All Power America APG3014 Review 2022 

 October 25, 2020

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All Power America APG3014 is a 2,000 watt with a 4 stroke portable generator that is powered by gas. It is rated four and a half stars out of one hundred fourteen customers. It also has forty nine like. For those who are interested in this item usually buys two other items. They are Briggs and Stratton 85053 5-gallon gas can with an automatic shut-off. The other item is the classic accessories which is the 79537 generator cover. It is large and black to cover the All Power America APG3014 generator.

This particular item has five features. It uses 2,000 watts surge and 1,400 watts continuous. Second it has 3 HP 4-stroke engine. Third, it runs as long as 9.5 hours with a load of 50%. Fourth, it has low noise at 68db. And last it has non-carbonated complaint and it is not for sale in California. The dimensions of this product are 8.5 x 14.2 x 15.4 inches and it is 60 pounds. The shipping weight is also sixty pounds. It can only be shipped within the US. All Power America APG3014 is considered number one in Patio, Lawn and Garden. With this being said this product is something that you can invest on that will provide an innovative use to a generator. It is not only easy to use, but also portable which you can use anywhere you want.

All Power America APG3014 Pros & Cons

The great thing about this product is that it is light in weight. It is a portable generator that can last very long. It can work as long as you need for it to work in order to meet your needs. You do not have to worry about the smell of the fumes like most generators. The negative factor is that it is not being sold in California. So those who live in that area will not be able to get a hold of this All Power America APG3014 generator. About twenty people gave this item one star. There is one customer who was not too happy about receiving a defect one in his mail and at the same time was given a hard time in returning it which he ended up losing the money he spent on it. He seemed like a good sport about the whole thing and wishes others luck in getting one for their self.

One customer rated All Power America APG3014 only one star because he bought one that was not assembled properly. And so it ended up becoming useless to him. He had problems of having to return the item because they considered it as a shipping damage. The truth of the matter is that it was a manufacturing problem. He decided to just accept his $200 loss because it seemed like they have left him no other choice, but to do so. However, he hopes that those who choose to purchase this item will have better luck than him when it comes to getting the ones that are actually built correctly. He feels that he was not lucky with the product and he went through issues that he felt he did not deserve. It seems like he moved on and is not bitter about the whole ordeal that he wishes luck to those who decides to get one anyway.

Regardless of the fact that twenty people gave All Power America APG3014 only one star due to the defect and raw deal they got from the product there are still forty people that gave it five stars. There are thirty four who gave it four in a half in ratings. That being said this product is still recommended for those who are interested in getting yourself a new state of the art generator. It is definitely a gamble to purchase just about anything. You are not sure whether you will get a defect and end up losing your money in the process. Obviously, it is a risk to purchase anything nowadays. You never know if you will actually get your money’s worth. That is why there are ratings and customer reviews that will help you decide if the product is worth it. Just hope that you get the one that has no defect or problems. With that being said it seems that All Power America APG3014 is still a good product to invest on.


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