8 Best Soccer Mom Chairs for Your Backyard 

 May 12, 2022

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You’re not going to let your babies roam around the backyard without a chair for that, are you? We’ve got 8 of the best chairs for soccer moms. They’ll make sure everyone can enjoy their time outside!
Some tips and tricks:
1) Optimal height is from 33-48 in., so this will be good if you have kids between those range as well.
2) If possible, try to get one with some sort of padding on it so toddlers don’t end up with any scrapes or bruises when they fall off the chair.

The “soccer chairs for players” is a list of 8 best soccer mom chairs. The list includes brands like Best Choice Products, Kijaro, and more.

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As long as you don’t have to struggle for a seat, attending your child’s soccer games can be a lot of fun. Even if you can locate a spot on the bleachers, being comfortable for lengthy periods of time is difficult. In such cases, a soccer mom chair might come in handy!

Soccer mom chairs are lightweight and easy to transport in the trunk of a vehicle. Not only that, but when you want to rest in the comfort of your own house, you may put up the chair in your backyard.


Portable GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair

Our Top Picks for Soccer Mom Chairs for Your Backyard

The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocking Chair has a unique design with a mesh backrest, hydraulic rocking technology, and firm cushioned armrests. It’s lightweight, holds up to 250 pounds, and is ideal for a lawn, patio, or camping trip.

Price Comparison

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We’ve compiled a helpful list of the 7 best soccer mom seats for every price, including with a full assessment of each product. Take a peek at the names on our list right here if you’re in a hurry.

Well? Did you notice anything interesting?

Continue reading this review guide for a detailed study of these chairs.

The Best Soccer Mom Chairs for Your Backyard: Detailed Reviews

#1. Portable GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair

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Although snapping a chair open or shut shouldn’t be considered a danger, we all know that it does take some caution. GCI Outdoor’s Freestyle Rocker Portable Chair uses proprietary EAZY-FOLD technology to make setting up the chair a breeze.

However, it isn’t the only distinguishing aspect of the design. For those who prefer comfort, there is a unique rocker mechanism with shock-absorbers on the rear legs. As a consequence, the chair provides a smooth rocking motion regardless of where it is placed. This function is especially useful if you have a little child to entertain while playing games. Rock the chair while holding the youngster on your lap.

The chair also includes cushioned armrests and a cupholder to make it easier to keep your drink safe. It features a lightweight frame that can be folded and stored in the carrying bag that comes with it for convenient transit. All of this significantly improves the product’s convenience quotient, making it one of the finest soccer mom seats available.

What We Enjoyed

  • Armrests with padding
  • Cup holder built-in
  • Weight capacity is 250 pounds.
  • Foldable and portable
  • Durable powder-coated stainless steel frame
  • A limited lifetime guarantee is included.

What We Didn’t Care For

  • The angle between the seat and the back should have been somewhat softer.

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#2. Mesh Pod for Wet Weather

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If being exposed to light rain or the threat of swarms of mosquitoes deters you from attending soccer games outside, the Under the Weather Mesh Pod is the chair for you. Its protective mesh shell makes it an excellent companion for outdoor activities.

To begin with, the chair includes a sun canopy to provide shade. This canopy stretches to the tops of all sides, effectively blocking the sun and providing enough shade. While the back is totally enclosed, the sides have a tiny mesh design that lets you to enjoy the air without being bothered by insects.

The pod’s zippered mesh on three sides makes getting in and out a breeze. These open completely from top to bottom, allowing you to enter and exit the pod with ease. Furthermore, pegs at the bottom of the pod assist keep it secured to the ground even in windy situations.

As for the chair, it is comfortable to sit on for long hours, with Armrests with padding and a backrest. Further, the chair pops open easily and is equally simple to fold back up. Similarly, the mesh pod opens fairly quickly as well, thanks to its memory wire action. This makes setting it up a piece of cake.

What We Enjoyed

  • A mesh screen efficiently keeps pests out.
  • The canopied top offers ample sun protection.
  • Fabric that is weatherproof as well as zippers
  • Lightweight and simple to transport
  • Stakes at the bottom to hold it firmly in place
  • Hardwood flooring

What We Didn’t Care For

  • Heavy or angled rainfall is not protected by the sides.

