21 Beautiful DIY Trellis Design Ideas 

 March 15, 2022

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A trellis is a design for the support of plants that allows air, water and nutrients to pass through while keeping pests from reaching them. Trellis designs are simple but beautiful ways to make your garden stand out.

A trellis is a great way to add some charm and style to your garden. Here are 21 DIY trellis ideas that will help you create the perfect landscape for your home.

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Meta: Are you fed up with having to purchase new trellises for your plants? Here are some trellis design ideas that are one-of-a-kind, cost-effective, and certain to make your garden more appealing.

A nice trellis is the backyard’s skeleton; it’s something that your home garden grows on, particularly if you’re growing a lot of veggies. It also aids in the organization of the garden and prevents plants from tangling and harming one another.

However, purchasing a trellis for the plants on a regular basis might be costly. Furthermore, you may not always get the design or color that you want.

So, what if you could make your own trellis (and not have to spend a fortune on it)? Yes, it’s time to unleash your inner creative beast with these stunning DIY Trellis Design Ideas that will completely change your garden.

Trellis Design Ideas: 21 Beautiful DIY Trellis Designs

Trellis made of bamboo

trellis designs

It doesn’t get much more rustic than bamboo if you’re aiming for a rustic aesthetic. However, it isn’t the only reason we like it. It’s a bamboo trellis, so it’s sturdy and can support heavy plants like peas or tomatoes. 

Because bamboo is so widely accessible, particularly in the South, this trellis should be rather inexpensive. Whether you have a flower or vegetable garden, just knot the bamboo with twine and you’re ready to go.

2. Trellis for crib rails

trellis designs

So your children have outgrown their cribs, and they are now collecting dust in the attic. Does this ring a bell? Then you already have a no-cost, low-effort trellis in your possession. 

Simply take the rails and place them in the garden like a fence, and you’ve got yourself a trellis in minutes. If you believe it would look nicer or be more handy, you may put them on a wall and paint it to match.

  • Trellis made of wood that stands alone

trellis designs

Do you live in a place where the weather is always changing? If that’s the case, a Lumber Trellis is the way to go. 

Because timber can survive even the most extreme conditions, it will last you for many years (rain or snow, this baby can withstand it all). 

And if you can get your hands on some pre-treated Lumber and some flowers, your home garden will be more eye-catching than ever, albeit don’t build it a straight-walled trellis.

Trellis for Vertical Containers

trellis designs

This is the trellis for you if you like growing flowers in pots. It’s sleek, simple to assemble, and most importantly, it doubles as a vertical garden. 

This is why it’s ideal for anybody who doesn’t have enough room for a large home garden full of different vegetables and flowers. 

Oh, and if you have leftover wood from any other DIY projects around the house, this is almost free to construct and can be painted to match the home and outdoor décor.

4. Trellis for bike rims

trellis designs

Everyone has a bike that their children have stopped riding, and if the two rims are in in good shape, you’ve just saved yourself some money on a new trellis. All you need now are some twines and a few hours later, you’ll have a trellis that’s excellent for lightweight plants like herbs and fits into any garden.

5. Trellis made of natural wood

trellis designs

This is one of our favorite trellis designs because it keeps the garden’s natural feel and beauty while yet providing the solid support structure that a trellis made of wood or iron would provide. 

This is the perfect trellis for anybody producing tomatoes or peas in their yard, and it only requires a few branches to construct.

6. It’s for cucumbers.

trellis designs

Do you have a cucumber plant in your garden? This trellis should blend in well. All you have to do is attach some wires across two wooden boards in a V form at opposing ends. You’ll have a new trellis in 10-15 minutes that will offer your cucumber plants the breathing area they need. Plus, it’s essentially free.

The arching trellis is number seven.

trellis designs

An arched tunnel makes a garden seem more regal or fairytale-like, and is therefore one of the most welcoming components in any garden (yep, that’s why you see arched entrances at weddings and significant events). Depending on your tastes and money, you may either make it totally natural with some branches or use PVC pipes.

8. A trellis that stands alone

trellis designs

Do you have cucumbers, tomatoes, or even sunflowers growing in various areas of your garden? Then these free-standing trellises are perfect for you. However, bear in mind that you’ll need a lot of wood for them. If you already have it, setting it up is a breeze. Plus, as the sunflowers begin to bloom, everything looks clean and lovely.

9. The trellis made of pots

Is there no garden at home? It’s no issue. With this clever trellis method, you may grow your favorite plants in pots, such as sunflowers. 

You simply need a few free twigs and twines/branches, and the setup takes less than 60 minutes. However, make sure you have a big enough container to hold both the trellis and the plant.

The ornamental trellis is number ten.

trellis designs

You want your garden to appear lovely, and these caged trellises constructed of aluminum wires can help you achieve that goal. This is due to the fact that they can be twisted and bent to create beautiful sculptures.

Have you ever noticed the giraffe-shaped trellis at a neighborhood park? That’s the type of trellis you can construct right here. If you want to keep the cage-like appearance, just add some wooden finials to the top to give it a nice, ornamental finish. 

Trellis made of cedar

trellis designs

This trellis design concept serves as both a trellis and a fence, killing two birds with one stone and providing much-needed solitude to your garden (just the kind of trellis you need to keep those meddling neighbors away).

It will keep away not just the neighbors, but also unwelcome insects or pests, since cedar has a strong perfume that acts as a natural bug repellent. It is also utilized in aromatherapy because of its scent. And since it’s made of cedar, it’ll look lovely and elegant while also lasting a long time.

