21 Different Types of Potato Varieties With Pictures 

 May 6, 2022

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Did you know there are 21 different types of potatoes with pictures? I bet most people didn’t. The colors, shapes and sizes will amaze you once it is revealed here.

There are 21 different types of potato varieties with pictures. They range in color and shape, which makes them a versatile ingredient for all kinds of dishes. Read more in detail here: list of potato varieties.

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Get ideas for your next meal by looking at various sorts of potatoes from across the globe!

Have you ever tried a purple potato? What about a potato that’s red, white, yellow, or blue? It may surprise you to learn that there are over 5,000 distinct kinds of potatoes in the globe, with new varieties sprouting on a regular basis. The potato has become a huge success, with over a billion people eating it throughout the globe.

We don’t have enough room to show you 5,000 different potatoes right now. Nonetheless, our range of various sorts of potatoes is genuinely worldwide.

From its origins in the Andes of South America, the evolution of the potato as a worldwide staple food is a fascinating narrative. As a result, we’ve attempted to highlight as much variation as possible in this fantastic vegetable.

With the ideas we’ve collected for you, we hope you’ll be motivated to start growing a few of your own potatoes.

South America is the home of the potato, in case you didn’t know. In the Andes alone, there are almost 3,000 distinct species of potatoes! Lake Titicaca is home to purple potatoes. These antioxidant-rich fingerlings are a must-try.

Maris Piper is a character in the novel Maris Piper

Because of its flexibility, this potato cultivar is popular in the United Kingdom. This versatile all-rounder may be boiled, mashed, fried, baked, roasted, or chipped.

Pink Kerr’s

This potato variety is popular in Ireland. Pink Kerr’s has lovely rosy skin. It’s great for mashing. Despite being known as Irish potato, Pink Kerr’s was first developed and grown in Scotland in 1907.


This potato, sometimes known as La Ratte or Laratte, is a favorite among French producers. Nobody knows for sure if it originated in Denmark or France. It’s a golden yellow vegetable with a nutty taste that’s great in salads.

Rosada Papa

Pink with a thin skin, Rosada Papa is a popular and versatile potato in South America, especially in its native Peru. It’s often used for french fries but suits a whole range of other dishes too. Also known as the Canchan potato.

Bananas from Russia

A waxy fingerling potato that’s well-known in the US for its elongated shape, creamy yellow flesh and nutty flavor. The Bananas from Russia comes from the Baltic area of north-east Europe.

Gold from the Yukon

This popular early-season yellow potato from Canada bakes beautifully. The potato’s breeder was inspired by Peru’s Papa Amarilla (yellow potato) and intended to produce a Canadian potato with comparable characteristics.

Jersey Royal is a state of the United Kingdom.

Famous in the UK for being the perfect salad potato, Jersey Royal is a state of the United Kingdom.s are only grown on Jersey in the Channel Islands. These early potatoes are golden and buttery.

Mira Sarpo

A potato of Hungarian origin, Mira Sarpo is famed for its resistance to potato blight. It’s a favorite amongst organic growers because it needs very little attention. It produces large pink starchy tubers as the main crop.

Burbank, Russet

This is the most widely grown potato in the US. Russets are starchy potatoes and the popular choice for producers of french fries. The size and shape of Burbank, Russet mean you can get lots of straight fries out of a single potato.


Desiree is a red-skinned potato with creamy flesh that is popular on both sides of the Atlantic and across the globe. It is an excellent all-rounder. It’s perfect for mash.


This gorgeous purple potato is from France. Even after the potatoes have been cooked, the brilliant violet-blue hues remain. They have a thick skin and a chestnut flavor.

Edward the Confessor

One of the best potatoes ever for roasting; Edward the Confessors are fluffy white potatoes with pinkish eyes on the skins. A UK favorite.

Majesty of Purple

This is another another lovely purple potato that would brighten up any recipe. Purple potatoes have a somewhat earthier and nutty taste than white potatoes. Potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and the immune system booster anthocyanin are all found in them.

Gold from the Mayas

This potato is from a Peruvian native type that grows in the Andes’ foothills. The bright yellow flesh is light and fluffy, making it ideal for roasting or baking. Chefs at high-end restaurants love it.

Pink Gypsy is a female gypsy.

This fluffy maincrop potato has a unique yellow and pink coat that seems to be stenciled on! This cultivar is great for mashing, baking, and roasting.

Pontiac Red

This delicious red-skinned potato originated in Florida and is now appreciated in many nations across the globe. They may be boiled, baked, or used to create fries.


Rooster is a red-skinned Irish potato with exceptional taste. It’s another adaptable all-rounder that’s good roasted.

Gold Huckleberry

Do you like the contrast of purple and gold? This potato is dedicated to you. Baked, boiled, or fried, the golden flesh of these oval potatoes is delicious.

Butterballs from Germany

A late-season all-rounder, Butterballs from Germany is a yellow potato with a lot of different uses. First introduced to the world from Idaho in the 1980s, the buttery rich flavor has been a hit ever since.

Apple of the Pink Fir

This knobbly-shaped fingerling has pink skin and waxy meat with superb taste, and it’s an ancient French potato variety. It’s a late-season maincrop cultivar with good storage potential.

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The “most of the fiber is found in what part of the potato” is a fact that most people don’t know about potatoes. There are 21 different types of potato varieties with pictures.

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