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#3. Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair by SwimWays

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Do you like sitting in the sun but don’t need a lot of direct sunlight? If so, the Kelsyus Canopy Chair from SwimWays is the finest soccer mom chair for you. It has a large above canopy with a 50+ UPF design, making it safe to rest in the sun.

The chair itself has a mesh seat that is meant to give optimum comfort while also keeping you cool. The seat is roomy, and the edges don’t dig into the backs of your thighs. The armrests are also large enough for your arms to rest comfortably on top of them. If you need to put your drink somewhere safe, there is a cup holder.

The frame is strong, and the legs are made of powder-coated steel. The chair could not be simpler to fold in terms of portability. It may be folded within the canopy, which also serves as the chair’s carrying bag. Isn’t it convenient?

To summarize, this chair is an excellent alternative for individuals who prefer to relax in the sun, whether in their own garden or during a soccer game.

What We Enjoyed

  • Sun protection from a large overhanging canopy
  • The powder-coated steel frame is long-lasting.
  • The canopy also serves as a carrying bag.
  • Shoulder strap for convenience
  • It can support up to 250 pounds of weight.
  • The chair’s front edge is rounded for comfort.

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ONIVA Portable Folding Chair #4. PICNIC TIME

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Because of its feature-rich design, the PICNIC TIME ONIVA Portable Folding Chair is one of the finest soccer mom chairs available. It’s multipurpose, and you can take it camping, picnicking, or to the sidelines of sporting events.

The chair includes cushioned seats and armrests for increased comfort. Users who wish to remove or restyle the back may prefer that the seat and back are separate sections rather than a single piece. The back is high enough to support your shoulder blades while the seat is large and expansive.

A Side table that unfolds with enough stability allows you to store somewhat heavy books or bottles on top of it. Two insulated pockets on the side of the accessory panel keep your drinks cool. In addition, the multiple pockets may be used to store books, periodicals, tablets, and a variety of other items.

Because the chair is constructed with an aluminum frame, it is very light and easy to transport. Furthermore, there are carrying handles beneath the seat to make taking up the chair easier while transporting it. There is also an adjustable shoulder strap for extended trips.

All of these outstanding features are backed by a lifetime replacement warranty, making this chair a no-brainer purchase.

What We Enjoyed

  • Aluminum frame is lightweight.
  • Several side pockets for storing small items
  • Side table that unfolds
  • High backrest and durable polyester canvas seats
  • Carrying handles under the seat for easier transfer
  • Two compartments for coolers

What We Didn’t Care For

  • Because there is a gap between the seat and the back, it is not suitable for children.

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#5 Cooler Quad Camping Chair by Coleman

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Do you want a chair that is both inexpensive and really comfy, with all of the essential features? Don’t look any further! The Coleman Camping Chair is one of the finest soccer mom chairs available and is the ideal solution for all your outdoor sitting requirements. In the camping equipment sector, Coleman is a well-known brand. It’s safe to say that this quad chair lives up to its name. 

The chair includes a seat and a back that are both filled with polyethylene foam. It’s at a comfortable height, and the armrests may be adjusted as well. Furthermore, one armrest has a built-in bottle holder, while the other features a cooler that can carry up to four cans of cold drinks! This fantastic feature makes the chair ideal for summer camping vacations or watching soccer games in hot, humid conditions.

Another area on which the makers have concentrated is durability. The chair is strong, with stainless steel framed legs that will endure for many seasons. It can also support up to 325 pounds of weight without causing harm to the chair.

The chair incorporates a mesh pocket deep enough to carry books or magazines for extra convenience. In terms of mobility, the chair folds quickly and can be easily moved about owing to the included strapped carry bag.

Overall, this chair is a great combination of comfort and utility at a reasonable price, making it one of the finest soccer mom seats available.

What We Enjoyed

  • Steel frame for durability
  • Seat and back cushions
  • A built-in chiller can store up to four cans of beer.
  • Lightweight and simple to transport
  • Access to personal things is fast and straightforward thanks to the mesh pocket.

