5 Best Chainsaw Oil Review: [Expert’s Choice] 

 May 8, 2022

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Chainsaw oil is a critical part of your chainsaw’s engine, and knowing which one to buy can be difficult. We’ve done the research for you so that when it comes time for new chainsaw oil, you won’t have any questions about what brand or type to choose.

This “best bar and chain oil” article is written by an expert who has reviewed the top 5 chainsaw oils on the market. The expert goes over what to look for in a good bar and chain oil, as well as how to use it.

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People often forget that a chainsaw is a vehicle-like mechanism. Surprisingly, despite their purchases, chainsaw owners seldom perform routine maintenance. Using a high-quality chainsaw oil helps guarantee that your chainsaw operates smoothly and without issues.

Assume you’re a lumberjack or a DIY enthusiast who wants to cut down disproportionate trees. In such instance, premium chainsaw oil is required to guarantee minimum wear and tear of the chainsaw’s moving parts. It also prolongs the life of your equipment by lubricating the moving parts.

However, selecting chainsaw oil with the appropriate viscosity and balance is critical. As a result, knowing your recommended chainsaw oil may help you get the most out of this tool.

We’ll go through the five best chainsaw oils in this extensive study to help you get started.

Our Picks for the Best Chainsaw Oils

  1. Royal Purple 11748 Synthetic High Mileage Oil
  2. Bar and Chain Oil, Oregon 54-059
  3. Premium Bar and Chain Oil from STP
  4. Premium Mineral Bar and Chain Oil by Husqvarna
  5. Forest and Garden Husqvarna Bar and Chain Oil

Continue reading to learn more about the items mentioned above.

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Review of the Best Chainsaw Oil

#1. Royal Purple 11748 Synthetic High Mileage Oil

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The Royal Purple High Mileage Synthetic Oil is a very powerful motor oil for your chainsaw, designed to dramatically reduce engine depreciation. In addition, this oil contains zinc and phosphorus as supplements, which coat the engine components with a thin oil layer.

Furthermore, as the name implies, this lubricant is designed to help motors with more than 75,000 miles on them last longer. It does this by hardening seals and minimizing friction during low-speed pre-ignition starts. Most essential, this oil protects and prevents corrosion of metal components.

This product is designed to be more compatible with ethanol-based fuels while simultaneously being more fuel-efficient. Furthermore, in terms of fuel efficiency, this 5W-30 oil is comparable to a 5W-20 oil. Above all, it aids in dramatically lowering the machine’s hazardous emissions.

Depending on your needs, you may select from the three different pack sizes. The one-quart can is the smallest size available, and it’s just ideal for any two-cycle or four-stroke chainsaw. If you have numerous machines to maintain, the five-quart unit or a case of six one-quart cans would be preferable.

A decrease in the frequency of oil changes for your chainsaw is an extra benefit of using this lubricant. However, after 5,000 miles on the engine, it is recommended that the oil be changed. You will save money on unnecessary oil changes since your chainsaw will operate more smoothly.

What We Enjoyed

  • High resistance to LSPI
  • Longer gaps between changes
  • Reduced pollutants and increased fuel efficiency
  • Zinc supplementation aids in the repair of broken seals.

What We Didn’t Care For

  • The delivery is not received in all places.

#2. Oregon Chainsaw Bar Oil (54-059)

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If you have an electric or cordless chainsaw, the Oregon Chain Bar and Chain Oil is for you. This chainsaw oil is lighter than most of its rivals, allowing consumers to increase Engine Performance.

This thin chainsaw oil is best suited for low-powered devices due to the lower horsepower in cordless chainsaws. Furthermore, because of its low viscosity, this oil works well in both hot and cold climes.

A special oil-based composition also aids in the delivery of increased tackiness to the oil. As a result, users will have less oil spills while using their chainsaws. Despite the fact that it may be used all year, thin oil is more likely to drain quicker, requiring more frequent oil changes.

