Best 30 Amp RV Extension Cord for Power Supply 

 October 29, 2021

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Mobile homes are not to be used often, but they serve better than make-shift dwellings. So, it is essential to make RVs enjoyable to live in as you travel. Some of the RV appliances powered by electricity include air conditioners, heaters, microwave ovens, computers, refrigerators, coffee makers, and televisions. In line with making life bearable, one way to make your road trips lit is by having a 30 amp RV extension cord for powering your appliances and charging your battery.

Therefore, we have put together an enlightening shopping guide for the best 30 amp extension cords for RVs. While at it, we have chosen to begin with understanding the concept of an RV power cord.

What is an RV Power Cord?

RVs, trailers, and campers are motorhomes equipped with electrical appliances to make them adequate for mobile dwellings. Subsequently, an RV's power cord and, in this case, an extension cord is used to supply power to an RV from an external shore power outlet. Simply put, all you have to do is use a power grip to connect your extension cord to a shore outlet.

Accordingly, RV parks are built with power sources and outlets, which you will only plug into for access to power. In this context, the 30 amp RV extension cord indicates the power capacity of the cord, considering you can also find a 50 amp extension cord. Having understood the concept of an RV power cord, let's look at the five best products in the 30 amp category.

Can you use 30 amp rv extension cord?

1. Camco 50' Power-Grip 30-Amp Extension Cord

Camco 50' PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor 30-Amp Extension Cord for RV | Allows for Additional Length...
  • Extended Length: Extension cord extends 50 feet long, providing the necessary length to power your...
  • High Conductivity: Features a standard 30-amp male (NEMA TT-30P) and 30-amp female (NEMA TT-30R)...
  • Flexible, Safe and Durable Construction: Extension cord is extremely flexible. Coated with a...
  • Hassle-Free PowerGrip Plug: The patented PowerGrip handle eliminates frustration by assisting users...
  • 90-Degree Heads: Help reduce pressure and stress on the extension cord and its connection.

Our first choice for a 30-Amp RV extension cord is the Camco 50-feet heavy-duty cord. Evidently, this cable has adequate length for connecting your RV or charging your electric car. Also, this RV cord is built with 100% copper wires and a sturdy casing and power grip that is heat-resistant and flame-retardant. Subsequently, this RV power appliance is built for outdoor applications with maximum durability to withstand regular wear and tear and bad weather.

Besides the copper wiring material, the wires are rated 10-gauge for superior electrical conductivity. Consequently, you can use this cord for 125 Volts/3750 Watts. Also, the high conductivity of this extension features a 30-Amp male (NEMA TT-30p) plug and a 30-Amp female (NEMA TT-30R) plug. Additionally, the adapters are bendable to convert the 30-Amp male plug to a 30-amp female plug.

We also love this 30 amp extension for its hassle-free power grip handle that assists users to conveniently and safely grip, connect, and disconnect the male and female adapter ends without damaging or straining the cord. In addition, the heads around the adapters are 90-degree to reduce stress on a connection. Finally, you can easily store this power cord in its carrying case that helps protect the cord from damage and keep it tidy after use.


  • Power grip for easy plugging and unplugging
  • Versatile and flexible application
  • Adequate length for convenient RV parking
  • Highly conducive 100% pure copper wires
  • Durable and sturdy heavy-duty build for outdoor utility
  • High gauge ratings for optimal power capacity
  • Limited 1-year warranty
  • Easy cord storage and protection


  • Weak locking ring

2. GoWISE Power 50-Feet 30 Amp Extension Cord

GoWISE Power 50-Feet 30 Amp RV Extension Cord with Molded Connector and Handle RVC3002
  • Heavy-duty 50 ft 30 Amp Extension cord
  • Comes with a molded connector and handle
  • Twisting lock ensures a sturdy connection
  • 30M Std./30F locking, 10AWG/3,STW
  • ETL approved

Secondly, you can also invest in the incredible GoWISE 50 feet long 30 amp extension cord. This cord is another heavy-duty appliance suitable for RV park camping with a power grip for easy and safe handling. In addition, this cord is built with a weatherproof casing and quality materials for adequate 30 amp power capacity without overheating. You can easily carry this extension using its organizing and carrying strap while traveling.

Additionally, this Go WISE extension comes with an effortless power grip that assists when plugging and unplugging the cable. The power grip also prevents unnecessary strain on the plug end and prevents damage to the internal wires and the power service. Furthermore, the male plug is tight-fitting for sitting firmly in a power outlet. Also, at just 14 lbs, this extension is lightweight and has a locking ring for keeping the adapter connection secure with minimal risk of accidental detachment.

