21 Excellent Potting Bench Plans 

 April 25, 2022

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Planning a new garden or home office? You can find the best plans for any budget and with this list of 30, it’ll be easy to get started.
1) Potting Bench: This is one way to plant flowers in your yard! The potting bench allows you to make use of your outdoor space and still keep them looking fresh year-round.

The “potting bench plans pdf” is a plan that has been designed for those who want to build their own potting bench. The plan includes 21 excellent potting bench plans.

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Outdoor workstations may be seen on potting benches. These freestanding benches provide a comfortable workspace for working with plants.

Many individuals make do with a dedicated open area as their potting workstation, but adding a potting bench may make gardening activities much simpler. The majority of handmade potting benches are basic wood benches constructed from scrap plywood.

Many of the potting table layouts available include extra features like sinks or soil bins. There may also be storage shelves and hooks for gardening equipment. 

Potting benches may be made out of a variety of woods. These ensure that your bench is stable and long-lasting. In our selection of potting bench designs, we recommend using lumber, sealed wood, cedar, and composite wood.

Potting benches, although quite beneficial for anybody who spends a lot of time in their garden, can be rather costly. As a result, we’ve put together a list of 21 simple potting bench designs that you can build yourself. 

1. Potting Table (Small and Sturdy)

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Our strong small table is made using leftover 24 and 26 wood pieces, making it one of the easiest bench ideas on this list.

While this one is constructed of pressure-treated wood, cedarwood and redwood are also excellent options. This table, with a height of roughly 30 inches, may be too tiny for adults. If your children are interested in gardening, though, this may be ideal. 

This table is likely to meet all of your potting bench demands, thanks to its long-lasting construction.

2. A Simple and Low-Cost Potting Table

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This potting bench is made up of five wooden parts that have been chopped and assembled to form a basic table. This plan is so simple to put together that you may be able to do it in a single day.

This 33-inch-tall table may be used for a variety of gardening operations. It might also be used as a dinner table outside! After building, you might apply a stain or paint to make it more appealing.

Before you begin, sand down the table to smooth the surfaces and remove any splinters. 

3. Potting Bench Made from Upcycled Pallets

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This simple table, created entirely of reclaimed materials, is another project that can be completed in an afternoon. 

This wood pallet potting bench comes together in seven simple stages. Pallets made of wood are a great option for individuals seeking for low-cost supplies. This project, however, may need the use of more than one wood pallet.

The table is 36 inches in height. If the design is too basic for your requirements, add a shelf or two to provide more room for your gardening equipment.

4. Gardener’s Potting Bench (DIY)

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This table, made of fir, may be scaled up or down to meet your needs. 

The top of the bench is grated, and below it are catching trays. This function is extremely handy since any spilled soil can be readily gathered and cleaned up from the collecting tray when potting. 

If you’re wondering why fir was chosen as the wood for this potting bench, it’s because it’s more durable than other options. 

Fir, on the other hand, is sensitive to wood rot. Placing each leg on an aluminum plate filled with a wood preservative is a wonderful technique to make this table rot resistant.

5. Potting Bench with Three Tiers

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This potting table design is unique in that it can also be used to exhibit your potted plant collection. This 40-inch-tall bench has three shelves and an outward-angled frame.

For this bench, pressure-treated timber is appropriate and will substantially boost its longevity.

It’s also worth noting that if you don’t pre-drill the screw holes before assembling it, the wood may break. Align all of the components before fastening them into position to give your bench the greatest appearance. 

6. Red Potting Bench (Basic)

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This attractive potting table has three stages and is best suited for novice woodworkers. The lowest shelf holds potting mixes and other gardening materials, the middle bench serves as a workspace, and the highest shelf serves as a showcase area for plants.

The materials utilized and the adhesive application are two items to consider. It’s recommended to use cedar or sealed wood. In addition, finish nails and glue should be used to attach components together. If you wish to stain it, be careful to brush away any excess glue first, since dried glue cannot be stained. 

7. Decorative Roofed Potting Bench

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Our unusual bench will give a touch of refinement to your garden and is one of the most attractive potting bench designs on this list.

This bench, which stands around 100 inches tall (to the roof peak), is ideally suited to two-story homes. The height, on the other hand, may be adjusted to suit your demands.

The roof provides shade for your plants as well as being a beautiful aesthetic item. There is also plenty of room for storage and working.

Add hooks to the top of the basket for a nice place to put your basket plants.

8. Storage Bin on Pallet Bench

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This bench design has a hidden storage bin, which is a useful feature. It’s made out of wooden pallets and has a storage shelf to match with the bin. This area may also be utilized to cultivate vines that spread quickly. 

A hinged door leads to the storage chamber. Not only can you store your equipment inside, but it also doubles as a soil bin. Furthermore, the bottom shelf may be created with slats to enable drainage.

Although the wood pallets give it a rustic appearance, a couple coats of glossy paint would improve the appearance of this seat.

9. Potting Bench with Vintage Sink

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A sink is included into this 36-inch tall potting bench layout. Adding a sink may provide several benefits, including a convenient place to clean up after work and a platform to manage soil without making a mess.

The sink, which is secured with a 24 bracing and construction glue, allows ample space on the bench for other tasks. A broad shelf for storing stuff is also included in the bottom half.

The bench has a basic and beautiful appearance thanks to the use of pressure-treated pine wood.

Potting Bench in the Style of a Secretary

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Secretary desks include an angled front and a roll-down cover. While there are no roll-down coverings on this bench, the design is based on a secretary-style desk.

