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 May 8, 2022

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Electric lawn mowers are a great way to reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining your yard at home. The best corded electric lawn mower reviews will help find the right machine for your needs without spending too much on features that don’t impact performance or durability.

The “best corded electric lawn mower consumer reports” is a website that reviews the best corded electric lawn mowers. The site also includes product specifications, ratings, and pictures of each product.

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Nothing is more irritating than gazing out the back door and seeing grass blades rising over the walls. You suddenly feel compelled to give your landscape a short trim. I go for the shed, grab your mower, and recall how exhausting mowing the grass can be.

Corded mowers have gone a long way since you probably purchased your last one, with incredible features that make it easier to mow. Picking the right model with all of these characteristics is a challenge in and of itself. We can assist you in selecting the finest corded electric lawnmower for your needs. 

We looked at the options and found a handful that we strongly suggest. We broke down the essential features of each electric mower review so you know exactly what you’re getting.

You should have the mower you need at the conclusion of this post and be ready to mow your lawn to perfection!


25022 GreenworksCutting deck 20 inches 12-amp Adjustable in seven positions Start with a push of a button Handles that fold Body: Plastic
Black & Decker MM2000Cutting deck 20 inches 13 amps of current Height adjustability in seven positions 13-gallon garbage bag Handles that fold Technology called EdgeMax Body: Plastic
MJ401E-PRO Sun JoeCutting deck 14 inches Motor: 13 amps 3 different height settings 10.6-gallon garbage bag chute for rear discharge
25142 GreenworksCutting surface: 16″ Motor: 10 amps 5 different Height of Cuts Handles that foldMulching Body: Plastic
KALM1340A TacklifeCutting surface: 16″ Motor: 11 amps 6 different Height of Cuts 16-gallon garbage bag Handles that fold Body: Plastic
50620S Scotts OutdoorCutting deck 20 inches Motor: 12 amps Auto-Blade height is adjustablethree-in-one discharge 16-gallon garbage bag Metal frame
Black & Decker BEMW213Cutting deck 20 inches Motor: 13 amps 6 different height settings Handles that fold Blades with wings Body: Plastic

Reviews of the Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower

We’ve broken down seven of our favorite corded lawn mowers in this post. Each review will detail the characteristics of each lawn mower, providing you with the information you need to make an educated selection. 

The most significant aspects we looked at were deck size, power, construction quality, and convenience. We also took into account the many distinctive characteristics that certain mowers offer, which may suit a particular demand. 

When evaluating these mowers, we focused on the conditions in which they would be beneficial and the people who would use them. Whether you’re not sure if a corded electric mower is right for you, keep reading to find out who these types are designed for. 

25022 Greenworks 20-Inch 3-in-1 Electric Corded Lawn Mower 12 Amp

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a brief summary

  • Cutting deck 20 inches
  • 12-amp
  • Adjustable in seven positions
  • Start with a push of a button
  • Handles that fold
  • Body: Plastic

Few electric lawn mowers provide as much versatility as the Greenworks 20 inch 3-in-1. The Greenworks is ideal for the home gardener, with its simple, practical design, three-in-one discharge, and a selection of Height of Cuts. 

Greenworks electric lawn mowers are known for their high quality, and this model is no exception. The seven adjustment settings are a major plus, making it suitable for all seasons. It also has three discharge options: mulching, side, and rear bag. 

Simplicity is another reason we highly recommend this lawnmower. Foldable storage and a one-button start make using the 25022 Greenworks a breeze. All of this culminates for a sublime user-experience, cutting out the hassle involved with mowing the lawn. 

There are certain drawbacks, such as mulching concerns and greater temps than we would want. These are insignificant, particularly if you want to use it in a small-medium, flat garden. Consider this before purchasing since the Greenworks may struggle in bigger gardens. 

It’s difficult not to suggest this electric lawn mower since it ticks all the boxes and can do all of the necessary mowing jobs. It is, without a doubt, one of the finest corded electric lawn mowers available. 

What we enjoyedWhat we didn’t care for
Simple to use, simple designLarger gardens are not recommended.
Versatile Mulching wasn’t ideal.
The 12 amp motor is fantastic.During usage, high temperatures
High-quality construction 

Black & Decker MM2000 – 20 Inch Push Mower

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a brief summary

  • Cutting deck 20 inches
  • 13 amps of current
  • Height adjustability in seven positions
  • 13-gallon garbage bag
  • Handles that fold
  • Technology called EdgeMax
  • Body: Plastic

If you’re looking for a powerful corded lawn mower, then the Black & Decker MM2000 may be what you’re looking for. 

