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 November 26, 2020

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Before, it was heavy and impossible to carry a generator. But things have changed . Thanks to the best portable inverter generators.

As the name indicates, inverter generators are available in a compact and discreet design. That means you can carry it along with you to special and adventurous outdoor activities.

Over the years, the best inverter generator has become a sought-after solution around the world. It provides clean energy for your laptops, TVs, and other sensitive electronics.

Generally, the inverter generator is rated for its high fuel efficiency. It can adjust the speed of the engine to produce the needed amount of power. Modern generators typically run at 3600 rpm, but inverter generator runs at a slower rpm while maintaining both the frequency and power. It can also reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%.

Another advantage of a fuel inverter generator is that it produces safe, strong, and reliable power. You can also pair it with multiple units. Instead of using bulky conventional generators, you can use at least two lightweight inverters.

An inverter generator is also known for its stress-free maintenance. While conventional generators require periodical maintenance, an inverter generator is a different case. All you have to do is to inspect the batteries and other accessories once every year.

A damaged inverter generator, however, indicates that it requires a quick replacement for easier check up and maintenance. Whether it has been around for years or has been requiring excessive fuel usage, look for the best portable inverter.

In this guide, you will know the top 10 best inverter generators, and read on some frequently asked questions concerning the same. Are you ready? Let’s start!

Top 10 Best Inverter Generators

WEN 56310i

WEN 56310i CARB Compliant Inverter Generator with Built-in Wheels and Handle, 3100W
  • Extremely quiet operation minimizes noise; EPA III and CARB Compliant
  • 212 cc 4-stroke OHV engine produces 3100 surge watts and 2800 rated watts
  • Great for the campgrounds, the country, tailgating and power outages
  • Produces clean power to prevent damage to sensitive electronics such as smart phones, tablets and...
  • Includes two three-prong 120V receptacles, one AC 120V 30A NEMA twist lock receptacle, one 12V DC...

WEN 56310i is one of the best inverter generators in the market today. It is not only fuel-efficient but also safe in any type of atmosphere.

Unlike other power generators like EU2200i, WEN 56310i is more affordable. Whether you are looking for a high quality or competitively priced generator, WEN 56310i is a feature-packed solution you deserve.

More than the cost, the WEN 56310i generator provides at least 2,800 running watts power output and 3,100 surge watts. It is energy and fuel-efficient, which can run for a maximum of 7.5 hours, requiring 50% of a gallon of the fuel tank.

Another feature customers love about the WEN 56310i generator is that it is CARB compliant. This means the inverter generator is safe in recreational areas, camping sites, and other open surroundings.

Since it is CARB compliant, it generates lower emissions, creating a clean power that’s ideal for sensitive electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, and microwave ovens.

The control panel, on the other hand, consists of a three-in-one power switch, 3 indication lights, 3-in-1 power switch, EcoMode switch, and more. The control panel is also guarded thru circuit breakers called the press to reset.


  • The 212cc engine is long-lasting.
  • It has a wide range of outlets that best suits your needs.
  • Available with a 1-year warranty.
  • It is silent and ideal for formal meetings.
  • Ideal for RV, making your travel vacation fun and exciting.
  • Fuel-efficient performance.
  • 57 decibels at quarter load.


  • Its noise level could be better, according to some inverter generator reviews.

Champion Power Equipment 3400 Dual Fuel

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Electric Start
  • Dual Fuel – Operate your 3400-watt portable generator right out of the box on either gasoline or...
  • Convenient Electric Start with 3-Position Ignition Switch – Battery included, plus Quick Touch...
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation – 59 dBA is perfect for RVs, tailgating, your next project or backup power...
  • Clean Power for Sensitive Electronics – RV Ready with a 120V 30A RV, plus two 120V 20A household...
  • Champion Support – Includes 3-year limited warranty with FREE lifetime technical support from...

Another best inverter generator is Champion Power 3400w. What makes it unique from EU2200i and other competing brands is that it is a combination of convenience, versatility, and performance. Whether you need much power for your RV or home, Champion Power Equipment dual fuel generator is another excellent portable inverter generator you can ever have.

