20 Beautiful DIY Pallet Garden Ideas 

 April 16, 2022

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Still in the early stages of its popularity and not yet on many people’s radar, pallet gardening does have a lot to offer. These beautiful DIY garden ideas will show you how to give your space an eco-friendly upgrade by taking advantage of reclaimed materials from old furniture pieces or decks of wood. Plus, there are so many ways that this can be used as an outdoor space too!

The “pallet garden wall ideas” are 20 DIY pallet garden ideas that you can use to create a beautiful and functional space in your backyard.

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Do you want to spruce up your drab and dark garden? Looking to freshen up your backyard’s looks and add some flavor to it? A pallet garden would be the ideal approach to add a fascinating charm to your garden or backyard while also increasing its aesthetic attractiveness.

Pallets are commonly used for carrying, storing, and transferring items. When used in gardening, though, these wooden platforms may be used for a number of tasks. They are a terrific makeover while also providing a suitable and small room for the plants to develop.

For your inspiration, we’ve gathered 20 classic and aesthetically stunning DIY pallet garden ideas. You will undoubtedly discover something that suits your interests, tastes, and financial limits. Prepare to be inspired with 20 incredible DIY pallet garden ideas!

1. Hanging Pallet Garden (DIY)

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The goal of building and installing pallet gardens is to make the most of the available area. Isn’t having a multi-level planter appealing? If you ask us, it most certainly does, particularly if it neatly arranges all of our pots!  

A wooden pallet, several pots, potting soil, a durable metal wire, some wood screws, and a screwdriver are all you’ll need. What’s the greatest part? There is a lot of potential for personalization. So, get out your creative equipment and let your imagination go wild!

Enjoy growing plants in this space-conscious DIY pallet garden by following the steps and directions in the tutorial!

2. Pallet Raised Garden Bed (DIY)

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Do you want to make a simple raised garden bed out of salvaged pallets? This style is best suited for gardeners who wish to clear off their space. 

Gather everything you’ll need, including the correct pallet, burlap or landscaping fabric, garden soil, compost, and the plants you want to use. If you follow the procedures outlined in the tutorial above, your garden will be revitalized in no time!

Before purchasing wooden pallets, search for the following markings. They indicate how they were handled and, as a result, if they are acceptable for use in your garden.

HT HT (Heat Dried)

D.B. (Debarked)

KD’s (Kiln Dried)

3. Make Your Own Wood Pallet Garden

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If you’ve been looking for a way to arrange your garden, a stack of flat wooden pallets might be ideal! This will aid in weed control and make it easier to identify your plants. 

The major supplies required to complete this project are wood pallets, potting mix, seedlings (or plants), and a permanent marker. The ability to rotate the garden at the end of the growing season and relocate it to a new site after the season is done is a key aspect of this DIY concept.

Pro Tip: If you’re not sure about the quality of the pallet, it’s advisable to just put non-edible plants in it.               

4. Herb Garden Made From Shipping Pallets

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People who like creative difficulties should take on this enjoyable activity and let their imaginations run wild! 

A shipping pallet, some wood boards, wood screws, a drill, sandpaper, a roll of weed cloth, and a staple gun are all required for this project. To complete your pallet garden, you’ll need potting mix and plants of your choosing once you’ve built the structure.

Take a look at the guide and add some of your own creative touches! Before planting, ensure sure the plants are equally spaced. This would guarantee that there was adequate room for all of them.

5. Pallet Garden with Double Panels (DIY)

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Do you have a lot of unused wood in your house? This is your opportunity to put it to good use with this brilliant concept! 

Two pallets or any comparable unused timber substitute, door hinges, a roll of landscape fabric, carpentry equipment, and a staple gun are all required. Wood stain and art materials may be required for waterproofing and decoration.

This will be very beneficial to your plants’ growth. However, before planting, think about the plant’s kind and size, as well as if they’ll be able to thrive in this system.

6. Pallet Garden Beds (DIY)

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What does it feel like to have multiple pallet beds strewn over your garden? These are somewhat weird, but when you think about it, they’re really rather effective in removing weeds and bugs. These stackable and movable pallet collars are also known as pallet collars. 

Pallet collars, gardening tarp or plastic, newspaper, potting mix, and compost are all you’ll need to make these pallet beds. Following the instructions in the above tutorial will be simple if you have the appropriate resources. Even inexperienced DIY gardeners would have little trouble succeeding.

If you can’t locate these pallet beds in your local home improvement shop, you can always look for them online. 

You don’t want your garden to go out of fashion, do you? More DIY raised garden bed ideas may be found here.

7. Herb Pallet Garden (DIY) 

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What do you think of this space-saving herb garden that’s also artistic? If you prefer to produce your own herbs, you may now do it much more easily. Simply gather the necessary items and proceed in a step-by-step manner.

A miter saw, nail gun (or regular nails and a hammer), reciprocating saw, and your favorite herbs are all needed in addition to the pallet. You may add chalkboard paint or any other art tools you choose to make the project more visually appealing.

8. Pallet Garden and Green Wall on a Vertical Pallet Wall

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Have you always wanted a green wall? Or are you searching for a way to put the vacant wall in your garden to good use? Your quest has come to an end! For intermediate gardeners, this vertical pallet garden will be a great addition. 

