Briggs & Stratton 030468 Review 2022 

 October 25, 2020

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The Briggs & Stratton 030468 generator is one of the latest and most reliable portable generators when it comes to providing power relief during the times of power shortages and load shedding as also during the outbreak of natural calamities like avalanches, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. Customers trust the Briggs and Stratton firm to come with painstakingly technical generators and fixed in turbines that are efficient, work well and are ergonomic to the core.

Product Characteristics of the Briggs & Stratton 030468 Generator. Technically speaking, the generator is definitely one of the most powerfully dynamic ones in the market, with an overall capacity to produce more than 5,500 Watts of energy continuously for a huge time interval with a surge capacity of 6,875 Watts. For a product that weights a little below 200 pounds and has dimensions smaller than a portable television, the capacity of power produced is remarkable indeed. It comes with four AC outlets each of nearly 120 Volts and a circuit lock of 120 Volts and 30 Amps. If these figures weren’t technically staggering, it has a 5 gallon capacitated fuel tank that can enable the generator to operate for nearly ten hours. For a portable generator that isn’t fitted in the home, these statistics amount to a great deal of intrigue. Clearly, when it comes to mechanism, nothing can beat the Briggs & Stratton 030468 portable generator.

Briggs & Stratton 030468 Customer Reviews

Ergonomic at its best! Customers who have received the product rave highly about its ergonomic appeal. For one, the portable generator is packed extremely well and it is already half installed so the overall assembly time would be a little over twenty minutes for a 10th Grade housewife. Yes, it is really that simple! You only need a few wrenches and hand tools to attach the portable wheels to the generator, remove the wheel coating and sheath and attach a bottom base to the entire set up. The installation and set up is a onetime procedure – which of course is definitely straightforward. Besides, you have a troubleshooting and guide manual that should come handy if you do have concerns about the Briggs & Stratton 030468 generator.

Operates extremely well and efficiently! It is reported by many customers that with the right amount of oil and gas into the Briggs & Stratton 030468 generator, it functions exceptionally and for a long period of time, without a hitch. People have also appraised the machine is not as noisy as most of the other generators are found to be. In fact, they feel the device is more like a lawn mower, making only a semblance of the noise that you get when you operate a lawn mowing device. It powers many appliances like fridges, water pumps, light circuits, fans, televisions and much more if needed. The only concern is that you don’t add circuits all at once and wait till the generator has cooled down and then proceed with some of the other circuits to it.

Cause for concern with this generator as listed by some users: The only noticeable cause for concern in the device is that its total harmonic distortion speculations are either not published or do not work. The frequency meters should ideally read 60 Hz but though they are steady at 62 Hz for most part of the time, occasionally they do rise to unprecedented heights of around 400 Hz and so. Thus, what customers conclude is that the device has some faulty sine wave output problems. This problem does not concern a lot when it comes to household goods, but then when you are looking to power delicate electronics, you’d better think more. The distortion output could affect a lot of systems and cause a lot of damage internally to various circuits if they do not resist the output. This apart, the Briggs & Stratton 030468 generator is a fabulous product and quite lives up to its expectation. Our overall view about the product: Well, if you do not want to reel in the side effects of your next power shortage, make a quick decision. This Briggs & Stratton 030468 portable generator could be the solution for your energy related needs.

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