This corded electric mower can easily shave away the garden thanks to its 13 amp electric motor. This engine can compete with gas-powered mowers while still being adequate for small and medium yards. 

The MM2000, dubbed EdgeMax, is designed to glide over patios, borders, and edges with accuracy. This is a must-have feature for anybody who has a yard with a lot of walks and edging. 

The MM2000’s blades are incredible, with a 20-inch steel blade that sucks up grass owing to the ‘EdgeMax’ function. This corded lawn mower has seven settings and can cut grass up to 11.5 inches long. This is ideal if you don’t want to maintain your garden on a regular basis. 

The huge collecting bag, which holds 13 liters of lawn clippings, is fantastic. Anyone who wishes to mow their tiny garden in one fell swoop will appreciate this. Even if the bag is almost full, it’s simple to check the mesh bag to determine whether it’s worth emptying. 

Despite its bulky size, the Black & Decker MM2000 is compact enough to store easily. Convenience is built into this mower, with easy access to the height adjustment, Lightweight, and an adjustable handle. 

With a fragile plastic deck and starter cord, the construction quality may be enhanced somewhat. The rock shield and rear flap were not our favorites, since they made backward motions difficult. These are minor issues, but they may be bothersome to certain consumers. 

We can’t recommend the Black & Decker MM2000 enough if you need an easygoing mower that packs a punch. Technology called EdgeMax definitely sets it apart, as well as the simple design that tailors it to simple jobs. 

What we enjoyedWhat we didn’t care for
Bulky and powerfulSome design decisions are inadequate.
Outstanding dischargera few shoddy components
Simple and practical 

MJ401E-PRO Sun Joe 14 inch 13 Amp Electric Lawn Mower

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a brief summary

  • Cutting deck 14 inches
  • Motor: 13 amps
  • 3 different height settings
  • Rear 10.6-gallon bag
  • chute for rear discharge

It’s not always simple to get good mowers at a reasonable price. The Sun Joe MJ401E ticks all of these boxes, providing excellent features at a reasonable price.

Featuring a compact body design, the Sun Joe MJ401E is incredible for anyone with a small, tight garden. With a 14 inch blade and a Motor: 13 amps, any gardener will make quick work out of a typical backyard. 

Thanks to a Lightweight frame and a durable Body: Plastic, the MJ401E is easy to move around and lasts all the same. The weight of the body will definitely appeal to anyone who experiences physical difficulty mowing their lawn. 

This corded mower, regardless of its size, can tear through the garden with ease. The 13 amp motor is a beast, and when combined with the device’s weight, the cutting is buttery smooth. 

This electric corded mower is adaptable, having a 3-position height adjustment that makes it helpful in a variety of circumstances. If you don’t cut your lawn very regularly, this may not be the best option for you, but it will do for normal cuttings. 

A 10.6-gallon collection bag further cements its practicality in small gardens, which is paramount to its Lightweight. The Pro version thankfully comes equipped with a chute for rear discharge, giving the mower a bit more practicality. 

We mean it when we say this is one of the most basic mowers available. Its straightforward design, easy start, and light weight make it an ideal companion. It just glides across narrow areas and meadows. 

At this price point, weight and deck size, the MJ401E-PRO Sun Joe is perfect for anyone with a small garden. It can cut grass easily and is Lightweight enough to get it through a front or back yard. There are few mowers at this price point that can rival the MJ401-E, making it a solid choice for the common garden. 

What we enjoyedWhat we didn’t care for
Ideal for little gardensThe graphic design isn’t the most inviting.
Lightweight but capableAttaching the bag might be challenging.
Maintenance is a breeze.‘Plastic’ in nature.
Simple to operateNo option for mulching

25142 Greenworks 16-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower, 10 Amp

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a brief summary

  • Cutting surface: 16″
  • Motor: 10 amps
  • 5 different Height of Cuts
  • Mulching
  • Handles that fold
  • Body: Plastic

The Greenworks 16-inch mower, like the Sun Joe MJ401-E, is a small and powerful power tool. 

