6 Best Weed Puller Reviews In 2022: Buyers Guide 

 May 11, 2022

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Finding the best weed puller for your needs can be a tough task. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 6 reviews to help you find the right one that meets all your expectations in 2022.

The “no bend weed puller” is a tool that allows users to pull weeds without bending. It is 6 of the best weed pullers in 2022.

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Do you have an infinite supply of unwanted plants in the form of weed growth in your garden? Weeds not only compete with your garden plants for water and nutrients, but they also detract from the appearance of your backyard.

Weed removal gets more difficult as they increase in numbers. Furthermore, they compete with your fruits and veggies for space and even consume sunlight. This has a bad influence on the plants on your yard.

Have you resolved to do all you can to eliminate these weeds for good? Weedicides are beneficial, but you’re also spraying chemicals on your lawn and other plants. This will undoubtedly hinder your DIY gardening efforts, and you will not receive the full advantages. Consider purchasing a weed puller that is robust, long-lasting, and very effective.

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Gardeners will require a weed puller to remove the plants’ stems and roots, thereby eliminating the possibility of regeneration. Remember that this saves you of the burden of having to choose between a variety of harmful weedicides.

We’ve compiled a list of the six finest weed pullers to purchase in 2022, based on their diverse features and usability:

The Best Weed Pullers, According to Us

  1. 39-Inch Fiskars Deluxe 4-Claw Weeder
  2. CW 01 Original Stand Up Weed Puller by Grampa’s Weeder
  3. 3-Claw Walensee Weed Puller
  4. Stand-up in the Garden Weeder
  5. 70606935J Fiskars Softouch Hand Weeder
  6. 36.6-Inch Orientools Weed Puller Tool

Reviews of the 6 Best Weed Pullers

Below are detailed evaluations of each of these weed pullers.

#1. 39-Inch Fiskars Deluxe 4-Claw Weeder

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Fiskars has introduced a new premium weed puller with four extra-sharp serrated claws that can dig into both tight and loose soil. If dandelion seeds have spread across your garden and are growing in big numbers, this weed remover may put an end to the problem. This 39-inch machine will practically scrape weeds off your soil, whether they are aggressive thistles or dispersed weeds.

The ergonomic design is a godsend for senior gardeners or DIYers who have been suffering from hurting backs and painful knees as a result of constant bending. The shaft is also lengthy and adjustable, so you won’t have to bend over and over.

The high-strength foot base ensures you can break through a variety of soil surfaces and barge through even the toughest dry or wet soils. Above this, just laying the puller head over the weed and exerting little pressure is sufficient to reach the weeds’ roots.

Not to mention, the eject mechanism is positioned on the handle frame. This cleans the claw area of the weed puller for you so you don’t have to!

What We Appreciated:

  • Claws in stainless steel
  • Foot platform with extra reinforcement
  • It readily penetrates moist soil.

#2. CW 01 Original Stand Up Weed Puller by Grampa’s Weeder

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Grampa’s Weeder, made of 100% bamboo, has been a major weed puller in the gardening business since 1913. The bamboo and steel heads have been reinforced in this version for increased efficacy.

Grampa’s Weeder, also known as the turn-of-the-century tool, has a design that enables for easy mobility. There’s a very little possibility you’ll have to put any strain on your knees or back. The 45″ long bamboo handle is responsible for this soothing characteristic.

The weed puller seems to be as easy as century-old gardening tools — and it is! Even better, the developers have added a powder-coated metallic coating to increase the robustness of the product. With one piercing motion into the earth and a tilt of the long bamboo handle, the weed root is promptly pulled.

Getting rid of weeds has never been easier! Starting with centering the puller over the weed, driving the claws into the earth, and lastly bending the handle sideways to provide the needed force to pluck the plant, follow three easy steps.

What We Appreciated:

  • Crabgrass weed extraction is exceptional.
  • Excellent at removing big weeds
  • Long life expectancy

We didn’t care for:

  • Weeds on concrete pavements are not suited.

#3. 3-Claw Walensee Weed Puller

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Because of the three steel teeth/claws, each measuring 2.75″ in length, this upright weed puller easily earns a position on our list of the finest weed pullers. It’s been tried and tested on taproot, clover, plantain, tap root, thistle, crabgrass, and burdock, in addition to basic weed roots.

The foot pedal is another useful function. The pedal is designed to withstand a lot of effort, which may be required while removing weed clusters from your yard. Furthermore, since Walensee strives to give a failsafe weed root remover rather than just a weed remover, the foot pedal is designed to help you get the claws as low as possible.

The high-strength stainless steel of this tool saves you money on a new weeder for DIY gardeners who suffer with regular wear and tear of their gardening equipment. Furthermore, its 39-inch length prevents gardeners from having to bend excessively.

The twistable handle that helps uproot the plant and the button that starts the weed extraction process are the weed puller’s USPs.

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What We Appreciated:

  • If you’re not pleased, you’ll get your money back.
  • Dandelion roots may be easily removed.
  • In wet soil, it works well.

We didn’t care for:

  • In a gravel driveway, it’s useless.

#4. Stand-up in the Garden Weeder

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Instead of four claws, this weed puller has five. Each one is manufactured of anti-rust steel and comes with a 34″ long anti-rust steel handle. What’s more, the grip area has a foam grip for added comfort. Gardeners may even split apart well-established roots with the firm grip and five claws.