Most importantly, Oregon 54-059 Chainsaw Oil extends the life of your chainsaw by minimizing the buildup of undesirable resin and sap in your machine. While the Oregon 54-059’s increased film strength avoids scuffing of moving components, it also protects your chainsaw against rust and corrosion.

Users may choose between a bigger one-gallon bottle and a smaller 32-ounce bottle. Experts encourage customers to replace their oil reservoirs at the same time as their gas tanks.

What We Enjoyed

  • Electric chainsaws and hedge trimmers are compatible.
  • An environmentally friendly alternative that leaves no exhaust residual
  • Throw-offs are reduced by increasing tackiness.
  • High film tensile strength

What We Didn’t Care For

  • The low viscosity makes it a little difficult to lubricate comfortably.
  • When compared to other brands, it dries faster.

#3. Premium Bar and Chain Oil from STP

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As stated on the bottle, Premium Bar and Chain Oil from STP has been scientifically engineered to reduce bar and chain wear. Not to forget, it also minimizes resin build-up on the chain and reduces throw-off, which occurs at high speeds.

Compared to other chainsaw oils in this list, the Premium Bar and Chain Oil from STP is the most cost-effective option. Above all, it doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to performance, delivering maximum power to those who use this oil.

Because of its heavy viscosity, this oil is excellent for all seasons, albeit it is not recommended for use in harsh situations. It’s also designed with anti-wear compounds like zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate, which provide better corrosion resistance.

You can choose between a larger one gallon or a smaller one-quart container based on your requirements. Unfortunately, this premium oil comes at a price as the anti-wear additives are non-biodegradable, thus making the Premium Bar and Chain Oil from STP a non-eco-friendly option.

What We Enjoyed

  • High-quality and affordable
  • Chainsaws, both electric and gas, are compatible.
  • Its high viscosity makes it suitable for all seasons.
  • Resin build-up is reduced, giving in a smooth cutting experience.

#4. Premium Mineral Bar and Chain Oil by Husqvarna

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One of the most important parts of owning a chainsaw is to preserve it in a spick and span condition. The Premium Mineral Bar and Chain Oil by Husqvarna contain all the qualities for just this task.

This oil should be used on a regular basis to keep your equipment in top shape and provide the greatest possible experience while running your machines. This chainsaw oil lubricates the bar and chain and performs well in all weather situations.

Gummy chains and resin build-up were eliminated using the Husqvarna Mineral Bar and Chain oil while preserving viscosity. As a result, this device efficiently distributes heat and lowers chainsaw friction and wear.

This chainsaw oil is made with excellent minerals and is suitable for both electric and gas chainsaws. Additionally, if you use your chainsaw often to cut wood, this oil will ensure that it runs smoothly.

The Husqvarna Mineral Bar and Chain oil lubricates your bar and ensures that your engine runs smoothly. Keep in mind that this lubricant prevents the accumulation of muck, which might harm your chainsaw. One-quart bottles of this product are available.

What We Enjoyed

  • Best in class when it comes to decreasing friction
  • All chainsaws are compatible with it.
  • A premium component mix with a high oil basis
  • Heat is reduced when using the chainsaw.
  • Improves the engine’s performance.

What We Didn’t Care For

  • Due to the quality components, it is a little pricey.
  • Pouring out of the bottle is difficult.

#5. Forest and Garden Husqvarna Bar and Chain Oil

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Husqvarna is famed for delivering premium quality products. They strive towards ensuring your chainsaw remains in pristine condition for the longest time possible. However, premium quality products come at a price, which is the reason behind the high cost of the Forest and Garden Husqvarna Bar and Chain Oil.

This oil’s key characteristic is its high viscosity. When compared to other chainsaw oils, this one does not leak, even in hot weather. This oil leads the race for all-weather chainsaw oils due to its viscosity.

Furthermore, owing to the tackiness of this oil, consumers must use it in modest amounts. The supply of one-gallon bottles is sufficient to last for months. This quality oil clings to the chain, lubricating it at all times and extending its life.

This means you may now use your beloved chainsaw for extended periods of time without worrying about throw-offs or leaks caused by oil thinning.