Even with a 50-foot length, this cord packs well into your RV. As such, this cable is ideal for versatile application across recreational vehicles like a trailer, RVs, and campers. Overall, this piece of electrical equipment is trustworthy with ELT approval for maximum safety standards.


  • Affordable
  • Great quality extension
  • Adequate length for convenient mobile parking
  • Versatile utility
  • Weatherproof casing
  • Efficient power grip for less straining when connecting and disconnecting plugs


  • The pull ring of this cord is inconveniently placed on the smaller end
  • Cord’s casing isn’t flame retardant

3. Conntek 14360, 30 Amp RV Extension Cord

Conntek 14360, 30 Amp RV Extension Cord, Yellow (10-Feet)
  • Plug (Male): NEMA TT-30P (RV 30 Amps, 125 Volts)
  • Receptacle (Female): NEMA TT-30R (RV 30 Amps, 125 Volts)
  • Maximum Wattage: 3,750 Watts
  • Flanged griplets for easy removal
  • Elbow plug-faces allow for maximum strain-relief

Another excellent option for a 30 amp extension cord is the Conntek 14360. This extension cord is built with a 125-volt configuration and a 3-prong design for optimal power handling on an RV park and generator. Even more, this product provides the buyer with the option of three lengths: 10 feet, 25 feet, and 50 feet. Therefore, depending on your circumstance and available money, you can choose a suitable length.

In addition, this 30 amp power cord comes with a flexible cable jacket and adequate power grip, making it ideal for outdoor considerations. Therefore, you can conveniently use this cable in different weather conditions without the worry of damages. We also consider this product for its unique heat-resistant features, with a resistance capacity of up to 2210F, thus preventing overheating.

Furthermore, this appliance is built with a durable 10-gauge wire for adequate power capacity and long utility life. Additionally, its flanged power grip in the form of griplets provide comfort while plugging and unplugging the 30 amp power connector. As a result, the comfortable power grip makes the handling of this cord easy. We were also intrigued by the cord's bright yellow design that makes it visible at night and in storage.


  • Adequate range of lengths to target different RV uses
  • Durable build
  • Adequate power capacity cables
  • Heat-resistant cablejacket
  • Weatherproof build
  • Bright yellow outlook for maximum visibility
  • Comfortable power grip


  • Inadequate locking ring

4. Road Power 95707508 Power Grip 30-Amp Extension Cord

Road Power 95707508 10/3 30' STW 30-Amp RV Extension Cord, Heavy Duty, Waterproof Cord, Suitable for...
  • HEAVY DUTY 30 foot RV extension cord suitable for mobile homes, recreational areas, campgrounds and...
  • LIGHTED END shows power is on and cord is ready to use
  • WATERPROOF extension cord is weather, chemical, moisture and abrasion resistant
  • POWERFUL 10 gauge, 3 pronged RV extension cord provides 30 AMPS, 125 volts and 3750 watts
  • Plug style: TT-30

We also recommend the Road Power 95707508 30 amp extension cord for a reliable and stable power connection. The Road Power 30 amp power cord is built with a 3-prong adapter design, with a power capacity of 125 volts and 3750 watts. Its wires are also 10-gauge rated to sustain large power currents comfortably without overheating. Moreover, even without overheating, this extension cord comes with a power grip for easy handling.

This 30 amp power cord for RVs is also long enough at 30 feet for most mobile home functions. In addition, the long cord is resistant to abrasion, moisture, and chemical, making it a must-have for harsh outdoor experiences. You will also not worry about heavy downpours because the cord is waterproof, making your outdoor explorations limitless. Finally, this heavy-duty extension cord has an indicator on the female-end for knowing which appliance is using power.


  • Easy to use with a power grip allowance
  • Weatherproof
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Power indicator light
  • Easy storage with a hook and loop fastener
  • Safe and convenient power grip


  • Oddly designed female end that leaves the male plugs exposed

5. Parkworld RV 30 Amp Extension Cord

Parkworld RV 30A Extension Cord NEMA TT-30 with Handle, Camper 30amp TT-30P to TT-30R (75FT)
  • Recreational Vehicle 3-prongs TT-30 connectors with handle and lighted, easy to push and pull.
  • UL STW 10AWG/3C stranded wire extension cord PVC jacket is for outdoor use, support max 600 Volts 30...
  • Molded with electroplated copper terminal in order to avoid surface oxidation effectively.
  • RV 30 amp extension cord, Max Rate 3750 Watt (125 Voltage), Heavy-duty for Hookup Camper, 100%...
  • Length : 75FT (75 Feet)

Lastly, we have the Parkworld RV 30 amp extension cord, the longest among our top five products. Such a length ensures that you are always set to plug into a current outlet, despite your trailer or RV parking spot. Even more, this cord is built with a 100% copper conductor that is 10-gauge rated for safe and optimal power output or carriage. This 30 amp extension code is also built with a sturdy yet flexible PVC casing ideal for harsh and a power grip for easy connectivity.