More than a long-lasting battery, the Champion Power generator features Cold Start technology. What is it, and how does it work? As the name indicates, this technology guarantees a quick start, especially in cold weather.  

Of course, as a homeowner, you’re a bit worried if the Champion Power generator is compatible with one of your sensitive electronics like laptops. But don’t feel that way. The Champion Power Equipment has been trusted by many as it produces clean power. The company claims that the portable inverter generator only has 3% of THD.

Developed with the client’s safety in mind, this generator is packed with a low oil shut-off sensor. Experts also say that Champion Power Equipment has at least 0.6-quart oil tank capacity.

  • Outlets include 120V 30A RV, USB port, and 120V 20A.
  • Dual fuel, meaning you can operate it on either propane or gasoline.
  • Known for its convenient electric start and 3-position ignition switch.
  • Popular for its ultra-quiet operation. It features 3400 starting watts as well as 3100 running watts.
  • It includes a 3-year money-back guarantee.
  • It includes a smart economy mode, reducing electrical load.
  • Gasoline run time at quarter load is around 7.5 hours.
  • It doesn’t have a remote start.

Westinghouse iGen2200 

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 2200 Peak Watt Super Quiet & Lightweight Portable Inverter...
  • 1800 Rated Watts and 2200 Peak Watts at Less Than 3% THD - Weighs Only 47.4 Lbs. - Gas Powered - Two...
  • Great Choice for Home Use as an Emergency Backup in a Power Outage - Strong Enough to Run All Your...
  • Extremely Quiet, Extremely Fuel Efficient: as Low as 52 dBA Noise Output and 12 Hour Run Time on a...
  • Parallel Capable - Combine Your iGen2200 with the Westinghouse WH2200iXLT; iGen1200; iGen2200; and...
  • All Westinghouse Portable Generators are Functionally Tested in the Factory and May Contain Minimum...

Yes, we cannot expect power outages. But we can prepare a backup power with portable inverter-type generators.

While there are many generators on the market to choose from, Westinghouse is one of the most reputed and sought-after companies to count on.

Designed for a camping trip and other outdoor activities, Westinghouse iGen2200 generator can compete with EU2200i from Honda.

One of the things that would impress you the most is its noise level. Yes, it is extremely quiet. Research shows that Westinghouse iGen2200 only produces 52 decibels of noise. It sounds like a small car engine.

Another feature you would love about this portable inverter generator is that it is relatively lightweight and compact. It only weighs around 41 lbs. It is light for an average person to carry, especially for short distances.

The control panel of Westinghouse iGen2200 includes a set of outlets. These are2 USB ports, 2x multipurpose 120V outlets, designed for some of your small electronic equipment.

  • as one of the most favorite best options, Westinghouse iGen2200 generator only produces at least 3% of the THD threshold.
  • The control panel has other interesting features, such as an economy mode button, 20A circuit breaker, and overload reset button.
  • The economy mode allows the portable generator to reduce its fuel consumption. So, it could run within a longer period of time.
  • It is designed with an engine/fuel control switch.
  • It is twice as affordable as the EU2200i generator.
  • It is capable of delivering 1800 running watts and 2200 starting watts.
  • The starting method is manual recoil.
  • the cPanel is easy to use
  • 12 hour run time at 25% load.
  • Customers say that the portable generator from Westinghouse could be better when it has a fuel gauge.

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 2000 Watt Generator

YAMAHA EF2000iSv2, 1600 Running Watts/2000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter,Blue
  • 1600 watt rated AC output, 2000 watt maximum AC output, 13.3/16.7 amps @ 120V
  • Super-quiet muffler with USFS-approved spark arrestor - 51.5 dBA at 1/4 load
  • Smart Throttle varies engine speed based on load - improves fuel economy and reduces noise
  • Inverter system with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control
  • CARB Compliant

Have you been searching for a backup power that’s always on the go? Don’t look further than the Yamaha EF2000iSV2.

Considered an excellent inverter-type generator, Yamaha EF2000iSv2 is efficient, portable, and compact. Whatever your power needs, Yamaha EF2000iSv2 has you covered.

Having a lightweight tank size, this portable inverter generator is a versatile model. You can use it for emergencies, trips, camping, and job sites.

