Attaching Shade Cloth to Pergolas and Arbors 

 March 19, 2022

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Shade cloth is a fabric that has been coated with polyethylene so it reflects light and reduces heat. It can be attached to pergolas, arbors or other outdoor structures using zip ties.

Shade cloth is a popular material that is used to block out the sun and protect plants from extreme heat. There are many ways to attach shade cloth, such as using screws or nails, tacks, glue, zip ties, staples, Velcro straps, and more.

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Pergolas and arbors have open tops that allow light to flow through. If the additional light becomes an issue, such as when the hot sun overheats your patio, a shade cloth may be draped over a pergola or awning.

Coolaroo, for example, makes the shade, which is meant to obscure the sun while allowing the air to flow through.

It comes in rolls and is simple to connect to the top of any wooden structure to make your own shade cloth awnings.

  • Step 1: Purchase the Fabric
  • Unroll the Cloth in Step 2
  • Step 3: Connect
  • Connecting Multiple Sections (Step 4)
  • Additional Connections (Step 5)
  • Trim the edges in Step 6

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Purchase the Shade Cloth first.

Measure the square footage of the top of your awning or pergola before choosing a roll of fabric. Purchase around 25% extra fabric than you need to accommodate for faults and changes since the roll will be trimmed. The easiest step is deciding on a color and material.

Unroll the Cloth in Step 2

The next step is to roll the patio shade cloth over the structure’s top. It’s possible that two or more passes are required. Use tiny boulders to keep the cloth down if you have to do this on a windy day. Cut the fabric so that it drapes 1 foot from the awning/sides. pergola’s

Step 3: Connect to Your Pergola

Working from a ladder, staple one of the corners closest to the house using a staple gun. Pick a corner if you’re dealing with a standalone pergola.

Then continue around the edge to the next corner, stapling every 12 inches or more if necessary. Pull the material by hand to eliminate the creases after each staple.

Pull just a little further than necessary to eliminate the creases, then staple it in place. Rep these steps all the way around the building.

Connecting Multiple Sections (Step 4)

If you need to attach two shade cloth edges, try to avoid overlapping them. Instead, as you go down the seam, alternate the fixed locations. The two sections should not be stapled together. Try tying them together with a pinch pleat if you want to guarantee a solid connection.

Additional Connections (Step 5)

Now you may attach the middle of the fabric to the numerous pergola/arbor beams using your staple gun.

Step 6: Trim the Cloth’s Edges

Trim the extra fabric around the edges using a box cutter or razor blade. For the smoothest effect, make the cuts as straight as possible.

“Can shade cloth be glued” is a question that is asked quite often. The answer is yes, but the best way to attach it to the pergola or arbor is by using zip ties. Reference: can shade cloth be glued.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fasten a shade cloth to a pergola?

A: You can use wood screws to fasten the shade cloths to your pergola. If you do not have access to any, there are also useful plastic grommets that come in a variety of sizes and lengths which will allow you enough length for attaching the shade cloth easily without having to worry about it coming undone.

How do you attach a sun shade to a pergola?

A: To attach a sun shade to a pergola you can either use screws or nails, depending on the model of your pergola.

How do you attach a pergola cover?

A: This is a really easy project. Youll just need to purchase some PVC pipe and fittings, which can be found at your local hardware store. All you will have to do is cut the pipe with one of the fittings on it in half, then screw two wooden boards into each end of the pieces like this…
and thats all there is too it! It sounds complicated but trust me when I say its not very difficult at all.

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