3 Inexpensive Ways to Cover Concrete Patio 

 April 5, 2022

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If you’re looking for a way to cover your patio but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, this article will help. Three inexpensive ways to cover concrete patios will cost roughly $200 and less than an hour of work apiece.

The “covering unsightly concrete” is a way to make your patio look nicer. Here are 3 inexpensive ways to do so.

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When the concept of a patio was initially conceived, it was primarily for the purpose of relaxing. You may paint them and create a relaxing seating space for yourself, your friends, and your family.

When it comes to concrete patios, nothing goes too far since they’re normally in the rear, not the front yard. The only people who will see it are those you invite, so why not have some fun with it?

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When thinking about how you want your concrete patio to appear, consider how useful it will be. There should be enough seating, which includes all outside furniture; a table or some form of surface for food and beverages; easy access to the entrance leading into your home; and, most significantly, a cover to give shade and seclusion.

We’ll concentrate on how to cover a concrete patio on a budget.

Expenses in a Nutshell

  • #1: Get yourself a Shade Sail or a Shade Cloth.
  • #2: A transparent cover over a wood frame.
  • #3: Construct a Palapa
  • Construct a concrete patio cover that you will enjoy.


There are several options available for covering your patio.

Some individuals choose to construct a beautiful overhead canopy out of wooden slats, while others prefer to purchase a low-cost cloth awning that they can easily install and forget about before going about their day. These two patio cover options have quite distinct looks, and one may seem to be more costly.

It takes a lot of time, thinking, work, and money to make a wood cover. Retractable fabric coverings, on the other hand, tend to appear cheap and sloppy.

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on materials and labor to build an intricate patio cover when there are low-cost alternatives that look just as distinctive and high-quality.

So, what’s the best way to cover a concrete patio without breaking the bank?

Here are three methods to do it…

#1: Get yourself a Shade Sail or a Shade Cloth.

A shade cloth is a stretched piece of fabric that hangs from the ceiling over a patio of any kind.

A shade sail is similar to a square shade cloth, however it is fashioned like a sail rather than a square. This may sound similar to the retractable coverings you’ve seen, but they’re not the same.

Shade cloths seem more sophisticated and design-oriented when spread across. They may be placed practically anyplace.

Depending on the form of the cloth, all you have to do is build three or four points to mount it from. This may be accomplished by burying poles in the ground or connecting hooks to an existing cover.

Shade cloths are affordable; they cost $30 to $40 on Amazon and are just as cheap at Lowe’s and other hardware shops.

Check Amazon for the most recent price.

#2: Translucent Cover on a Wood Frame

Patio coverings constructed completely of wood with wooden slats along the length of a concrete patio are just too costly to construct.

They also need a significant amount of time and preparation, as well as maybe expert assistance. Instead, construct just the foundation structure of your patio cover out of wood, then cover it with a polygonal transparent ribbed panel for weather protection.

Check Amazon for the most recent price.

Because of its durability, the sort of transparent panel we’re talking about is often utilized to build greenhouses. It will also perform an excellent job of insulating the covered space.

It’s designed for warm-weather settings, although it works well in any temperature.

It’s a simple and fast procedure. Build vertical supports out of wood (or any other material) with wooden boards in between.

Place a couple more across the center to help support the plastic panel you’ll be covering the top with. Then all you have to do is get some assistance in pushing the panel up into the support beams, secure it, and voila! You’ve finished covering your patio!

The panels are made of plastic. They’re inexpensive to purchase, even for huge patios.

Many solutions are available online for around a hundred dollars and function wonderfully.

#3: Construct a Palapa

What exactly is a palapa?

A palapa is a canopy-like structure with a thatch-covered roof. Dry palm leaves are used to make thatched roofs.

You may have seen a palapa over a tiki bar before, but you didn’t know what it was called. We bet you’ve never considered utilizing it to cover your concrete patio on the cheap.

Check Amazon for the most recent price.

Thatched roofs perform a fantastic job of keeping the rain out and providing plenty of shade. They’re also quite interesting to look at.

If you want to design your outside space with a beach theme, this may be a fantastic option. Because of the light tan tone of the leaves, they might also go with desert themes.

Palapas are used in hot or warm weather. They can survive extreme heat, but if a storm hits, you’ll have to reconstruct the whole structure.

Because the main idea of making a cheap patio cover is to save money, if you live in a chilly region, consider one of the other two solutions discussed earlier in this article instead of creating a palapa.

If you live in a warm environment and have the ability to construct one, you should do so since it will endure a long time and will be much more attractive than most other patio covers.

Construct a concrete patio cover that you will enjoy.

You should feel comfortable looking at your patio cover every day when you step outdoors, no matter what style you choose. Don’t feel obligated to settle simply because you’re short on cash.

These three patio cover options aren’t the only ones available; conduct some research and discover one that fulfills all of your desires. If you don’t like it when it’s finished, try changing it or building a new one. You can afford to redo it now that you’ve saved money!

The “tiles to cover concrete patio” is a quick, inexpensive way to cover your outdoor space. The three different ways are: using tiles, using bricks, and using pavers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to cover concrete?

A: You can use a shower curtain to cover your concrete.

What can I put over a concrete patio?

A: You can use a concrete overlay, which is meant to extend the life of your patio.

What is the cheapest option for a patio?

A: The cheapest option for a patio is concrete. Concrete lasts longer than other options and is affordable.

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