The inverter model from Yamaha is positively rated for its 2000 starting watts and 1600 running watts.

As a gas-powered inverter generator, its run time lasts for around 10.5 hours or more depending on how well you use the model, just like EU2200i from Honda and other industry’s top leading manufacturers.

It comes with a 4 stroke engine, OHV air-cooled single-cylinder, and auto decompression system.

Most clients love the auto decompression system as it can make the pull start easier. That’s not all! It increases engine speed, enabling you to connect devices that require much power as quickly as possible.

  • This model has a pure sine wave technology, which provides clean power everyone deserves.
  • This generator is compatible with any fuel type. You can use gas, diesel, or propane to fill its tank size.
  • It offers a large fuel tank size you cannot afford to miss.
  • Apart from 1600 running watts of power output, it also has 2000 starting watts.
  • One of the best noise levels.
  • Highly efficient run time.
  • 50 decibels at quarter load.
  • Although the tank size is good, it is smaller compared to EU2200i.
  • Instead of an electric start, it uses a pull or recoil start.
  • Spilling oil is too easy.

Champion 75537i 3100 Watts

CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT 3100-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator
  • Quick Touch Panel – Access all your controls in one spot, plus Champion’s safe design includes a...
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation – 58 dBA is perfect for RVs, tailgating, your next project or backup power...
  • Clean Power for Sensitive Electronics – RV Ready with a 120V 30A RV, plus two 120V 20A household...
  • Smart Economy Mode – Can reduce the electrical load, providing quieter operation, extended engine...
  • Champion Support – Includes 3-year limited warranty with FREE lifetime technical support from...

established in 2003, Champion Power Equipment has transformed into a central player in the inverter-designed generator manufacturing industry.

Champion Power Equipment has joined one of the best and most leading manufacturers across the globe, including Honda, and Yamaha, to name a few.

One of its cutting-edge inverter generators is the Champion 75537i. Aside from a wireless remote start, its engine can adjust its RPM rate. What else? It can give AC output or DC output.

Like Honda and other companies, this model from Champion Power Equipment is developed with a state-of-the-art technology, taking inverter generators to the next level.

Another thing you would fall enjoy with the Champion 75537i generator is its quick touch panel. It allows you to access every available control in one spot.

  • Available with a Champions safe design that encompasses a low oil shut off sensor.
  • The generator has one of the most efficient noise levels in today’s market. Online reviews indicate that this low oil and fuel-efficient inverter generator only has 58 decibels, making it ideal for RVs.
  • Safe eco mode, which can reduce electrical quarter load and provide quieter operation.
  • The customer support is commendable. Apart from a free lifetime technical support, it provides a 3-year warranty.
  • The power output is incredible.
  • the run time lasts for around 8 hours at 25% load
  • It only needs less intensive maintenance to keep its power output effective.
  • There are 4 power outlets.
  • This inverter-designed generator becomes loud, especially at a higher load.
  • The fuel type of the generator only requires limited unleaded gasoline.

Generac 6866 iQ2000 Watts 

Generac 6866 iQ2000 Super Quiet 1600 Running Watts/2000 Starting Watts Gas Powered Inverter...
  • AC Rated Output(Running/Starting): 1600/2000 Watts; AC Rated Voltage: 120V
  • PowerDial integrates start/run/stop functions into 1 easy-to-use dial
  • PowerBar monitors and displays wattage used; Electronic Fuel Gauge displays remaining fuel; Runtime...
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.06 Gallons; Runtime (50% - 25% Load): 5.7 - 7.7 hrs; Full Load Fuel Consumption...
  • Economy, Standard, and Turbo modes of operation saves fuel and reduces noise

Do you want to go camping with a fan to comfort your outdoor activity? Do you enjoy tailgating without the noise from a bulky conventional generator?

Whatever your case might be, Generac 6866 iQ2000 watts is an inverter generator you should invest in before looking elsewhere.

Since the 1950s, the company has been manufacturing inverter generators, making Generac a favorite for those who love adventures. Although they might be as popular as Yamaha or Honda, the company’s inverter generator is one of the most popular options on Amazon Services LLC Associates and other platforms all over the internet.