The first thing we noticed was how simple it was right out of the box. Green, plastic, and Lightweight, as well as being ready to use right away. This is always a plus with tiny deck mowers, and it will assist anybody who doesn’t care much about mowers in general. 

Although the 16-inch blade seems modest, it is ideal for casual usage in a small garden. It could flame through short grass swiftly because to its five adjustable Height of Cuts. Unfortunately, we discovered that it struggled on poorly maintained or longer-than-average grass blades. 

One of the biggest surprises with the 25142 Greenworks was how quiet the thing was. We switched it on and it felt like a light purr, rather than battering our eardrums. The Lightweight, nippy nature and elegance of the cut really appealed to us, it made the experience a delight. 

Mulching and rear collection are also options for discharge. The bag does fill up rapidly, which slows down the procedure, but it fits nicely and is easy to reapply. Unfortunately, there is no side discharge here, but most owners are likely to use the bag anyhow. 

Greenworks electric lawn mowers are known for their high build quality, and this one is no exception. It’s plastic and Lightweight, yet it’s strong and feels firm in your hands while staying simple to push. The ability to use a button instead of a starting cord was pleasant, since it relieved the stress of damaged components. 

It’s a little pricey given the blade size and strength, but it’s a lovely way to do little gardening. It’s reliable, simple to use, and has enough functions to keep it handy all year. This may be the mower for you if you have a small garden and want a hassle-free mower. 

What we enjoyedWhat we didn’t care for
In tiny gardens, this is ideal.The mower isn’t the most powerful.
Excellent construction qualityMedium-sized yards will not be suitable.
Blade height is adjustableBag in the back
Straight out of the box, ready to use 

Tacklife KALM1340A Corded Electric Lawn Mower

a brief summary:

  • Cutting surface: 16″
  • Motor: 11 amps
  • 6 different Height of Cuts
  • 16-gallon garbage bag
  • Handles that fold
  • Body: Plastic

Compact and capable mowers have recently become popular, offering easy answers to basic issues. This is also true with the Tacklife Electric Corded Mower. 

This electric mower is simple to set up right out of the box, although it does take some installation. The modular handlebars and the starting cord must be installed. This was not a difficult task, although it may be inconvenient for some. 

It’s quite simple to navigate once you’re ready to utilize the mower. You’ll be sprinting up and down the garden in seconds with this easy pull cable. The Tacklife is also rather light, so mowing your grass won’t be too difficult. 

If there’s one thing the Tacklife Corded Mower has blown us away with, it’s how handy it is. The handlebar is simple to adjust and may even be lowered for storage. In fact, the mower shrinks up so little that it can be hung up practically anyplace. 

The cutting work is done properly with 11 amps of electricity and a 16-inch steel blade. It was dependable and offered little resistance while cutting longer grass blades. This was also due to the six height options, which provided some landscape diversity. 

The 16-gallon bag may get full at times, but Tacklife has included convenience magic in this aspect as well. A little indication flap swings open when the bag is full, signaling the user to empty the clippings. This was a fantastic feature that made mowing a breeze.

This is just an outstanding mower. It may be missing certain crucial functions, which may be off-putting, but we found it to be perfect for the job. This model is distinguished from comparable mowers by the modest, thoughtful features that make it a worthy investment. The Tacklife, if anything, represents some of the greatest value in this price range. 

What we enjoyedWhat we didn’t care for
Simple to useNot recommended for medium-sized gardens.
Storage-friendly and compactBlade depth isn’t always precise.
Indicator for grass bags 
High-quality construction 

50620S Scotts Outdoor Power Tools

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a brief summary

  • Cutting deck 20 inches
  • Motor: 12 amps
  • Auto-adjustable blade height
  • three-in-one discharge
  • 16-gallon garbage bag
  • Metal frame

Plastic lawnmowers are the standard in the lower price brackets, which is why we love the 50620S Scotts Outdoor so much – it’s metal. 

The Scotts Outdoor Mower is simple to put together right out of the box, with just the handle and bag to attach. Mowing is also simplified with a simple start button and a padded grip. 

With a 20-inch deck, the 50620S can rapidly cut through small-medium gardens, cutting through grass with ease. The 12 amp motor gives it a little additional punch while keeping it quiet. It can even handle overgrown grass because to its wide variety of Height of Cuts. 

The build quality is generally excellent, with the steel body feeling solid in usage. Unfortunately, owing to a locking bolt problem, the wheels may be faulty, however this is readily rectified by hand. These wheels also protrude from the side of the mower, making cutting around edges and borders difficult. 