What We Didn’t Care For

  • The carry bag is thin and easily damaged with heavy usage.

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#6. ALPHA CAMP Canopy Lounge Chair with Heavy Duty Canopy

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This ALPHA CAMP chair with an overhead canopy is ideal for individuals who wish to relax in the sun or watch soccer games from the sidelines on a sunny day. The canopy is large enough to give ample protection. Even better, you can fold it up when you don’t need the shade.

Coming to the design, it features a mesh seat that also continues as the back and wide Armrests with padding for extra comfort. The mesh fabric is breathable and allows you to be comfortable and dry while outdoors, even on hot days. Also, the seat is oversized to allow you to sit back and relax without any discomfort.

ALPHA CAMP chose hammer tone powder-coated steel for the chair’s frame to ensure durability. This material is corrosion-resistant and will endure a long time. The steel legs are supported by a series of additional tubes at the bottom and can carry up to 300 pounds of weight. Despite the strength of the construction, the chair is not too heavy to tote about easily.

One armrest includes a mesh pocket where you may conveniently store a bottle, while the other has a handy mobile phone holder. Finally, this chair ticks all of the boxes and earns a spot in our list of the best soccer mom seats on the market.

What We Enjoyed

  • Construction material that is durable.
  • When not in use, the canopy may be adjusted and folded back up.
  • Comfortable sitting in a large chair
  • Built-in cup holder and phone holder
  • Mesh fabric that breathes to keep you cool and dry.
  • It’s simple to open and shut.

What We Didn’t Care For

  • There is no shade protection on the sides or rear.

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Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair is #7.

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If you find the shade on the previous designs insufficient and want something with additional coverage, the Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair is a great option. You may tilt, elevate, or lower the shade of this chair to suit your needs. Although the canopy is not removable, it may simply be folded back on itself when not in use.

The polyester cloth is robust since it is attached to a heavy-duty steel frame. It not only resists normal wear and tear, but it also resists stains and water for ultimate longevity. For proper support, the back of the seat is arched and extends far over the shoulder blades. Overall, the chair can comfortably support 225 pounds of weight.

A fabric and mesh container hangs easily at the side of the chair for your accessories. In addition, each of the broad armrests has two cup holders. You may put your drinks in these holders and they will stay there.

Finally, the MAX shade chair comes with a carry bag that makes it easy to store and travel.

What We Enjoyed

  • Seating is spacious and broad.
  • Canopy that adjusts
  • Polyester fabric is water and stain resistant.
  • Two Cup holder built-ins for easy storage of beverages
  • It comes with a sturdy tote bag with handles for easy travelling.
  • The armrests are large enough to provide maximum comfort.

What We Didn’t Care For

  • When exposed to direct sunlight on a regular basis, the fabric may degrade.

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Outdoor Camping Chair #8 VictoryStore

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You may convert your picnic or camping into the best enjoyment by choosing VictoryStore Outdoor Camping Chair – Soccer Mom Black Folding Camping Chair. For long-term usage, a superb aesthetic feel, and the essential comfort, this chair is made of black polyester fabric and sturdy steel. The back panel of this incredible chair is adorned with our stylish “Soccer Mom” design, which is very appealing.

This foldable chair also has a shoulder bag, making it easy to move it anywhere you choose. At first look, the design of this double-armed cushioned chair, which has a cup holder in each arm, will astonish you.

What We Enjoyed

  • Comfortable armrest
  • Each arm has a cup holder.
  • Durable
  • The steel structure
  • Foldable
  • Transportable
  • Back pocket with zipper
  • It is packaged in a bag.
  • Load capacity of 300 lbs.

What We Didn’t Care For

  • No color choice
  • The chair legs may seem fragile.

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If you want to completely enjoy the outdoor sitting experience, whether you’re camping, fishing, or just watching a soccer game, you’ll need to find the proper portable chair. With so many alternatives on the market, having a prioritized list of the finest items may be really beneficial.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 soccer mom seats available. By comparing their characteristics, you may definitely choose the one that best meets your requirements!

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The “best camping soccer chairs” is a list of 8 best chairs that you can use when playing soccer in your backyard. The chairs will help to prevent back pain, and also make the game more enjoyable.

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