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10 Best Predator Generators Reviews

Predator has been around since 1988 and they are pride to be one of the best in power generation business since they offer high quality products that have made them an established brand.

Here we will show you some of the best Predator generators money can buy.

Predator 2000 Generator: 2000 Watt Portable Generator

The Predator 2000 Generator offers a 2000 Watt starting speed and running at a consistent 1600 Watts and economic power with a durable design.

This model is portable and perfect for camping or as an additional power source for low-mid wattage appliance.

It runs a 79.7 cc OHV gas engine that provides enough power to meet the daily requirements for a casual user o for an emergency case. It’s quiet so you won’t disturb anybody in your neighborhood and you will save some money.

The two 120 AC outlets and 12V DC outlet makes this model suitable for a variety of power needs. It has a 6.5 hours run time so you will be able to keep it running for enough time to gather the power you need.

Moreover, it’s durable thanks to its housing protection, so you won’t have to worry about impacts. Electronic overload protection is a standard and allows you to boost your power with another predator generator connected in parallel.

All these features make this an excellent choice for anybody.


  • Durable
  • Quiet during operation
  • Has a fantastic size and weight
  • Provides a substantial amount of wattage
  • It uses an inverter technology


  • Has a small fuel tank
  • Can only power few small appliances
  • Unsuitable for powering large appliances like refrigerators

Predator 3500 Generator: 3500 Watts, Super Quiet

This model by Predator is designed to provide a wide range of power charging solutions and features durability and portability like the smaller models.

It runs a 212cc air-cooled OHV gas engine and comes with 4 wheel and handles on the upper side to make it easy to be transported during camp trips or outdoors events.

Just like the previous model, the 3500 is very quiet and has a 11 hour run time at 25% capacity so you will have enough power to overcome any unexpected situation.

The 120V and 12V outlets , the convenient switch starter and the LCD screen to notify the user of power output, oil levels and other things make this 3000W Super Quiet Predator a worthy generator to take into account.


  • Has an electric starter that makes it very easy to start and operate
  • Highly efficient with a runtime of 11 hours
  • Well equipped with an overload protection (electric) that makes it safe during use


  • Has a limited power capacity if many gadgets are to be powered simultaneously
  • It needs protection and coverage in adverse weather conditions
  • Has several features missing that hinders it operations e.g. gas gauge and cannot be operated with a remote control
  • Has small casters that makes it cumbersome to transport in rugged terrains

Predator 4000 Watt Generator

The predator 4000W generator delivers top quality performance from this industry-leading brand. This model weighs 99 lb so it’s a stationary model. However, it’s easy to transport and store in the garage.

This model features a 3200 wattage from its 212cc air-cooled OHV gas engine, so there’s enough power to keep key household appliances for a substantial amount of time. This generator can power a TV and a refrigerator at the same time and it’s also a good partner for a RV road trip, camping excursions or light construction sites and emergencies where there’s n power.

The 120 V, 240 V and 12V DC outlets will eliminate the problems with the connection type. The heavy-duty 1 in steel roll cage and 10 hours running time on 50% capacity ensure this model is well prepared for all eventualities.


  • User friendly
  • Has an electric start that makes it easy to use
  • Has an extended runtime of 10 hours
  • Has multiple outlets to power various appliances at a go


  • Quite heavy to be carried by one person
  • Has no oil drain plug

Predator 8750 Watt Generator

The Perdator 8750 Watt Generator is really more powerful than its competitors and will ensure that you won’t have to worry about power sources.

The 420 cc air-cooled OHV gas engine of this model runs at 13 HP and features an electric button start and a recoil start in the case of battery failure.

It has a 12 hour running time on 50% capacity and an indicator display of low gas and oil, so you will be notified when the Generator needs something of these to keep working. It also features several connector options with 120V, 240V and 120 DC outlets.

Just like the previous models reviewed, it’s really quiet but it can produce a wattage of 7,000 Watts, so it turns out to be really quiet but powerful.

It’s ideal for powering multiple home appliances simultaneously, and can be really useful for outdoor enthusiasts or somebody who runs a well-prepared home and likes to be equipped and prepared for every circumstance.


  • Has multiple power outlets suitable for powering heavy household appliances like ACs, refrigerators and microwaves
  • Comes with a rip cord that makes it easy to start
  • Has air-cooled circuit breakers that makes it safe to operate
  • Designed with strong steel flames that makes it durable
  • Offers great value for your money


  • Noisy
  • Its weight of 220 lb. is a major drawback that affects its portability
  • Takes time to start during adverse weather conditions
  • When left outside, its bolts and nuts are prone to rust
  • The wheel kits and batteries are purchased separately thus additional cost

Predator 13500 Watt Gas Generator

This is one of the most powerful models by Predator because of its running speed of 11,000 Watts and its 670cc OHV gas engine.

This is the best emergency generator for your home since it’s capable of powering any appliance in your home. It features a lifting hook, heavy duty steel frame and a running time of around 7.5 hrs at 50% capacity which make it ideal for a construction site also.

Moreover, in spite of being so huge, it’s really transportable and is very quiet for its size, emitting 78 db while running. This makes it adaptable to be used at home or work, and also features an electric push start for more convenience.


  • Has multiple power outlets
  • Has an electronic overload protection
  • Suitable for sensitive electronic appliances such as laptops, phones etc.
  • Has a low oil shutdown
  • Comes with a lifting hook and a wheel kit


  • Quite expensive
  • Bulky
  • Its weight of 375 lbs. limits its portability

What to Look for in a Portable Generator

You should look for a portable generator with good specifications since it can be placed in any setting and can make your job easier in your home, workplace or camping site acting as a power source. Whatever you need, here are some of the key features you should be looking for to improve your experience.

Electric Start

A push button electric starter can save you energy since you won’t have to pull a cord to start it. Most of the modern models from top brand names feature an easy push button start to save you time.


As you have seen, generators must be portable and that means they need to be easy to move when required. Most of the best models in the market feature wheels to take your generator to any place you want to set it without problems.


A good generator should have several outlets of for different currents and voltages because of the diversity of connection types and power needs of the devices nowadays.

Inverter Technology

This feature is really important for a generator nowadays since it provides for a cleaner use of energy, so the generator can be more productive and reduce carbon footprint as much as possible. It can also help to save on fueling cost and should be a key purchase decision when you are a frequent user.

Moreover, this technology also reduces de noise levels, so you should keep this in mind.

What Can a Portable Generator Power?

The first thing you must take into account for this question is your needs. Do you want a generator for outdoor applications such as camping trips or family outgoings or do you want a generator for your home?

In the first case, you will probably need to recharge phone batteries, turn on toaster ovens or charge your laptop, and this won’t be a problem for light portable power generators on today’s market.

However, if you are looking a home generator, then you will need a 4000 Watt generator as minimum since it will be able to power most items in your home such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and electric heaters, but this power output must be managed carefully to avoid overloading, so the higher the power output of your generator in wattage terms, the more appliances can be simultaneously powered.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have gained some insight from this guide about what Predator offers and the decision criteria based on your needs. Purchasing a generator can be an important decision especially when moving house or changing after a long period of time, so we recommend you to view some of other reviews to make the best decision.

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