Remember that this product works with any chainsaw. It is, nevertheless, ideal for all Husqvarna chainsaws.

What We Enjoyed

  • Maintains great viscosity.
  • It may be used in any weather.
  • Increases the chainsaw’s lifetime
  • Reduces friction and improves efficiency

What We Didn’t Care For

  • A well-constructed reservoir is required.

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Buying Guide: Things to Think About Before Buying Chainsaw Oil

There are a lot of chainsaw oils to select from, and deciding which one is the best may be difficult, especially when they all offer different appealing characteristics.

The following things must be considered while choosing the finest chainsaw oil:

Tackiness and viscosity

While Tackiness and viscosity are often spoken of in the same breath, they are two different oil elements. To clarify, viscosity is the thickness of the fluid, while tackiness is its ability to bond with other surfaces.

You should check the viscosity of any chainsaw oil before purchasing it to verify that it is the proper consistency. Thinner oils flow more readily, but they may not lubricate all of the chainsaw’s components. Similarly, heavier oils may cause your chainsaw to overheat.

Furthermore, the oil’s stickiness ensures that the chain travels smoothly along the bar. Simply told, a sticky oil will keep your instruments stable while you’re working with them for lengthy periods of time. Choosing a sticky oil will reduce heat build-up due to friction and guarantee that your oil does not drop in hot weather.

Despite the fact that viscosity measurements are one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing chainsaw oil, producers are not required to disclose them. As a result, everyone purchasing chainsaw oil must depend on the experience of other users to determine the viscosity of a certain brand and its suitability for specific performance circumstances.

It is essential to consider the Tackiness and viscosity of the oil before purchasing a product for the best results.

Cleaning Capabilities

People often overlook the Cleaning Capabilities of a chainsaw oil before purchasing it. The oil serves another purpose in addition to lubricating the chain and bar. Since water causes rusting on metal surfaces, chain oil happens to be the best method to cleanse the surface of your chainsaw.

A thin coating of good quality oil will coat the metal surfaces, acting as a lubricant between moving components. As a consequence, the metal surfaces will remain blemish-free, and the blades will be protected.

Due to the nature of the activities that the chainsaw is used for, undesired detritus such as sawdust tends to collect on the machine, necessitating extensive cleaning from time to time.

Remember that choosing lubricants with compounds that resist foreign particles will guarantee that your chainsaw runs smoothly for a long time.

Engine Performance

The kind of oil you use will be determined by the engine that your chainsaw is powered by. You must match the oil to the engine type to get the most out of your chainsaw. This implies the oil must be able to withstand the chainsaw’s speed.

When a chainsaw is spinning at high rates, it is typical for it to leak. If you have a four-stroke engine, you should select oils that are readily combustible. These are often ester oils with zinc additions.

On the other hand, if you own a two-stroke, you are better off with a product that has a low rate of combustion. Above all, if your oil is not compatible with your chainsaw, you risk damaging your equipment due to unwanted friction. Choosing the appropriate oil based on your Engine Performance is critical when buying the best chainsaw oil.

Weather Conditions

Weather Conditions in your region play a key role in deciding which oil to buy. Most lubricants lose their potency under extreme weather conditions. Usually, lubricants will maintain their viscosity even in high temperatures.

However, in cold regions, most oils harden and cause your chainsaw to function poorly. You should use thinner oils in the winter months due to the change in viscosity.

This is due to the very viscous fluid’s intrinsic ability to flow independent of temperature changes. Furthermore, some products include special chemicals that enable the oil keep consistency even in harsh environments.


If you want to extend the life of your chainsaw, you must maintain it. This involves replacing the oil and cleaning the blades on a regular basis.

As a result, choosing the right chainsaw oil has a plethora of advantages.

In the review guide above, we’ve compiled a list of the five best chainsaw oils to assist you in making the best choice. You may choose the finest chainsaw oil for your requirements by weighing the advantages and downsides.

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The “best chainsaw oil mix” is a product that is recommended by experts. This review will help you find the best chainsaw oil for your needs.

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