27 Brilliant Koi Pond Ideas 

 March 30, 2022

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Koi ponds are an oasis of calm in the midst of any busy landscape. They’re also a way to create and maintain a tranquil environment while still enjoying your beautiful property. Here’s how you can design your own personal koi pond, whether it be for yourself or as part of your landscaping project.

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Isn’t it nice to sit across the river and watch the fish while sipping your coffee? What if I told you that luxury was available just in your own backyard?

You can make a Koi Pond whether you have a vast or tiny backyard, and whether you have thousands of dollars or not. Yes, we’ve explored 27 fantastic koi pond ideas for all types of backyards, entryways, lawns, and budgets in this post.

Let’s go straight to work on them. 

27 Ingenious Koi Pond Concepts

1. Make Your Own Koi Pond

This lovely DIY Koi pond is for you if you’re ready to put in the work and get your hands dirty. 

And what makes it even better is that you receive your own terrace, right next to the pond, where you can enjoy your morning coffee or tea (mornings just got more blissful).

Keep in mind that creating this will take some time (so get some assistance if necessary) and a slew of instruments (miter saw, circular saw, drill, etc.) as well as raw materials. 

Are you up to the task? Here’s a link to the whole procedure. 

2. The Pond in the Old Bathtub

Do you want to get rid of your bathroom’s outdated tub? Don’t toss it in the trash just yet. With a few filters and pumps, you can quickly transform it into a tiny pond that homes aquatic plants, adding character to your garden while also putting garbage to good use.

3. Koi pond in a stock tank

Are you letting the old stock tank decay since it’s no longer useful? Your koi pond, believe it or not, is collecting dust right there. This pond offers a calm, relaxing ambiance with a few lawn chairs around it and some lilies and other aquatic plants in it (just the kind of thing you need during a lockdown). It’s worth a shot.

4. Waterfall in a Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

If a pond without a waterfall isn’t enough for you, how about one with a waterfall? Yes, you read it correctly: this DIY Koi Pond has a tiny waterfall. And if you can add some fish and plants like lilies, you’ll be sure to catch someone’s eye (compliments for the pond coming in 3,2,1…).

It will take some work since you will need to dig, bring the stones, and so on, but it will be well worth it in the end.

The Tire Pond is number five.

Do you have old tires that you no longer need? This fish pond concept is just what you need to put them to good use. Keep in mind that it will take some time and will need the use of heavy-duty instruments such as a jigsaw. 

This is one of the cheapest koi pond ideas on the block if you are a carpenter or do a lot of DIY around your home and already have these equipment. Oh, and if you want to make it more appealing, you can add some fish to it.

6. The koi pond’s tiny size

koi pond ideas

Not every backyard is large, and not every koi pond is as well. So don’t worry if you just have a little yard; we’ve got something for you as well. 

With a few pebbles, flowers, and aquatic plants in the pond, as well as a little waterfall, you can create a gorgeous pond that rivals the size of a large one. Apart from koi, why not some other fishes as well? I’ve heard goldfishes captivate the eye.

This is one of the tiniest koi pond designs we’ve ever across.

7. The Koi Pond in the Backyard

koi pond ideas

Yes, you read it correctly: you don’t necessarily need a garden to start a koi pond; you can even start one in a huge container. This is another low-cost koi pond that requires little to no maintenance.

Simply pick a sunny position on your porch to encourage the development of the lilies and water lettuce, and make sure there is sufficient potted soil at the bottom.

With a few goldfish, an oranda or Black Moore, and a few Koi fish, you have your very own koi pond without the need for a garden.

8. The koi pond in a box

koi pond ideas

You can’t do all the excavating in the backyard to make a pond because it causes you sleepless nights since your back hurts? You don’t have to anymore, owing to this elevated boxed koi pond. 

It’s also faster, and with a little assistance, your koi pond will be ready for plants and fish by nightfall. To top it off, it is also safer for families with toddlers, since they will not fall into the ponds and drown. 

Just make sure the trellis or walls are tall enough.

9. Koi pond for decoration 

koi pond ideas

If you have a large koi pond with a lot of room, don’t overlook the significance of pond decorations, particularly if you want to add a waterfall or fountain, as it will make the pond seem more exquisite. 

Depending on the size of the pond and your budget, these decorations might range from vases to huge planters to even an Angel statue.

One for the campfire parties, number ten.

koi pond ideas

Have you ever wished to sit around a pound with your friends, drinking beer or sangria while staying warm by a bonfire? This is a traditional koi pond, complete with rocks and plants. 

You may even install a little bridge to add to the rustic vibe. Oh, and digging isn’t required, which makes this one among our favorite fantastic koi pond ideas. However, a big backyard is required.

One of our favorite koi pond designs!

11. Koi pond in the front yard

koi pond ideas

You don’t necessarily need a koi pond in your backyard; a koi pond on your front lawn would suffice. Plus, you get to brag to your neighbors and passers-by about your job talents and intelligence. 

Plants, various fish, and pebbles will once again contribute to the appearance, and if the space is big enough, you may even have chairs near by.

12. Koi pond on the porch

koi pond ideas

We couldn’t take our eyes off this koi pond constructed into a porch that we stumbled upon lately (nor will your guests be able to).

It had everything, including a waterfall with decorations in the form of aquatic creatures such as a turtle and a frog. The lighting, though, was the highlight. 

It provides a cozy ambience with a stream of yellow LED lighting on the edge, excellent for sitting around with your husband or friends.

