC 12 volt outlet for loading batteries and appliances with batteries.

It also includes two important security features. Overload preventing system protects the appliances plugged in against damaging. The low oil sensor shuts off the motor when the oil runs out. With that, you can leave the engine running by itself without worrying.


It produces 2,000 surge watts and 1,700 running watts. I recommend you find out if this output is what your appliances need.

This Champion model has an average runtime of 9,5 hours at ¼ load on a full tank. This is a big success for a model this size. I would say this is a dependable machine.

This model can run in parallel too. You can link it to another identical generator and they together will generate about 3,600 watts of energy. This is a great solution when your power needs are big. In that case you must buy a parallel kit to connect the two generators.


The power generated by the Champion 73536i is insufficient for a large amount of household appliances, but it can power a number of them when necessary. This generator was mainly meant to power appliances for outdoors activities, tripping and camping. It is quite good as well to power tools. It has enough power to supply a small workshop too.

Easy to start up and move around

Fuel-powered devices are usually hard to lift and move about. This model, by the other hand, has a practical pull recoil for an easy startup. Even at low temperatures, you can turn it on at once.

You can bet you can carry it around easily as well. If you look at it, it looks like a budget and weighs under 50 Lbs. But you wouldn’t be able to move it anyway without its built-in carrying grip.

You can take your generator anywhere

When you buy an expensive portable generator, you want to be able to take it and use it anywhere. Many customers ignore it is not always so. In the case of the devices that don’t comply with CARB standards, you can’t use them in California.

Get the double its power by linking to another generator with the Parallel Kit. Champion 73536i Inverter generator, the best and quietest model. As soon as you can, buy a second 73536i generator on Amazon and run both in parallel.

The Champion Power Equipment 73536i meets for sure CARB standards and is EPA approved in 50 states as well. And thanks to its spark arrestor, USDA allows this generator to be used in all of the National Parks of the US.

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