8 Best Corded Hedge Trimmer 

 May 16, 2022

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A corded hedge trimmer can provide the power you need for your yard without any gas, batteries or cords. The 8 best models in our guide are safe to use and run quietly with no sound when idle.

The “heavy-duty electric hedge trimmers” are the best corded hedge trimmer. They are powerful, durable, and easy to use. The blades can be sharpened or replaced with ease.

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Although no one likes an unkempt hedge, trimming them may be a nuisance at times. Many people are used to cutting with clippers or other manual equipment. Thankfully, technology has improved to the point that we can maintain a hedge with ease and simplicity. 

Hedge trimmers are a wonderful innovation since they make the operation considerably quicker, simpler, and more exact. A beautiful and healthy hedge needs regular upkeep, which is where a hedge trimmer comes in handy. 


Makita Electric Hedge Trimmer UH6570

Our #1 Corded Hedge Trimmer Recommendation!

Experts and inexperienced gardeners alike like the Makita UH6570 trimmer. It is powered by a 500-watt, 4.6-amp motor that generates 1600 strokes per minute. It’s Simple to operate, creates minimal vibrations, has a soft, curved grip, and only weighs 8.1 pounds.

Price Comparison

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We’ve got you covered if you’re searching for a nice electric trimmer to clean up those borders. Our buying guide delves into the finest electric hedge trimmers on the market and the most important aspects to consider. 

Continue reading to learn about the finest corded hedge trimmers. 

Reviews of the Best Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

It might be difficult to know what to look for when there are so many electric hedge trimmers on the market. Many manufacturers boast several qualities, many of which are unimportant to the typical buyer. Thankfully, we researched quite a lot of different products to find the best electric hedge trimmer. 

We go through the specific characteristics that will be useful in the garden in each hedge trimmer review. These factors include anything from the device’s power output to the blade’s length, as well as who they are designed for. 

You’ll notice that not all hedge trimmers are created equal. Hopefully, at the end of this, you’ll have a good idea of which electric trimmers are the best. 

#1. Makita Electric Hedge Trimmer UH6570

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A Quick Look

  • Motor: 4.1 amps
  • 25.5″ x 0.5″ blade
  • 1,600 SPM
  • 8.1bs
  • Begin with two hands.
  • Ergonomic grip

The Makita UH6570 is the first on the list. This trimmer is well-known for its versatility, having been used by both pros and amateur gardeners all over the world. 

The Makita UH6570 has a 500-watt, 4.6-amp motor that produces 1600 strokes per minute. Not only will this rapidly trim a hedge, but the double-sided blade will guarantee that the hedge is left trimmed. 

The engine has a clutch to prevent any obstructive items from snagging on the gears. The gadget is fitted with a two-switch grip mechanism, which moves the blade when both switches are pushed. 

This is also quite simple to carry, weighing just 8.1 pounds. The trimmer can be guided across rounded hedges and for extended periods of time by most persons. 

This speed is paired with a large 25.5″ x 0.5″ blade, allowing it to reach up to difficult places, as well as get the job done fast. 

The Makita UH6570 is a comfortable tool to use, with minimal vibrations that make cutting less taxing on the body. The trimming procedure was made easier by using a soft, curved grip. Furthermore, the event was rather quiet and did not need the use of hearing protection. 

The Makita UH6570 electric hedge trimmer is one of the finest we’ve ever evaluated or used. It is more costly than other trimmers in the same price range, but its durability and dependability are unsurpassed. If you require regular hedge cutting, this might be the solution. 

What we enjoyed

  • Simple to operate
  • Outstanding Features of Safety
  • High SPM
  • Reliable

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Sun Joe SJH902E Multi-Angle Pole that extends Hege Trimmer is number two.

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A Quick Look

  • Motor: 4 amps
  • 21″ blade
  • Telescoping length of 7ft
  • Blade of hardened steel
  • 8.8lbs

Reaching the top of a hedge may be a challenge, requiring a variety of yoga positions and movements. Sun Joe has a telescopic trimmer that can reach these tight areas. 

This trimmer is distinguished by its telescopic pole, which extends an additional 7.9 feet for a total reach of 13 feet. This is especially important if your hedges are huge and serve as focal points in your landscape. 

This blade is a double-sided, 21-inch hardened steel blade that allows for speedier trimming. The SJH902E is constructed of hardened steel and can readily chop through thick branches. 

With a Motor: 4.0 amps, this should be able to handle simple trimming tasks with ease. The blade’s rotating head allows it to reach awkward spots and deliver a more accurate cut. 

