A Buyer’s Guide for Best Snow Blower on the Market 

 May 13, 2022

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Whether you’re still clearing snow from your driveway or wanting to start a full-fledged winter landscaping project, it’s always beneficial to have an effective snow blower for the job. This buyer’s guide will provide helpful information about what buyers should consider when purchasing their next type of snow removal tool.

The “best snow blower for heavy snow” is a buyer’s guide that will help you find the best snow blower on the market. The article covers features, specs, and common questions.

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What could be worse than dealing with several inches of snow? Being unable to do so. You may surely benefit from having the correct snow blower ready and prepared to assist you cope with the unexpected snowfall on these snowy days. 

Using a snow blower instead of shoveling makes clearing snow considerably simpler, quicker, and safer. As a result, there are four main kinds of snow blowers from which to pick. Electric, single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage variants are available.

A Buyer’s Guide for Best Snow Blower on the Market

When dealing with light snowfall of up to twelve inches, electric snow blowers are appropriate. They are appropriate for paved surfaces but not for steep terrain. 

Single-stage snow blowers can remove up to thirteen inches of snow from paved surfaces and have a clearing width of around 18-22 inches. 

Snow blowers with two stages can handle up to 23.5 inches of snowfall and may be utilized on paved, gravel, and hilly terrain. It has a significantly wider clearing breadth of up to 45 inches, making it much simpler to remove a lot more snow in a shorter amount of time.

The three-stage snow blowers can handle up to 21 inches of snowfall and may be used on paved and gravel surfaces as well as slopes. Self-propelled wheels, heated grips, and even single-press chute control are available on many three-stage snow blower models, making the snow removal procedure more pleasant and efficient.

When selecting the best snow blower for the task, you should consider the following factors:

  1. How much space do I have to clear?
  2. What is the most probable snow depth I’ll have to deal with?
  3. What type of snow is this? Light or heavy?
  4. What kind of terrain do you have to deal with?

Snow Blower Specifications

Now we’ll look at some of the features that snow blowers have to offer. Most two- and three-stage snow blowers will include the following features:

  • Starters with electricity. Instead of needing to manually start it, it has a push-button start.
  • You may quickly make any essential modifications with with one hand motion.
  • Power steering facilitates maneuverability.
  • Drift cutters make it much simpler to cut through deeper snow.
  • The chore of removing snow is made considerably easier with heated grips.

Now we’ll take a deeper look at each snow blower type and provide our recommendations for the finest in each of the categories.

This single-stage snow blower has enough of power to get you through even the worst winters. It features a push-button electric start and is exceptionally small, allowing you to keep even more control and mobility in the most extreme situations. It has a 30′ throwing distance and is the ideal model for clearing a driveway.


  • The auger has a rubber edge to keep it going.
  • Adjustable deflector
  • Control and maneuverability are simple.
  • Works in a variety of snow conditions.
  • Because of its small size, it can fit into tighter locations.


  • The assembly instructions were unclear.
  • Rubber blades may quickly wear out.
  • Not suitable for compacted snow.

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If you want even more snow-clearing action and power, our PowerSmart 2-stage snowblower with deep snow tread bites may help clear even the most slick terrain. It boasts a 40-foot throw distance and is guaranteed to start in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that it is always ready when you are. With a heavy-duty steel frame and auger mechanism that will endure for years, it is a strong and trustworthy solution.


  • Adaptable control panel
  • It’s easy to operate since the chute rotates 180 degrees.
  • Simple to construct
  • Quick to begin
  • Can withstand heavy snowfall


  • Shooting plastic
  • No off button

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When faced with thick snow, this is still another alternative. It can remove a snowy sidewalk up to 26 inches wide and 21 inches deep in only one pass. It also has changeable skid shoes that give this machine a lot more control. 


  • To avoid blowback, the chute has been extended.
  • With a rapid push-button start, it’s simple to operate.
  • Self-propelled power steering provides greater control and maneuverability.
  • Clearing path is 26 inches broad.


  • Using the chute lever trigger may take more effort.
  • Some people believe that the reverse gearing is excessively low.

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If the snow-covered region you have to clear each winter is mountainous terrain, this 2-stage snow blower will help you get the job done faster. It’s also one of Amazon’s top picks for the best snow blower. It is capable of clearing snow from huge driveways and walks, and the skid shoes make it simple to do so on any surface. 


  • Comfortable height-adjustable handle
  • Smoother operation is provided via friction disc transmission.
  • Handles that are heated
  • Improved visibility with LED headlights
  • The electric starter works in all types of weather.


  • The belt and pulley are rather loud.
  • There is no way to turn off the headlights.
  • It takes a bit for heated grips to warm up.

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This is the snow blower for you if you need something a little more heavy-duty that can take the impact and weight of wet snow. It has six forward speeds and two reverse speeds and is self-propelled. It features a 24-inch width clearance and a 20-inch depth clearance. It’s known as a “beast” because it can climb steep driveways and manage snow banks much higher than the machine.


  • Start quickly and easily.
  • Visibility with a headlight
  • Long-term guarantee
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • The electric starter works in all types of weather.


  • The headlight is dim.
  • The reverse is a little sluggish.

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All of these choices are good for clearing snow fast and simply so you can spend less time outside in the cold and more time inside with your feet up. While most of the models examined are two-stage machines, you may choose a three-stage snow blower for better performance and a cleaner driveway, but be prepared to pay more.

The “best two-stage snow blower” is a device that can be used to remove snow from the driveway and sidewalks. This machine has a powerful engine that is able to move up to 4,000 pounds of snow per minute. The best thing about this product is it’s affordable price.

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