The foam-padded grip comes to the rescue since gardening jobs are notorious to ruin your palm if you don’t use gardening gloves. As a result, you may shove, twist, and pull without experiencing any hand discomfort. The grip will remain maintained and in excellent shape whether you use the weed puller in wet or chilly conditions.

The zinc-planted steel, which is impervious to corrosion, adds to the durability.

To keep its long list of satisfied gardening customers, Worth Gardening is giving a three-year guarantee on this weed puller!

What We Appreciated:

  • The foot pedal can support a lot of weight.
  • It easily penetrates even the toughest soil.
  • Built with razor-sharp five claws
  • Breaks through dirt that is wet.

We didn’t care for:

  • On our list of top weed pullers, this one is the heaviest.
  • On dry ground, it’s not as effective.

#5. 70606935J Fiskars Softouch Hand Weeder

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The Fiskars softouch hand weeder is the smallest item in our list of the best weed pullers, and it’s perfect for removing small weeds like dandelions and thistles. Though there may be some bending, the very ergonomic handle provides complete stability and grip when plucking weeds.

Furthermore, since it’s a “soft-grip,” users may expect more control and grip. This considerably lowers the annoyance of weariness in your forearms and hands.

Not to mention the forked tines that are connected to the curving head. The weed puller’s capacity to slice through soil and grasp hold of weed roots is aided by its curving but pointed construction.

Finally, the rust-resistant cast-aluminum head stays securely connected to your weed puller even while dealing with the toughest and most complicated weed root systems.

The hang hole on the handle makes storing a snap if you’re a DIY gardener who loses equipment from time to time. This means no more issues with misplaced equipment!

What We Appreciated:

  • It only weighs around 12 pounds.
  • Hanging storage hole
  • The half-length grip makes grasping more powerful.

#6. 36.6-Inch Orientools Weed Puller Tool

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Orientools has created fatigue-preventing gardening equipment with the smallest of concessions on productivity, using a 36.6-inch weed puller. Users just push the top button to drive the tine into the earth, then twist the handle to draw the weed puller at a certain angle. This method is intended to virtually eradicate weariness for good.

We recommend all gardening specialists to start a landscaping project in their back or front yard.

The main pole is very strong and composed of powder-coated steel to prevent corrosion. The handle is also composed of high-quality plastic. This decreases the total weight of the weed puller and makes it easier to maneuver the machine.

Keep in mind that this is a multi-purpose weed puller that was created to rescue your lawn from weed infestations without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Note: The green handle and base will complement the look of your backyard garden.

What We Appreciated:

  • It’s used to plant flower bulbs.
  • It does not need any bending or kneeling.
  • Weather-resistant

We didn’t care for:

  • Amateur gardeners may face difficulties.

Buying Guide for the Best Weed Puller in 2022

Never purchase gardening tools on impulse!

If you don’t match the qualities of the weed puller to the characteristics of the weed you want to get rid of, there’s a good chance you won’t get the most bang for your dollars. Before searching for the best weed puller, every DIY gardener should consider the following factors:


The weed puller’s simplicity of use will decide how convenient your weed-pulling mission is. If the puller you bought needs more work, you’re more likely to skip the job. On the contrary, if the puller knows how to use, you’ll gladly spend time pulling weeds.

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A standing weed puller is preferable than a handheld one. Instead of leaning down with a portable piece every time you wish to remove weeds, this provides stress-free access to the ground. Furthermore, the blades are used by the upright weed puller to finish weed extraction, so you won’t have to touch your hands at all!


In brief, weed pullers made of non-durable materials will result in broken equipment and incomplete weed extraction activities. To operate with all varieties of weeds, all three components, the shaft, blade, and handle, must be constructed of sturdy materials. Gardeners will also want a stiff unit to remove resistant and interwoven subsurface weed infestations.

A steel-constructed weed puller is recommended for customers who need to remove weeds from both wet and dry soil. They have the ability to dig deeper, maintain rising force, and rip through resistant surfaces.

Note: Make sure the handle is sturdy enough to withstand the force you’ll be exerting.

Length of Handle

Ideally, anything from 35 to 40 inches is universally considered a good Length of Handle. This range permits most users of varying heights to maneuver the weed puller comfortably. Also, longer lengths that are adjustable make it simpler to modify the tool’s reach.

Avoid buying an upright weed puller with a length of less than 35 inches. This may require you to stoop down when removing weeds. In the long run, the inconvenience will win out, and you’ll feel more tired than you would otherwise.

We recommend that you seek for a telescoping handle. An anti-run ring on these handles allows the user to wrap their hand around the handle. Furthermore, such handles may be adjusted in length to help obtain the ideal grip.

Design and Construction

The design and construction of your weed puller will decide whether you have the greatest weed puller or one that will fail you quickly. Examine the equipment’s size, form, balance, and weight carefully. Imagine the approximate proportions of the weeds you’ll be dealing with above this.

To pluck more massive weeds, use Y-shaped tips linked to L-shaped weed pullers for optimal results. Smaller equipment with sharp fork edges and bent shafts is used to remove shorter weeds.

Our selection of designs provides a number of alternatives for determining their applicability.


Weed pullers are the best tool for controlling the spread of weeds if bought carefully and used at the proper time. A weed invasion is the last thing you want to happen to your years of DIY gardening work!

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The “weed root remover” is a device that is used to remove weed from the ground. The best weed pullers in 2022 are reviewed by experts and have been rated on quality, price, and durability.

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