Working with the Sun Joe SJH902E might be a pain at times. The blade is top-heavy when telescoped and is not designed for extended usage. It may also be tough to utilize for persons who are weak. 

Despite these limitations, the grips and feel of the body were excellent and pleasant to the touch. Although a combined Strap over shoulders reduced the total weight of the gadget, it nevertheless resulted in a challenging weight balance. 

The Sun Joe SJH902E certainly has its place, and large hedges may need the use of a telescopic pole. For the price, this is a decent electric trimmer that seems to be dependable, although it will likely only fit individuals who want more coverage. 

What we enjoyed

  • Pole that extends
  • Head that pivots
  • Blades of steel
  • Strap over shoulders

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#3. Craftsman Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer (CMEHTS822) 

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A Quick Look

  • Motor: 4 amps
  • 22″ blade
  • 1.5″ additional blade for cutting
  • 3.04lbs

Craftsman power tools have long been a favorite of ours, and their corded hedge trimmer is no exception. 

The 22-inch dual-action blade is excellent and can easily chop through thick branches and caress a hedge shrub. This is finished off with a little blade fitting at the end that may be used to chop small branches up to 1.5″ in diameter. 

This hedge trimmer weighs just 3.04 pounds and is Simple to operate for any gardener. We found cutting through our hedges pleasurable because to the comfortable grip and front hold. 

The appeal of the Craftsman is its universal appeal. It is competitively priced and provides a simple but efficient hedge cutting option. Just plug it in, turn it on, and you’re ready to go. 

The main disadvantage of its simplicity is that it lacks a cord lock and may clog if it drags in a branch. As a consequence, there’s no way to keep the cord from dropping everywhere and getting in the way during a cut. 

It’s difficult to refute the Craftsman CMEHTS822’s worth. It gets all of the basics right, is surprisingly portable, and even includes a few additional features to keep it going. For people who want simplicity and ease, this is one of the finest hedge trimmers available. 

What we enjoyed

  • Money well spent
  • Simple and useful.
  • Lightweight
  • Extra blade for cutting

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#4. KT Kobalt 4-Amp Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer, 26-Inch

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A Quick Look

  • Motor: 4.5 amps
  • 26″ blade
  • Handle that rotates
  • 6.6lbs
  • System of locking operation

The KT Kobalt is a good option for individuals who require a little more power than the other electric hedge trimmers we’ve evaluated so far. 

The 26-inch blade is strong and has the length needed for high locations and hedge cutting along the sides. This robust 34-inch blade can easily cut through plants and shrubs, as well as heavy branches. 

This trimmer is a little more powerful than other trimmers, using 4.5 amps and capable of high SPM rates for rapid cutting. Despite its strength, the KT Kobalt Hedge Trimmer is quite quiet and will not disturb your neighbors. 

The handle on the KT Kobalt Hedge Trimmer was our favorite feature. It spins as well as being a delight to handle with a superb grip. The capacity to swivel from a vertical to a horizontal position reversed the challenging parts of hedging. It’ll alter everything. 

Gardeners will find this simple to carry; at 6.6 pounds, it won’t take much effort and won’t put too much pressure on the body. Holding the item was pretty straightforward with a squeeze trigger and locking mechanism, making operation simple. 

The cord of the KT Kobalt Corded Hedge Trimmer is rather short, however it does not pop out during operation. However, to get it across the garden, you’ll need a good extension cable. 

Hands down, the KT Kobalt is great, with plenty of range and quality-of-life features that make trimming a delight. Although this model is more pricey than others, the length and pivoting handle more than make up for it. With its blue and yellow color scheme, it even looks excellent. 

What we enjoyed

  • Blade with long range
  • Handle that rotates
  • Lightweight
  • Built to last
  • Looks great.

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#5 BEHT350FF BLACK+DECKER Trimmer for Hedge

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A Quick Look

  • Motor: 4.0 amps
  • 22″ blade
  • 6.49lbs
  • Retention of cords 

The Black + Decker BEHT350FF corded hedge trimmer is a wonderful corded hedge trimmer with strong quality and dependability. 

The Motor: 4.0 amps is a suitable solution for long hedge trimming sessions. This will get tidy hedges swiftly and much faster than any manual clippers could ever manage to meet. 

The solid, 22″ blade of hardened steels are perfect for the majority of hedges, but won’t reach the highest of places without some stretching. This is more likely suited to those who have shrubs and small hedges, making it a good tool for the shed. 

This is a two-handed trimmer, and the grip is comfortable. The blades are easier to control thanks to a finely curved grip and a robust front handle. This is light enough for most people to comfortably go up and down a hedge at 6.49lbs. 