Despite its steel body, the 50620S is light and easy to push. Despite their shortcomings, the front and rear wheels were smooth enough while turning. 

This electric corded mower also has three-in-one discharge: mulching, bag, and side. Few mowers in this bracket feature side discharge, so this was a pleasant bonus. The 16-gallon bag may fill up quickly due to the large cutting path, but it was easy enough to empty and re-attach. 

Scotts Outdoors 50620S Electric Corded Mower is a fantastic product. This is a long-lasting buy because to the steel body, plenty of power, versatility, and good features. There are some limitations, but they are readily overcomeable, and the trade-off is well worth it. 

What we enjoyedWhat we didn’t care for
Steel constructionWheel troubles are minor.
LightweightCan’t cut too near to the edge
three-in-one dischargeIn storage, bulky
Very good height adjustment 
Simple to construct 

Black & Decker Corded Lawn Mower BEMW213

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a brief summary

  • Cutting deck 20 inches
  • Motor: 13 amps
  • 6 different height settings
  • Handles that fold
  • Blades with wings
  • Body: Plastic

Power and a large cutting swathe are woven into the Black & Decker BEMW213. Strong enough to streamline the mowing process and turn it into a quick job. 

As with any Black & Decker corded electric lawn mower, the BEMW213 is solidly built, with a sturdy, plastic frame. As its Lightweight, you’ll be agilely moving across the garden. The handlebar is solid also, coping for the weight perfectly whilst being comfortable to grip. 

Despite being made of plastic, the wheels were a standout feature. They possessed adequate traction to operate on a variety of surfaces and elevations while rotating with ease. 

Storage with the BEMW213 is fantastic, folding nicely so that it will be snugly fit in a shed or cupboard. It’s nice and Simple to use, with button push start and easily adjustable 6-blade position. 

The deck’s winged blade is an eye-catching feature that effectively suckers grass and makes gathering simpler. The clippings are also kept away from the user, making it a less untidy experience. 

The 13-gallon rear bag wasn’t perfect, but it was sturdy and simple to reattach. Fortunately, Black & Decker has incorporated a side discharge chute to make up for the absence of a mulching option. 

Overall, this mower will most likely be used in extremely specialized situations. The BEMW213 is similar to the MM200, however it has certain unique characteristics. Nonetheless, since this mower is strong and well-built, you can’t go wrong with it. 

What we enjoyedWhat we didn’t care for
Strong motorNo option for mulching
Bigger bladesSmall bag
Blades with wings are useful 
Excellent rims 

Lawn Mowers: What to Look for When Buying One?

What is a lawnmower with a cord?

The motor of an electric lawn mower allows it to push through the grass and chop it up. These will be corded or cordless, with the former giving continuous power to the battery, allowing it to operate. 

What advantages does a corded lawnmower have? 

The main advantage of a corded mower is that it can run indefinitely (or at least until you’re done). With smaller gardens, this is a lifesaver, as it eliminates the trouble of charging batteries and perhaps running out of juice while mowing. 

These mowers are affordable, economical, and practical, making them ideal for anybody who just requires a mower for basic jobs. On average, they might cost anywhere from $70 to $250. Although it will not be able to compete with the finest cordless electric lawn mower on the market, a corded electric lawn mower will suffice. 

They make relatively little noise since they aren’t gas-powered or high-powered. The majority of tiny gardens are found in cities, making them ideal for anybody with neighbors. 

What are the drawbacks of having a corded lawnmower?

While having a cord is beneficial for preserving electricity, it may also be inconvenient. You’ll have to continually move the cable out of the way and guide it with the appliance when mowing with a cord. 

Corded mowers are not suitable for medium-sized gardens. Not only will you be dragging a cable around, but the task will also take a long time to complete. When shopping for an electric lawn mower with cable possibilities, seek for one with an attachment built in. 

What to look for when purchasing a corded electric mower

With so much variety in the mower market, deciding which features are vital to you might be difficult. There are so many aspects that may make or break a product for certain individuals, so you must determine before buying. 

Here are some of the characteristics to think about. 


Typically, corded electric mowers are made of plastic or metal, with a combination of the two on occasion. A mower’s material influences two important factors: durability and weight. 