13. A contemporary koi pond

koi pond ideas

Consider using huge ornamental mirrors to give your koi pond a more contemporary look. This not only gives the interiors and pond a larger sense, but it also allows more natural light to penetrate the backyard, rooms, and pond. Adding a few ornamental stones at the bottom adds to the depth as well.

14. A stunning entrance

koi pond ideas

A koi pond, rather than a backyard or grass, is one of the most welcome features you can install if you have a house with a lengthy pathway entry. People will love to go through your foyer with some lighting, rustic decorations, and maybe even little waterfalls and plants, making it one of the most appealing parts of the home. 

15. The koi pond made of glass

koi pond ideas

Remember the box raised pond we mentioned earlier? This design is similar to that, but it is much simpler to look at since the front half of the pond is glass, making it easier to see the fish and foliage, much like in an aquarium. You’ll need some ceramic pots with a marble finish on the sides to complete the look.

16. A simple koi pond

Don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of keeping a large number of fish and aquatic plants? Perhaps you’re short on space or have a limited budget? This simple koi pond is the answer to all of your problems. It doesn’t have to be as big as an aquarium, and it doesn’t have to be as deep (this baby can be up and ready in just a couple of hours). Simply add a few stones and you’re done!

17. The koi pond with a hot tub 

koi pond ideas

Don’t get rid of that old hot tub just yet. Also, don’t throw it out in the trash. Upcycling is the newest craze, and here is your chance to join in and transform your old hot tub into a work of art.

All you have to do is seal it on all sides, install filtration, add some plants and fish, and scrap becomes gold.

18. Koi pond with a triangular shape

koi pond ideas

Is a pond still a pond if it isn’t round or square? Absolutely. To make your pond stand out, you don’t necessarily need elaborate decorations or a waterfall. Even anything as basic as altering the form to a triangle or other geometrical pattern can attract notice. Things will also be easy to put it together.

19. Koi pond in the corner

koi pond ideas

Corners may be difficult to decorate, whether inside or outdoors, and doing it correctly provides a flow and consistency that stops it from seeming like a typical backyard. Planting is wonderful, but how should you go about doing it?

In a sense, it gives the corner more depth and height, and nothing achieves that better than a pond. Why not go with a triangle pond since it’s on a corner?

20. Koi pond in a swimming pool

koi pond ideas

Is it possible for your swimming pool to function as both a pond and a pool? Just because you have a pool doesn’t mean you have to give up the pond or the pool. Yes, you can build a pond with all of the necessary filtration and chlorine levels to guarantee that you always have fresh water.

What about the plants, though? Isn’t chlorine going to kill them?

Yes, however by strategically placing them, you may prevent the negative impacts while retaining the pond’s attractiveness. 

21. Koi pond on a boat

koi pond ideas

Consider purchasing an old boat at a garage sale if you don’t already have one. This one is one of our favorites since it removes the need to dig deep. A boat is also large enough to accommodate all of the plants you choose.

Oh, and because of its rustic appearance, you won’t need as many stones and rocks (you just bought a boat; you’d want to show it off, right?).

Simple koi pond (number 22)

koi pond ideas

You may make your koi pond as elaborate as you like with lights, plants, and other decorations, but simplicity has its own beauty. The koi fish and other fishes will be the centerpiece of this pond, with some texture, strong lines in a rectangle form, and no plants or rocks surrounding it, and is just what a minimalist would appreciate.

Pond on the walkway (number 23)

koi pond ideas

So far, we’ve spoken about the pond being on the walkway’s side. What if you built a path around the pond? 

It looks like something out of a 5-star or 7-star hotel, complete with rustic pebbles as a pathway, koi, and golden goldfish, and it’s right in your backyard. You may also put some waterfalls on the side to add to the opulence.

The unusual koi pond (number 24)

koi pond ideas

You want your pond to be as appealing as possible, and this koi pond plan accomplishes that goal. You just need to make a little piece of land in the center. Now, this may be spherical and deep like a bucket, giving the impression of being on a buried island with you deep within, making it a wonderfully fascinating PondScape component. 

The curved koi pond is number 25.

koi pond ideas

Why not create 2-3 circular ponds instead of simply one plain pond if you have the space? You may add depth to your design by experimenting with various sized circles and other curving forms. The opposing forms complement each other effectively if you have towering trees or wall art that reflects in the pond and rectangular pavers.

The natural pond is number 26.

There are a few components you must get perfect if you want the pond to seem fully natural. A natural pond, for example, needs a rocky outcrop, particular wetland plants, and other items that are likely to fall from the trees above, such as branches and leaves. Simply add some lilies and driftwood to create a natural pond in your own garden.

27. The koi pond on the balcony

Do you just have a balcony to work with and no yard? That’s not an issue; we’ve got you covered. All you need is a little balcony bonsai garden. Dig a small hole, put some koi fish in it, surround it with tiny pebbles and plants, and voila, you’ve got yourself a koi pond.


If you’ve made a koi pond using one of these koi pond ideas or have a different one to contribute, please send us photos using the contact form or leave them in the comments section below. If we like your koi pond design, it could be included in the article.

Happy pondscaping till then.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best size for a koi pond?

A: The best size for a koi pond is about 1/4 of the total area, and it should be as deep or shallower depending on what type you want to keep. Koi do not like being in very shallow water because they need their full body submerged at all times, which makes them difficult to feed

What is the best thing to put in the bottom of a koi pond?

A: The best thing to put in the bottom of a koi pond is water.

How deep and wide should a koi pond be?

A: A koi pond should be at least 10 feet wide and deep enough to accommodate your fish.

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