The bench is made of pressure-treated plywood, as per the blueprint. Higher-quality materials, such as cedarwood, can substantially enhance the appearance of this bench while also raising the expense of your project.

Because of its large surfaces and additional bottom shelf, the bench gives plenty of working and storage space. 

If you’re new to woodworking, this is the design for you since it’s one of the simplest potting bench ideas on the list.

11. Chicken Wire Back Open-Surface Potting Bench

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This gorgeous neon-green seat is built to survive for a long time. It’s made completely of 2x4s and stands 64 inches tall, with deep screws holding it in place. This is due to the fact that recessed screws are more corrosion resistant.

The addition of a chicken wire panel to the rear section of the bench is a unique element of this bench design. The holes on this wire provide a handy place to hang your equipment. At its most efficient, DIY efficiency!

The bench provides enough space for all of your gardening workplace requirements, thanks to its large workspace and bottom shelf.

12. Soil Bin and Potting Bench

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This potting bench layout has a woven lattice pattern on the rear of the bench, making it one of the most exquisite. This not only looks nice, but it also gives you more place to hang your tools using S-hooks.

This bench has two shelves in addition to the workstation to give enough utility and storage space. 

Strong-Tie connections along the bench’s edges hold the lattice panel in place and strengthen its edges, providing structural integrity and support to keep the bench from toppling over.

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13. Potting Bench with Sink that is well-organized

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This is one of the easiest potting table layouts since it includes a basin for soil storage.

Under the workstation, there are three shelves on this modest bench. The various shelves give plenty of work space, and the counter is spacious enough to fit the sink comfortably.

This bench is made from a mixture of wood, plywood, and perforated metal sheets. The work surface is about 35 inches tall, while the bench itself is 50 inches tall.

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14. Do-It-Yourself Potting Table

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Our is one of the most appealing potting bench ideas on this list, and it’s made of durable 444 cedar pieces. 

The frame is 36 inches tall and is held together with inexpensive screws. Unlike a traditional potting bench, it also features a lower shelf to give it a more table-like appearance.

Tools and supplies may be hung on hooks underneath the workspace. Additionally, wicker baskets may be placed on the shelf to improve the design while also increasing the available storage space.

15. Built-in Soil Storage on a Blue Potting Bench

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While the seat was originally painted blue, it would look great with any glossy paint. 

This bench includes a convenient pull-out container to catch the soil that falls through and has a grated surface for quick clean-up of spilt soil. Gardening materials may also be stored on two shelves and a hook rack.

The bench is made of wood screws, wood glue, and 24 segments and is small and simple to put together.

16. Reclaimed Rustic Potting Bench

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This potting bench is one of the reclaimed wood potting bench ideas that is great for individuals who have extra materials sitting around.

This bench includes cupboard-style storage shelves and is designed as a wonderful tiled workplace. There are two top shelves in addition to the two bottom levels for extra storage. Above importantly, it has a woven lattice back, which contributes to its attractiveness. 

The bench stands 72.75 inches tall and is made of pressure-treated wood.

17. Garden Potting Bench in the Shade

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This one-of-a-kind potting table design includes a shade option. If you intend to work outside often, this one-of-a-kind feature will keep you protected from the sun.

The roof is pitched at a 15-degree slope to keep rainfall out, and the overhanging front shields the bench from the weather.

This potting table provides everything you need to do your gardening activities in peace, with a large workstation and a bottom storage area.

This bench is straightforward to build, even if you are a novice, thanks to the original idea.

Heavy-Duty Potting Table (#18)

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This idea uses 2x6s and 3/inch rabbets to create a basic but robust potting table. This is the plan for you if you want something that is both economical and useful in the long run.

Because the workstation is large and thick, it is both sturdy and useful for the majority of jobs. 

You may apply a couple coats of any stain or paint of your choosing to make this potting table more eye-catching, since it is a very plain-looking potting bench.

19. Lovely Potting Bench

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This potting table has a lovely design, as the name suggests. This bench offers everything you need, including three shelves, a workplace, and extra area for a garbage can recess.

This rustic-looking seat, made of wood, may provide a charming touch to your garden and serve as a focal point.

The many shelves give enough storage space for soil bags and potted plants, making all gardening duties simple and straightforward to do.

20. Grow Light Indoor-Outdoor Planting Bench

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This unique potting table has a built-in light. The connected light fixture might help you get your seeds to grow if you’re having trouble getting them to germinate. Use this light to get a jump start on the growing season by beginning seeds!

You can always turn off the light if you don’t need it. This useful feature allows you to utilize the potting table outside throughout the warmer months.

Soil bags and other gardening equipment may be stored on the extra shelf under the workbench. Whether it’s your go-to string trimmer head or the prized hover mower you’ve been meticulously fixing.

The Potting Bar (number 21)

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This is a beautiful potting table with an attached potting bar. The storage is modular and buried inside the potting bench, making the bench even more appealing while keeping its main functioning hidden from view.

To complete the job, the original builder used a stain, but you may also use a coat of paint.

This is an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a gorgeous piece of patio furniture that is both attractive and sturdy. The minimalist design also includes an upper shelf for all of your storage requirements, which can also be utilized as decoration.

This bench can easily be used for all of your gardening needs thanks to its large area and adjustable height.


Potting benches are a must-have for any garden. The majority of them, as seen above, may be made using reused materials. Whether you’re a seasoned carpenter or a novice, there are a plethora of DIY options.

The majority of the ideas are straightforward and take little time to complete. Hopefully, some of these free DIY potting bench ideas have sparked your interest in building your own garden workstation. 

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The “potting bench ideas” will give you a list of 21 excellent plans that are perfect for any budget.

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