  • It is quiet, enabling you to enjoy every activity at home or outdoors.
  • This inverter model has an eco mode, standards, and turbo.
  • The best investment to have this year, this generator features low oil indicators.
  • Portability is great and exciting.
  • It has a clear and accurate run time display panel.
  • It is easy to use, navigate, and operate.
  • Parallel-ready, meaning it can help you generate much power.
  • The noise level is low and comfortable.
  • It is competitively priced, allowing you to save some cash at the end of the day.
  • The power output is AC rated.
  • It integrates start, stop, and run functions into a single dial.
  • It provides a 3-year warranty.
  • It has a long run time at 50% load.
  • 7.7 hours at a 25% load.
  • Although this generator is rated for its silent operation, it is not the quietest model in today’s industry. Look for other alternatives from Honda or Briggs Stratton.

Westinghouse WH2000iXLT 

Inexpensive and quiet inverter generator? Westinghouse WH2000iXLT can complete this list of the best portable inverter generator aside from Honda EU2200i.

This model from Westinghouse costs less than six hundred dollars, which is much lower than EU2200i and other products on the market.

Despite its competitive rate, this inverter-packed generator has pleased people with different and unique power needs in terms of performance and construction.

Westinghouse WH2000iXLT generator has been a favorite for most individuals as it can handle around 1800 watts of load. This means it has enough power to run a range of electrical home appliances.

Packed with a 79cc OHV 4 stroke engine, it can deliver at least 2200 watts of power output.

Its compact design makes it an ideal solution for both tailgating and camping. It only weighs around 43 lbs, developed with a built-in handle. This lightweight and portable design allows you to move it from one place to another.

  • It has an outlet that can carry a maximum of 18.3A.
  • The inverter generator also comes with the best 12V DC power socket.
  • It is an excellent model for those who have been searching for inverter generators that are available with a 12V DC.
  • The generator has a recoil method.
  • Decent run time even at a 25% load.
  • The plastic body is prone to scratches and other damages.
  • It doesn’t have wheels.
  • It only has a 2-year warranty.

Pulsar PG2000iS 2000 Watts

Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Portable Gas-Powered Inverter Generator with USB Outlet & Parallel Capability,...
  • 2,300 peak watts/ 1,800 running watts
  • Capable of up to 4.8 hours of operation at Half Load on 1.18 gallons of fuel
  • Compact suitcase design, weighing less than 47 lbs For easy handling
  • Stable sine WAVE Technology provides pure, safe electrical power for powering and charging laptops,...
  • Ideal for Tailgating, Camping, and Small 120V Appliances

Pulsar PG2000iS 2000 watts is another solid inverter generator model developed with campers’ satisfaction in mind.

What other people don’t know is that the Pulsar PG2000iS 2000 watts can be a fantastic model to use at any tailgating parties.

As one of the best portable inverter generators, Pulsar PG2000iS watts can battle with its competing brands.

It features around 80cc OHV engine that has a run time of 6 hours at only 50% quarter load. While it is a decent number, it is not as good as the other inverter generators.

It consists of a built-in oil sensor that would notify you when the inverter generator runs out of fuel. This helps you prevent potential damages from happening all throughout the years.


  • Although it is not well-known as EU2200i from Honda, it is something you cannot afford to underestimate.
  • A preferred model to power RV 10,000 BTU air conditioner.
  • It is compatible with saws, drills, and other electric tools.
  • A high power outage that can last for years and even decades.
  • The design is not only stylish but also modern. It is an inverter generator model that you can boast to one of your closest friends and relatives.


  • A single USB port
  • Limited warranty.

Honda EU2200i Inverter Generator 

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt 120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator with CO-Minder - 49-State
  • More Power. Same Legendary Quality. - The EU2200i delivers 10% more power than the previous EU2000i...
  • Co-minder - Advanced Carbon Monoxide Detection System. CO-MINDER continuously monitors carbon...
  • Honda My Generator App + Bluetooth Capability - Honda's exclusive My Generator smartphone app offers...
  • Lightweight And Compact - Weighing just over 47 pounds, the EU2200i is incredibly lightweight and...
  • Commercial Grade Reliability - The EU2200i is powered by the Honda GXR120 Commercial Series engine....