With a Retention of cords system in place, we found it much easier to move across a large yard. When attached to an extension cord, we found no issues with accidental unplugging, which is common on corded trimmers. 

Despite a great Retention of cords system, it is narrower than most trimmers. This means you will need to look for an extension cord with a smaller fit as most will not fit through the hole on the trimmer. 

Unfortunately, there is no locking switch on this tool, so use it with caution. The safety guard, on the other hand, is well-mounted and will prevent ricocheting debris. 

The lack of Length of Blade and the extension cable hole are two drawbacks of this trimmer. Regardless, it’s a good buy for anybody looking for a basic electric bush trimmer for their backyard. 

What we enjoyed

  • Retention of cords system
  • Simple to operate
  • Lightweight
  • Nicely done.

What we didn’t care for

  • No locking mechanism
  • Narrow cord connector 

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Greenworks 2200102 is #6. Hedge Trimmer with Cord 

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A Quick Look

  • Motor: 4.0 amps
  • Dual 22″ blades
  • 7lbs
  • Handle that rotates

For those looking for an electric hedge trimmer, the Greenworks 2200102 is a wonderful option.

This two-handed hedge trimmer can easily chop through shrubs after being powered up with a single button push. 

The Motor: 4.0 amps is powerful enough for most jobs, but the accompanying 22″ blade will struggle on thicker branches. The blade can get a fair amount of reach and is suitable for garden bushes and shrubs. 

The Greenworks Hedge Trimmer is Lightweight, portable, and maneuverable in the hedges. This is a Lightweight remedy to untidy hedges, weighing just 7 pounds. 

We were astonished by how nicely this kept cool after lengthy cuts and on hot days while operating at a low temperature. This is combined with minimal vibrations and noise levels, making it ideal for residential and urban settings. 

The Greenworks Corded Hedge Trimmer, like the Black & Decker trimmer before it, needs an extension cord. While the extension cable has excellent chord locking characteristics, the input hole is limited and needs something small to fit. 

A great feature, especially at a budget level, is the Handle that rotates. It is Simple to operate and was fantastic whilst trimming our oddly shaped bushes. 

Some issues, such as the difficulty to oil the blades and the weak front guard, are problematic. These flaws are minor in comparison to the many advantages this trimmer offers. 

The reasonable price and solid features of the Greenworks Hedge Trimmer give for good Money well spent. It has a short reach and some design issues, but it will be one of the best cheap hedge trimmer products for most homeowners and gardeners. 

What we enjoyed

  • Suitable for the ordinary customer
  • Reasonably priced
  • Handle that adjusts

What we didn’t care for

  • Slot for extension cables
  • Piece de garde

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#7. Toro 51490 Hedge Trimmer, 22-Inch Corded

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A Quick Look

  • Motor: 4.0 amps
  • 22″ blade of hardened steels
  • 6.35lbs
  • 2,400SPM

The Toro 51490 is a cheap electric hedge trimmer that fits in with others of its kind. 

Retaining the 4 amp power benchmark and a standard 22” steel blade, this hedge trimmer is designed for everyday gardens. The Blade of hardened steels worked as they should, cutting into thick branches and shrubbery with a nice finish. 

This trimmer is one of the lightest we’ve tested, weighing just 6.35 pounds and flowing gracefully over the bushes. The mobility was excellent owing to a beautiful, ergonomic handgrip that was easy to hold. 

Unfortunately, this is a fairly basic model, lacking the likes of a locking switch or Handle that rotates. Despite this, it is still a solid hedge trimmer and priced to fit the budgets of most gardeners looking to upgrade from clippers. 

There were several issues with quality control on these devices, and the build quality was subpar. Strings falling out and a flimsy body made the whole process seem cheap throughout our efforts to use it. 

By any stretch of the imagination, this is not the greatest corded hedge trimmer available. It is, however, reasonably priced and may be appropriate for someone who will only use it sometimes. Although the quality of this device has several constant issues, it nevertheless has a place as a cheap corded trimmer. 

What we enjoyed

  • Simple and inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Handle is gentle.

What we didn’t care for

  • Build quality is questionable.

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SereneLife PSLHTRIM52 (#8) Electric Corded Hedge Trimmer with Cord

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A Quick Look

  • 4.0 amp
  • 18″ blade made of steel alloy
  • 17,000 SPM
  • 10” cord

Although the SereneLife PSLHTRIM52 is not as large or strong as other hedge trimmers, it has carved out a place for itself in the gardening industry. 

