Best Portable Natural Gas Generator for Electrical Power 

 July 14, 2021

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We are all trying to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint as we move into a green-conscious world, meaning we should also try to look for more eco-friendly energy sources to power our homes, RV’s, and food trucks. Unfortunately, the traditional diesel fuel generator is considered an “unclean” energy source because it produces a lot of harmful emissions when burnt. Thereby making alternatives models such as a portable natural gas generator or a dual fuel generator (can run on either diesel or natural gas /propane) hugely popular.

As of 2019, natural gas generators accounted for 43% of all the generators sold in the US. These efficient gas generator systems are fuel-efficient and run on natural gas/propane, to ensure that you don't live in an environment that is filled with such unhealthy fuel emissions. However, things still can get a little confusing, especially when it comes to the terms 'natural gas' and 'propane,' especially when generators are involved.

With this in mind, buying a home natural gas generator is no simple task that can be easily accomplished without the right information at hand. However, natural gas remains the most recommended option for your home use, so it is imperative that you get the best natural gas-powered generator that suits your home needs. Whether it's the price, power, or fuel consumption, there is always a generator that fits your needs.

Most generators in this line also come quiet, so you can comfortably place them not so far from your home without the worry of odor that comes with propane since natural gas eliminates it all.

The Best Portable Natural Gas Generator for You

1. Generac 7043 Guardian Series

Generac is one reputable generator brand in the market today that continuously built on its popularity by reliably providing equipment that function excellently to give the user optimal service in durability. This specific model, the Generac 7043 generator, is an air-cooled generator that serves as a standby generator in case of a power outage.

It runs on natural gas/ liquid propane, is highly efficient and utterly noiseless. The inner components come enclosed in aluminum to further add to its silent operation, while the aluminum cover is powder-coated to provide corrosion resistance. In addition, it conveniently comes with an automatic 200 amp transfer switch to help transfer electricity to your home at the same time a power outage occurs.

The transfer switch is NEMA 3 rated, which is to mean that it’s intended for both outdoor and indoor use. The Generac 7043 Guardian Series is a 22 kW system, which is also the largest among air-cooled generators, meaning that it’s perfect for big homes where more power is needed. In addition, this natural gas generator supplies the best in its class power since it uses True Power technology.

True Power Technology supplies power with less than 5% harmonic distortion, making it safe for use around sensitive electronics and appliances. Now you can safely connect all your appliances without having to worry about the level of power flowing through them. The Generac 7043 natural gas generator uses a G-Force pressure-lubricated engine that capably handles the generator's high output and helps deliver enough power and, in the long run, helps decrease the frequency of routine maintenance.

It also comes with a multilingual LCD to make it easy to operate and allow you to monitor the performance status as you check the maintenance intervals. If you want, you can separately purchase its Mobile Link Remote monitoring system, which allows you to check the generator's status and even schedule the maintenance from your tablet or phone.

Overall, this is a generator that gives you incredible value for your money.


  • It runs on a True power technology of less than 5% HD for sensitive appliances.
  • It delivers the best-in-class power quality.
  • It includes a 200 amp NEMA 3 Smart transfer switch.
  • It has an evolution controller that features LED indicators for utility power, generator status, or maintenance.
  • It has a tough and durable all-weather aluminum cover that has 3 removable sides for easy access in installation, service, and maintenance.
  • It has smart, user-friendly controls using a multilingual LCD.
  • It runs at a lower RPM and is significantly quieter.
  • It consumes less fuel compared to other natural gas generators.
  • It is a 22 kW system that works perfectly for big homes.


  • The Generac Battery 7043 5819 battery is sold Separately.

2. Briggs and Stratton 40325 10,000 Watt Natural Gas and Liquid Propane Generator

If you're looking for a generator that's capable of giving the entire house electricity without using gas or diesel, then this sleek black Briggs and Stratton 40325 natural gas-powered generator is another ideal choice. It comes with an initial setup that runs on natural gas and includes a fuel conversion kit that can switch it to run on liquid propane gas. It offers 10 kW of power, making it more suitable for smaller houses or your home’s basic circuits.