Plastic is a lightweight material that is simple to maneuver in the yard. Anyone with weakened strength will certainly benefit from this. Despite being made of plastic, these models are sturdy and will endure a long time. These, however, are more prone to chips and cracks. 

Metal, generally steel, is very durable. These mowers’ bodies will not only endure, but will also withstand harsh weather. These are heavier than their plastic counterparts, so keep that in mind. 

Deck Size/Blade Size

The width of the blade determines how much area a mower can cut; the broader the blade, the faster the operation. Electric corded mowers are the most costly versions on the market and seldom reach over 20″- 22″. 

Your decision should be based on the size of your garden. Regardless, corded lawn mowers aren’t suitable for medium-sized gardens. In actuality, measure the size of your garden, even if it’s little, to determine how much you’ll need to cover. 

The normal corded mower’s deck can serve an area of up to 1000m2. 

Height of Cut

Many mowers include a mechanism that allows you to alter the blade height. This is a useful option for individuals who want a precise trim or who don’t mow your grass on a regular basis. 

Many mowers have a complete range of settings that range from 1.5″ to 5″.  


Although corded mowers lack the strength of gas-powered mowers, they are unnecessary in properly sized gardens. The usual power is 10 to 14 amps, which can readily drive through gardens. 

Even the greatest cordless lawnmower on the market, which will most likely have the same amp motor, has constant power. 


Many mowers do not come with an extension cord, and even fewer do. These are widely available online; just make sure you choose one that can extend long enough and withstand the strength of your mower. 

Remember that corded electric lawn mowers will need a good power source and will have to be moved about. 

Discharge of Grass

The way grass clippings escape a corded lawn mower is known as discharge. These mowers have three different discharge options: side, rear, and mulching. 

If you have one, the rear discharge will escape through the back and into a collecting bag. This does need occasionally dumping the clippings when mowing, as they rapidly fill up. 

Mulching is the process of mowing the grass in such a manner that it may be let to flourish. This does not need any additional labor, such as raking, but it will hasten the growth of the grass. 

Finally, side discharge occurs when the grass is discharged from the mower’s side. This is really useful if you want to complete the process without having to dump the clippings. Keep in mind that this grass will need to be raked and collected thereafter. 

Bag for collecting grass

Bag for collecting grasss will accumulate all the grass clippings as you mow, allowing you to empty them somewhere else. These bags vary in quality but should be Lightweight and sturdy. 

In corded electric mowers, they may vary from 8 to 14 gallons and can be expanded on specific models. Tiny collection bags, on the other hand, should not be overlooked; they are ideal for small lawns. 


Lawnmowers are bulky devices, so they can be a nuisance to store. A lot of models now come with Handles that fold and extremities, making it fit in a shed easily. Some even have the capability to be hung up!

Because of the corded nature of these electric lawn mowers, it may be good to wrap the power cord between usage to avoid cable damage. 


A lawnmower’s operation is heavily influenced by its wheels. A smooth pushing action requires sturdy front and rear wheels. 

Although the quality varies, hard plastic and rubberized plastic are preferred and will last longer. Some may have unique locking nuts or bolts that may need to be replaced at some time. 


Edging skills may be required if you have a landscape with several walkways and breaks in grassy areas. This simply refers to the precision with which corded lawn mowers can cut along boundaries.

Many modern mowers have this capability or are specifically designed to meet this need. If you need this function, steer clear of mowers with excessively protruding wheels. 

What should I consider while purchasing a lawn mower?

Garden Dimensions

Even if you have the greatest corded electric lawn mower on the market, with all the specifications and features, it will be worthless. Why? Because your garden is very large. 

Keep in mind that corded mowers will always be limited by the length of the rope, making them unsuitable for big gardens. Corded mowers are best for small and even medium-sized gardens. 

As already said, deck size is very important. The larger the garden, the larger the blade required. 

Overall impressions

Any gardener should consider purchasing a corded lawn mower. You’ll need to give your lawn a decent trim if you want it to be flawless and even. 

There can never be a perfect lawnmower, and none will fit every garden. It may be tough to make that decision, but with proper study, you can discover a corded electric lawn mower that meets your demands. 

We’ve included everything from little to huge, powerful to handy, and even some with unique characteristics in our list. We hope you discover the right mower for you and can finally have your lawn looking the way you want it.

The “black and decker corded electric lawn mower reviews” is a review of the best corded electric lawn mowers. The article includes information about each model, as well as pros and cons.

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