In line with the power-carriage qualities, this extension cord can support 600 volts for adequate powering of your RV appliances. Also, this cord is durable because it has molded copper terminal to reducing oxidation due to exposure to external factors. When it comes to easy connectivity, this extension cord comes with a 3-pronged plug that has a power grip and a light for power indication. Therefore, all you need to do is push and pull the cord's power grip when plugging and unplugging, respectively.


  • Adequately long cord with a power grip for easy connectivity
  • 3-pronged male plug for easy connection to a shore power
  • Durable and sturdy build for outdoor suitability
  • Light end power indicator
  • Adequate power carriage capacity without overheating


  • A bit pricey

Advantages of Using an RV Extension Cord

Mainly, an RV extension cord is essential in enabling you to connect to a current outlet distant from your RV. Subsequently, you won't have to struggle for a spot in an RV park since your power cord offers the flexibility of distance. Also, a motorhome comes with the advantage of many electrical appliances and devices.

In addition, an extension power cord is a faster option for transmitting electricity from a central connection point to your trailer. All you need is an adapter and to connect the cable for power transmission using a power grip.

Moreover, you won't worry about weather conditions while using an RV power cord. Specifically, these wired products are built to withstand harsh outdoor camping conditions. So, an RV power cord has the benefit of heat and wet retardant casing for enhanced durability and tolerance. This predisposition, therefore, reduces the risk of electrical accidents on human beings and the RV home.

Are Extension Cords Safe to Use?

Yes, these camping electrical appliances are built carefully and diligently for maximum outdoor electrical utility, with minimal risks. Also, extension cords are safe when used correctly. Nonetheless, extension cords are electrical products that risk shocking you when plugged into a power source or RV electric equipment. But not to worry, electrical mishaps with extension cords can be avoided with the proper adherence to safety protocols.

Some additional power cord safety tips are as follows:

  • Never use a naked RV extension cord
  • Always ensure you have the appropriate gauge RV cord
  • Always use the correct size of a power cord
  • Avoid using indoor power extension for outdoor purposes
  • Never touch a naked powered cable
  • Avoid using a wet extension power cord
  • Use a power grip when plugging and unplugging

In the event of violating safety protocols provided by OSHA, you might attract hefty fines for causing electrical risks to yourself and others.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best 30 Amp RV Extension Cord

1. Length and Thickness

The first and the most important to consider is the length of your RV's power cord. Reasonably, it is vital to be equipped with the longest extension cord to avoid inconveniences while camping. On the technical part, the length of an RV cord affects the load capacity and the power output.

Besides a cord's length, you should also check the thickness of your select extension cable. Ideally, the wire gauge thickness affects the amount of current that a wire can carry. Subsequently, within the thickness factor, one will be able to determine if a wire heats, and if so, to what extent. Accordingly, you should get a cord with adequate thickness to allow for adequate power carriage without or less heating up.

2. Construction

Once you've identified the appropriate length and thickness of your extension wire, it is also important to check the construction details of the same. Construction mainly involves evaluating the materials used in making a power extension cord. It is always best to buy 100% copper wires brands because they don't spoil quickly and don't heat up easily.

Apart from the functional capacity of a 30-amp power cable, you should also be mindful of its storage flexibility and durability. For example, after disconnecting your extension cord from a generator or a power source using a power grip, you will need to store it without the fear of damage. Consequently, we recommend investing in brands that offer flexible cables. If possible, you can also invest in a versatile construction such as a Y-adapter cord for flexible connections.

3. Price

After you have identified the appropriate functional properties of your extension cord, the next consideration will be the price. Since there are various 30 amp RV extension cords, you will face the dilemma of cost versus quality. Luckily, the price of RV power cords often reflects the quality of materials used in the construction and their thickness. Notably, the higher the price, the better the quality, but you should always ensure to check if the product features match your RV power needs.

4. Warranty

Finally, you should also check if your product comes with a warranty. Since an RV extension cord is an electrical appliance, it helps to have a warranty to guarantee the quality. Consequently, a warranty will ensure that you don't use a lot of money buying different products if they have faults. Notably, the best 30 amp power cords with the best warranty are more pricey.

Frequently Asked Questions on the 30 Amp RV Extension Cord

1. How long can a 30 amp RV cord be?

With a rating of 30 amps, an RV's power cord is not limited to how long it should be. At that point, the length falls on the user's preference, budget, and needs. Always consider that the longer an extension cord is, the more expensive it is.

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