Who has originally invented or patented an inverter generator? It’s definitely Honda. With its wide collection of generators, Honda EU2200i is the most popular model.

Over the past years, Honda EU2200i has gained prevalent popularity in different corners of the world. Since then, the inverter generator model from Honda has attracted positive reviews from buyers out there.

Apart from reliability and quiet operation, Honda EU2200i is reputed for its long-lasting and durable design, just like other generators.

After updates and improvements, EU2200i  increased its watts from 2000 to 2200. how about the weight, price, and noise level? Well, they are still the same, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Even though small, the EU22000i inverter generator is capable of generating clean, reliable, and safe power. To maximize the watts or power output, you can use it with another inverter generator of the same type and size.


  • Used on plenty of job sites in the US and other countries around the world.
  • The noise level at 25% load is 49 decibels.
  • Developed with the Honda oil alerts system, which serves as an automatic shutdown mechanism.
  • You can acquire bigger savings on this fuel type of inverter generator.


  • It could be better if it has an electric start.

Briggs & Stratton 30651

Another well-established generator brand in the US is Briggs & Stratton. Since day one, Briggs & Stratton has been manufacturing a wide collection of portable generators

Briggs & Stratton 30651, for example, provides 1700 running watts and 2200 starting watts. It can run for 8 hours at 25% load, which is a standard for today’s generators.

When it is at 25% load, this generator remains quiet, which allows you to enjoy a special gathering and other outdoor adventures.

Similar to other portable generators, Briggs & Stratton 30651 provides a parallel capability. If you need additional power, you can connect it to another generator.

However, it is not CARB compliant. Good news! There are other excellent, feature-packed, and reliable alternatives to try. But don’t forget to do some research for your safety and comfortability.

  • The design is solid, aesthetically nice, sturdy, and long-lasting.
  • It is user-friendly and ideal to those who are less tech-savvy. So, you would love the Briggs & Stratton 30651, even without prior experience using this generator.
  • The company is a trusted manufacturer of portable generators.
  • Its run time is not as good as you imagine compared to other portable generators.
  • It is not CARB compliant.

Some Considerations on How to Find the Best Inverter Generator

It is true that finding the best inverter generators is confusing and overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner.

But there are ways to avoid any trouble and ways that make the process less stressful and complicated.

Here are a few selection pointers to keep in mind:

Where do you want to use the generator?

You already have enough budget. Then, it’s time to determine where you want to use the inverter generator of your choice.

Camping and RV

Who doesn’t want to go camping? A lot of people enjoy staying in the mountain for a day. While using dry pieces of wood for lights at night provides a real camping experience, nothing can beat bringing an inverter generator.

If you need to charge portable electronics, a 2,000-watt inverter is more than enough.

When operating an inverter generator with your RV, a larger unit should not be overlooked. Specifically, a 3100-watt inverter generator is the experts' recommendation. Depending on the brand of your model, you can run your RV refrigerator and 1100 BTU air conditioner. More than that, you can recharge other smaller appliances, including a TV and a coffee maker.

Home backup 

Who says the best inverter generator cannot provide continuous power supply to a residential property during an emergency?

A 3,000-watt inverter generator can make it happen. But according to generator reviews, a larger unit would be a better and worthwhile investment. A 4,000-watt generator will be your best shot.


Camping? Home power source backup? Inverter generators are a flexible addition to your power source kit. That’s not all! They are also used in job sites that require small or medium-size electric tools, including portable heaters, chainsaws, drills, and rotary hammers.

If you’re planning to invest in an inverter generator to power air compressors, MIG welders, or table saws, it won’t be a perfect model. Good news! There are other fantastic alternatives you can try.

What’s the noise level?

Imagine you’re in a conference meeting and you’re unable to hear what the person is talking to because of a noisy conventional generator.

It’s frustrating and embarrassing, isn’t it? Probably, you have been searching for good alternatives. Say bye to the noise with an inverter generator, which operates within 50 or 60 decibels threshold.