Clothesline trellis No. 12

trellis designs

Do you have an old clothesline that you no longer use? Then there’s this budget-friendly trellis that just takes a few minutes to put up. 

Simply cut one end of the clothesline and wrap pea or tomato plant vines around it. It’s a terrific concept for folks with vast home gardens since vines from 4-5 plants or more may easily grow on the numerous clotheslines.

Bean pole teepees (nineteen)

trellis designs

If you reside in the South, you’ve almost certainly seen bean pole teepees. This isn’t just a trellis; it’s also a little playhouse (or fort) for your toddlers, and the larger it becomes, the more youngsters can play in it or read books while enjoying the peace and quiet of the outdoors.

This may be made from of bamboo and twines and is ideal for anybody wanting to cultivate pole beans.

14. Trellis on the wall

trellis designs

Not the most inventive of suggestions, but one of the most straightforward, particularly if you have a big garden with a variety of plants with long vines, such as tomatoes, strawberries, and peas.

All you have to do is create wooden panels and connect them to your home’s wall. It is ideal for heavier plants and will withstand the test of time since it is constructed of wood and fastened to a solid structure such as a wall. 

Plus, your home begins to resemble something right out of a fairy tale.

15. Trellis suspended from the ceiling

trellis designs

What better way to offer shade for your porch or garden so you can enjoy your morning coffee or tea in peace than with an overhanging trellis, right? 

Not only will you have shade, but the flowers will offer a touch of elegance. To top it off, it’s absolutely natural, particularly if you use cedar or timber.

You may also use bamboo or PVC pipes for the same purpose.

16. Trellis with wheels

Are you tired of the same old square and rectangular trellis patterns? Meet this wheeled trellis, which will set your home garden distinct from the others. 

However, instead of rubber tires, you’ll need to get your hands on a wagon wheel, which looks more rustic and natural. 

Because one wheel can easily manage one plant, you may add 3-4 wheels or more to make an appealing landscape (we’ll leave this to your creativity). 

Trellis on the headboard

Do you have a bed that has a cracked metallic headboard that appears rustic and vintage? Although it may not seem attractive inside the home, its aesthetic value in the garden and on porches is incalculable. 

You may paint it whatever color you like or leave it as is to keep the old aesthetic; either way, they’ll draw attention (so don’t toss that headboard just yet).

18. Trellis for bicycles

trellis designs

Have you ever been to one of those cafés or restaurants where an old bike is hung on the wall and looks just stunning? Why not do it in your own backyard?

The bike may simply be hung from the fence wall. Furthermore, since the bikes are robust and huge, they may be used as a trellis for multiple plants with thick vines.

You may also add some fairy lights to create a fascinating, romantic environment in the garden (date night just found a new favorite spot).

Trellis with a Ladder

trellis designs

We’ll make sure that everything antique and rustic in your house doesn’t go to waste, from beds to ladders. 

Whether it’s a damaged wooden ladder or a cracked metallic ladder, it’ll look great in your yard surrounded by flowers and leaves.

And the greatest part is that it won’t cost you anything. 

The dome is number twenty-first.

trellis designs

Do you have a spacious backyard with a designated sitting area and are prepared to invest some money on something nice? Then you’ll be grateful to us. It’s one of the most creative trellis ideas we’ve seen, and it’ll change the way you sit in your garden forever. 

For this, you’ll need 4-socket fittings and PVC pipes. The idea is to use the sockets and pipes to create a dome around the sitting area. 

To take your date to the next level, all you need is some wine, music, and candles after the dome has been covered with leaves and flowers (if you are planning to propose, this is for you).

Trellis with an Obelisk

Obelisk structures, in case you didn’t know, are those that taper at the top. You have the option of building your own obelisk trellis out of wood or purchasing one online. 

Yes, making them yourself takes time, but it saves money and allows you to reuse wood that you don’t need. You may also adjust the height of the trellis to suit your requirements.

In addition, most obelisk trellises come with a little wooden platform on top where a flowerpot may be placed.


That’s all we have to say from our end. There are currently 21 different techniques to make a trellis for your home garden. These trellis design ideas will not only aid in the growth of your plants, but will also improve the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

Send us an email or post a photo of your trellis in the comments area if you believe it’s worthy of being included on our list.

You may also write in any questions you have about any of the trellis design ideas discussed.

The “wire trellis ideas” is a DIY project that will allow you to create your own trellis design. The projects are very easy to make and look great.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a homemade trellis?

A: You will need a piece of wood, screws and drill bit. Drill into the side of your table or any flat surface where you want to set up your trellis. Screw in the two pieces of wood that hold it together as well as attach them with screws on either end if needed. Once done properly, take some wire mesh and lay it over top so that one layer hangs off each end by about an inch. Then use those same wire meshes for straps (the length should be adjustable). Tie these straps around both sides at the bottom like little loops making sure they dont touch down onto the ground below, then tie other ends to whatever support is nearby – could be another strap from above or something else altogether!

How do I make a simple garden trellis?

A: It is quite simple to make a garden trellis. All you need are some pieces of wood, metal or plastic and string or twine for the sides. Cut your pieces of wood so that they will be long enough to go around your plants, preferably 4 feet by 2 inches wide and 8 ft.
The length should depend on how high up in the air you want it; shorter if higher up.]

How do you make a freestanding trellis?

A: A freestanding trellis is a type of arbor or lattice used as an ornamental frame structure on top of which climbing plants are trained.

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