As long as the local codes allow, you can place the generator as close as 20 inches to the house when installing it, and even at such proximity, you still won’t have to worry about a lot of noise. At a 7 meters distance, the sound level is 67 dBa. This standby generator has an output voltage of 120/240 and will need a transfer switch to ensure it manages and controls the distribution of power across all the appliances within your home.

Unfortunately, the transfer switch is sold separately. The Briggs and Stratton natural gas generator is built with automotive galvanized steel and powder coated with paint for protection against abrasion, rust, and chipping for long-lasting performance.


  • It has a patented air conditioning control module to help you electronically manage two 3 ton AC units with the Briggs & Stratton transfer switch.
  • It has intelligent management of your home's appliances that results in less fuel consumption.
  • It has an Advanced alternator technology that provides safe and stable power for computers and other sensitive appliances.
  • It has a low-noise operation and can be placed within 20 inches to your home.


  • It needs a transfer switch that is sold separately.

3. Champion Power Equipment 100416 10,000/8,000-Watt Tri-Fuel Generator

Another top-rated affordable tri-fuel generator that does not short-change when it comes to performance. It comes ready to connect to your home’s natural gas source and includes everything needed for the connection by providing a 25-foot natural gas hose kit. This kit includes a natural gas hose, a female flare fitting, a female quick-connect end, and an NPT male adapter.

Once connected to your natural gas source, you only need to switch the selector of the fuel source, and you can start using the Champion Power Equipment natural gas generator. In addition, it also supports two more power sources: gasoline and propane. Overall, it can operate with either of the three fuel types right out of the box.

In the package, the Champion Power Equipment package includes a propane hose and an in-built regulator. The power output of the generator depends on the fuel type. On gasoline, it produces 8,000 continuous watts and 10,000 surge watts. As for efficiency, on an 8.5 gallons fuel tank, it'll run for 12.5 hours.

When running on propane, it produces 7,200 running watts and 9,000 surge watts. Thus, on a 20-pound full tank, it will efficiently give roughly 5 hours at half a load. Finally, natural gas has a slightly lower power output, with its starting watts being at 8,750 watts and 7,000 running watts. However, for how affordable it is, it does impress with a powerful performance 459cc engine.

Moreover, it comes with a simple control panel and multiple outlets, including two 120V GFCI outlets, one 120V locking outlet, and one 120V/240V locking outlet. The control panel has a small Intelligauge display that helps you track performance and plan maintenance. It displays 4 different data: session, run time in hours, volts, and frequency.

The unit comes with a battery for the electric start and is equipped with Cold Start technology to help the engine start even during the cold winter. Another advantage is the fact that it comes safe to operate; all its outlets come with covers, its Volt Guard system acts as a surge protector to prevents overloads, and lastly, it is equipped with a CO Shield to monitor the accumulation of Carbon Monoxide gas produced. Once the system detects high levels of CO gas, its engine shuts down, and the system lights up its red light.

You'd be glad to know that this portable generator is CARB and EPA compliant, so you won’t have to worry about emissions in your home or breaking any law in all 50 states.


  • It has an affordable price for the best value.
  • It has an electric start.
  • It has a low noise pollution.
  • It has a Cold start technology and starting Wattage at 10,000 W.
  • It has a low oil shut-off and CO sensor.
  • It s relatively lightweight.
  • It has a built-in regulator.
  • It has a long run-time running Wattage: 8000 W; Up to 12.5 hr. (Gas), Up to 5 hr. (Propane).
  • It is a tri-fuel generator.
  • It has natural gas and propane hoses that are included in the unit.
  • It can power up the 459cc Champion engine with the rocker switch.


  • It doesn't come on wheels.

4. Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator

Durostar is another reputable brand in household appliances you should consider while on the hunt for portable generators to power your entire home; you can be sure that the Durostar DS4000S gas-powered generator will definitely have reliable power to get the job done. It has an amazing 4000 starting Watts capacity and 3300W running capacity.

It has an OHV engine system that is air-cooled and automatically shuts off on low oil. It comes in a durable steel frame rugged in appearance and a fully isolated four-point motor mouth for quiet operation. Unlike other regular generators, the Durostar DS4000S generator has a full power panel with more details to give users basic indications such as an oil warning light, a voltmeter, and a circuit breaker.

Full tanked at 4 gallons of gas; it can supply the whole house with an uninterrupted 8 hours of power supply. If you’re on a tight budget, this generator is one of the best choices you have.