While inverter generators that produce 60 decibels are a top model for many, we highly recommend brands that operate in 50 decibels as they are quieter.

Does an inverter generator have a parallel capability?

One of the concerns of homeowners when looking for the best inverter generator is ending up to choose the brand that’s not as powerful as they think.

If you think the same way, don’t worry, as the inverter generator features a parallel capability. How does it work?

Simply, a parallel capability allows you to connect two identical inverter generators in order to double the overall power output.

Let’s say you have a Honda EU2200i, and you believe the power is not sufficient. If yes, you can invest in another Honda EU2200i. since each has 1800 watts, you can enjoy a total of 3600 running watts.

Does an inverter generator produce clean energy? 

Many people associate clean energy to the environmental friendliness of inverter generators.

Yes, it is true that inverter generators are eco-friendly. Though let’s admit it, inverter generators emit toxic fumes as well.  But, compared to conventional generators, the emissions are fewer.

Now, what is clean energy? Well, it refers to the quality of the steadiness of electricity and sine wave.

Usually, traditional and bulky generators suffer from a higher level of THD (total harmonic distortion). That’s not all! They also produce modified sinewave that can pose potential dangers to your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices.

On the contrary, experts find that inverter generators only has 3% of THD. Clean sinewave has also been linked to its name since then. That means inverter generators are safe to use to charge or recharge today’s electronics.


How does an inverter portable generator work? 

The engine of an inverter generator is made to produce AC (alternative current), which is converted to DC (direct current).

Then, it converts DC again to alternating current, which is estimated at 120 volts.

This inverted alternating current is more similar to what the wall sockets produce. This type of alternating power is safe to use, especially on sensitive electronics.

Compared to the raw alternating current from bulky generators, it is more stable and cleaner.

Which is better between a generator and an inverter?

Inverter generators are not a top-model for nothing. They are a silent operator, making them ideal for conference meetings and online classes.  

In terms of fuel efficiency, inverter generators are better than traditional options. They are also a safer model to power mobile phones, laptops, and other sensitive electronics.

But don’t underestimate the advantage of a conventional generator. It has a high total power output that’s excellent for small, medium-sized, or large residential property.

While an inverter is good for RV and camping, conventional generators are ideal for home backup and even large construction sites.

Can an inverter type generator power, charge, or run a refrigerator? 

Of course! A specific home refrigerator usually needs starting watts that range from 1200 to 2000.

To run this appliance, a 2000 watt inverter would be a great choice.

But during long power outages, you might also need to charge other appliances aside from your refrigerator. Instead of a 2000 watt inverter, it is crucial to invest in inverter generators that produce 3000 watts.

Are inverter generators worth the cost?

Absolutely! Inverter generators are a worthwhile and long-lasting investment you can ever have today. what makes it stand out from the competition? Here are a few reasons why you should invest in the best inverter generator:

Fuel-saving inverter technology - It consumes less gas than bulky or traditional alternatives.

Cut down the costs on fuel - Have you been spending unnecessary costs to fill your fuel tank? If yes, an inverter generator critically plays a role.

Earn higher savings - Who doesn’t want to save some cash on a generator? Everyone loves that. But what’s the best choice? Getting a dual fuel inverter is worth your attention.

Great portability - You can carry it from one place to another. It is relatively lightweight that won’t give you any transportation headaches.

Finish papers and office tasks ahead of time - A lack of power will no longer be a problem to complete your video presentation. You can submit your output on time without compromising quality results.

It is simple and fun to maintain - It would be a headache to have a difficult to maintain generator if you have a busy schedule. An inverter generator can be a lifesaver. You just have to inspect the battery. You can also contact a certified professional to get the job done for you.

Why is an inverter generator considered a silent operator?

An inverter generator is quieter when compared to traditional options because they have smaller engines.

This type of generator is equipped with an inverter technology that adjusts the engine speed without any manual operation.

Another factor that makes an inverter generator silent is its closed structure. It prevents the engine from shaking.

Reputed brands like Honda incorporate mufflers into their products to minimize noise.

Final Verdict

So, what's your choice? Be sure to invest in a portable generator that can save you from any unexpected power outage, unnecessary replacement, or high expenses.

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