This trimmer, which has an 18″ blade, is suited for mobility and tiny shrubs and bushes. This doesn’t make it any less of a trimmer than others; its portability suits most gardens and makes certain duties easier. 

The blade is also comprised of a steel alloy, which allows for faster cutting of superfluous vegetation. This won’t work on hard twigs, but it will gently caress the margins of flowers and other soft plants instead of mincing them up. 

The gadget is very light, making it simple to manipulate up and down a bush. After completing, the plumage and hedges were properly clipped. 

With a Motor: 4.0 amps, this is still on a similar level as most trimmers but can reach speeds of up to 17,000 strokes per minute. 

Although the SereneLife PSLHTRIM52 comes with a 10″ power chord, you’ll probably need a full extension wire as well. It was convenient to have it plugged in, and the cable never got in the way. 

Finally, the safety power lock was an important feature that other models lacked. The complete equipment was simple to use and started quickly. 

The SereneLife PSLHTRIM52 is difficult to categorize among other trimmers since it is designed to fine-tune garden assets. It’s ideal for individuals with a lot of bushes and overgrown plants because of the alloy blade and high pace. Although it is priced similarly to larger hedge trimmers, it is still a good value for the money. 

What we enjoyed

  • Swift and nimble
  • Outstanding blade
  • Flowers and gentler plants thrive in this environment.

What we didn’t care for

  • Not for dense shrubs and hedges
  • Designed for a certain gardener

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What to Look for When Buying an Electric Hedge Trimmer?

What is an electric hedge trimmer with a cord?

Hedge trimmers with cords are an improvement over the traditional approach of utilizing hand clippers. Electric trimmers are used to tidy off the margins of shrubs, hedges, and even foliage. This is not only attractive to the eye, but it is also beneficial to the plants. 

Hedge Trimmers: Cordless vs. Corded

Hedge trimmers with cords are usually designed for a regular garden. They can only travel so far since they are tied to a power source. As a consequence, they are often less powerful and larger than cordless versions. 

Corded trimmers are simply easier to use, with the only drawback of having to lug the cord around the garden. 

If you read any cordless hedge trimmer reviews, you’ll see that they all have their unique set of problems. One disadvantage is that they may run out of battery or need gas to operate, making them heavier and less environmentally friendly. Regardless, there’s no need to be concerned about severing the cord or dragging it about. 

When purchasing a corded electric hedge trimmer, keep the following in mind.

These gadgets’ many characteristics may make or ruin them. If you’re looking for the greatest hedge trimmer, be sure it meets your requirements. Consider the following features. 


A strong motor may make a big difference in how well it cuts through shrubs. It will stumble on branches if it is underpowered, but strong motors are ineffective when dealing with plumage or soft shrubs. 

The majority of corded trimmers have an output of roughly 4-amps, which is sufficient for cutting most hedges. 

Length of Blade

Length of Blade constitutes just how much trimming is done over time. Larger blades are best for long tasks and will make quick work of hedges and bushes. 

This is not to say that short blades are useless; in fact, they are quite simple to maneuver and manage. When grazing shrubs, a small blade may be preferable. 

If you have trouble managing a trimmer, you may want to go with a single-sided blade. Getting a double-ended blade, on the other hand, will result in quicker and more efficient cutting. 

Features of Safety

Safety is critical. A protection plate will be included with every hedge trimmer to prevent debris from striking the user’s face. 

Other Features of Safety include a locking system for when the trimmer is not in use. Others may have a two-button, or hold button, a system to prevent accidents occurring in case of lost grip or balance. 


A lightweight trimmer is easier to hold and maneuver. Anyone who has trouble lifting tools can benefit from a smaller trimmer. Trimming may be exhausting over time, so choose a method that you can stick with. 


Most trimmers include a contoured or cushioned handle that prevents wrist and hand injuries when used for lengthy periods of time. Those who often alternate between vertical and horizontal cuts would benefit from an adjustable, rotating grip. 


This refers to tremors and noise. With most things like these operating loud, noise may be a major issue. Using earplugs or anything similar is recommended. 

Some folks may want a device with less vibration since it might be unpleasant on the hands during usage. The hand will have the best hold on the handle possible with reduced vibration, resulting in better cuts. 


With this article, we want to clear up a lot of the confusion around corded trimmers. There are several items on the market that cater to various requirements and individuals. It’s critical that you go through all of the features to make sure you choose the correct trimmer for you. 

We hope you find this information helpful and are able to have your hedges looking their best.

The “toro corded hedge trimmer” is one of the best options available. It has a powerful motor and can cut through thick branches with ease.

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