  • It supplies plenty of power at 4,000W and 3,300W running capacity.
  • It has a powerful engine.
  • It has a low oil shutoff.
  • It has a power control panel which includes a voltmeter.
  • It complies with the Emissions Standards approved by the EPA and CARB.


  • It cannot power a big house.

5. Westinghouse WGen7500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Unlike other generators and units, the Westinghouse WH7500E dual fuel gas generator comes with a stunning powering limit of 7500 starting watts and a 9000W running capacity. It has an OHV motor framework that is air-cooled and shuts down when low on oil. It comes in a steel outline, a rugged appearance, and has a full power control board to give you the basic signals such as an oil light, a voltmeter, and an electrical switch.

On a full tank, it only utilizes 4 gallons of gas and can continuously supply your home with 8 hours of power supply. Additionally, it comes with a 6.6-gallon engine that can work up to 11 hours at 25% load. So if you're running a tight budget, this is one of the best purchases you can make.


  • Gasoline -7500 Watts and 9500 Peak Watts; Propane - 6750 Watts and 8550 Peak Watts.
  • It has a fuel gauge, electric start push-button with remote.
  • Its control panel features two GFCI 5–20R 120V household duplex outlets and one L14-30R 120/240V 30A twist-lock outlet.
  • Its outlets have rubber covers for extra security.
  • It is powered by a 420cc Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV Engine.
  • Its engine has a long-lasting cast-iron sleeve.
  • It has an automatic low oil shut-down and digital hour meter.
  • It is EPA and CARB compliant.
  • It comes on wheels.


  • It can be relatively loud.
  • It can be a little heavy.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Portable Natural Gas Generator

A) Fuel Consumption and Fuel Gauge

Perhaps one of the most important things you need to consider when buying a natural gas generator is fuel consumption. So naturally, you wouldn't want to buy a portable natural gas generator that literally guzzles up all of the fuel you buy. Thankfully, the market is roaming with a lot of fuel-efficient alternatives.

You'd also appreciate the ability to check on its fuel gauge, especially during long blackouts, to get a glance at how much fuel is remaining in your portable generator.

B) Power/Wattage

When looking to get natural gas generators for your home use, you should know the amount of power or Wattage required to run your home. You can engage an energy expert or licensed electrician to detect how many watts collectively the appliances in your home consume.

Once you have that, then you can work out a power estimation. Of course, the generator you get should exceed that power limit to give room for any additional appliances.

C) Low-CO Engine

This is an additional safety feature that most brands include to guard you against the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

D) Removable Console

A removable console connects to your generator so you can connect to appliances without needing to run extension cords outside, which is potentially risky.

E) Low-Oil Shutoff

If oil falls below the minimum level, the generator with a low-oil shutoff function should shut down to prevent any engine damage. This is typically a standard feature on stationary generators and is increasingly common on portable generators.

F) Alternative Fuel Capacity

Most portables are built to run only on gasoline, while others come equipped to run on propane or natural gas while inverter generators can be converted with kits.

Frequently Asked Questions on a Portable Natural Gas Generator

1. What are the pros and cons of using propane gas generators?


a) Cleaner Energy- Natural gas or propane is considered clean energy, which releases less harmful pollutants compared to diesel or gasoline.

b) Odourless- A natural gas-powered generator produces an odorless smell instead of a pungent smell produced by diesel or gasoline-powered generators.

c) Not Temperature Sensitive-Diesel and gasoline generators are temperature sensitive and are affected by cold weather, making them relatively difficult to use. On the other hand, natural gas generators don't experience low-temperature sensitivity, making them more reliable in the cold.


a) Shorter Engine Life- Natural gas or propane generator engines have a relatively shorter lifespan than gasoline or diesel generators; diesel generators reign in terms of longevity.

b) Additional Equipment-You would just need to fill the tank with gasoline or diesel generators, but to power a natural gas generator, you need a separate propane bottle.

2. Do I really need a transfer switch?

Yes, you'll need a transfer switch to safely connect a portable or home standby generator to the circuit panel via one cable. Skipping using it could endanger the lives of the utility workers, may cause appliances to fry, and even damage the home wiring system, not to mention your portable generator itself.

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