A pallet, a tape measure, a pair of scissors, plastic sheeting, a drill, and vine eyes or hooks, among other things, are all required. To make a colorful show, the craftsman proposes planting a variety of herbs, flowers, and veggies such as rosemary, pansy, courgettes, and others.

To keep the potting soil and plants in place, make sure the holes between the slats are completely filled with plastic or a gardening tarp. If you can gather the required tools, the visual and written content in this tutorial will enough to aid you in your creative endeavors. 

9. Make Your Own Pallet Planter

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This design uses boards from used pallets instead of the traditional vertical or horizontal pallet gardens. The fact that you can attach metal wheels in this pallet planter and it will be simple to move around is one of our favorite features!

Palettes (yes, a few), a nail puller hammer, a jigsaw, screws, a mural stapler, a wire cutter, screws, a gardening tarp, and, of course, the plants are all required. It would also be beneficial to obtain assistance with the planter’s woodwork.

This guide will provide you with a few helpful hints.

10. Garden Planter Made with Upcycled Rainbow Pallets

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If you live in a home with children, this DIY project would be a terrific weekend project. This eye-catching pallet garden will not only offer you with a little place in which to grow numerous flowers, but it will also freshen up the overall appearance of your yard.

A pallet, drilling tools, worm clamps (round pieces to hold the pots), terra cotta pots, flowers, and planting soil are all you’ll need. To ensure that the palette and the brilliant colors survive a long time, the craftsman recommends using a heat-treated pallet, acrylic pigments, and acrylic varnish.

Consider resting it against a wall or a deck after you’re finished.

DIY Vertical Flower Pallet Garden (No. 11)

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Flowers, don’t they simply gently bring beauty into our lives? Do you want to create a floral area in your home? Don’t be concerned! Check out this tutorial to discover how to build a pallet garden for your favorite flowers.

A sturdy pallet, wooden blocks (for added stability), woodworking tools, sandpaper, staple gun, and paints of your choosing (to add that creative flair!) are all required. Build this pallet, then plant your blossoms and wait for them to grow to their full potential!

12. Pallet Horizontal Garden (DIY)

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Are you fed up with weeds and pests in your garden? Pallet gardens are a well-known option for overcoming such obstacles to your plants’ development. As a result, if you have a backyard large enough to accommodate a horizontal pallet garden, this is an alternative worth considering.

This is a simple yet classic alternative to standard backyard garden pits. Make a pallet out of a few wooden planks or a pallet. After that, just plant the selected seedlings and you’re ready to go! 

Pro Tip: While the palette may be left as is, if you have an artistic eye, you can paint stencil gardening quotations, add geometric shapes, and improvise as desired!

13. Vertical Pallet Garden on a Shelf 

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This is another of those vertical pallets, but the difference is that it will be ready for planting in less than an hour. You won’t have to lean it against a wall for support, either. 

Finding the correct pallet, which should be safe to use in the garden, is the first step. Then, according on your preferences, you may change the size of the pallet, and when you’re satisfied, you can proceed with the planting. Isn’t it straightforward?

Because there may not be enough soil to produce veggies, we recommend planting succulents or smaller plants in this DIY garden pallet layout.

14. Pallet Planter (DIY)

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This DIY planter is functional and strong, allowing you to grow as many plants as you desire. You may also personalize it by adding ornaments, charms, and hanging pots. 

It is created mostly of recycled material and uses a vertical fence (or side wall) at the rear and some window frames on the front, which is a cost-effective feature. 

To learn more, read the associated instructions. Check to see whether you have any items that would work for this project, and then get started. Don’t forget to personalize this concept and make something really unique! 

How about starting your own organic garden? Find out what to do and what not to do while creating an organic garden here.

15. Vertical Pallet Garden (DIY)

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This plan is for you if you are a DIY gardener who appreciates fresh vegetables and herbs from your own garden. Cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and herbs like chive, peppermint, parsley, basil, oregano, or even lemon balm may all thrive in this DIY pallet garden!

So, go to work! Find the proper pallet, grow the seedlings, organize the containers, and care for your plants, and harvesting season will be a delight for you.

This tutorial includes all of the essential tools, step-by-step directions, several helpful hints, and warnings.

16. Garden Bed Made From Raised Wood Pallets

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Are you a novice when it comes to gardening? Or are you just fed up with weeds sprouting in your garden? This pallet garden would make planting easier while also assisting with weed control.

To get started, get an old pallet, a roll or two of garden fabric, a staple gun, staples, potting soil, and some plants to plant. Read this companion guide to learn how to create a pallet garden on your own and get some helpful tips. 

17. Vertical Pallet Garden (DIY)

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A pallet garden full of luscious winter greens and herbs is unbeatable! If you’re searching for a design that’s simple to put together and monitor, this recommendation is the ideal option.

It won’t break the bank, and you’ll just need a few pallets, a few bags of high-quality potting soil, a roll of weed cloth, sandpaper, and a stapler to get started. 

Pro Tip: Buying mounting brackets for each corner of the pallet might be a good idea if you intend to support this pallet garden against a wall.

18. Pallet-based Vertical Herb Garden

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Can’t seem to locate the right pallet design? Have no option but to build one from the ground up? This style is ideal for you. You’ll probably need some woodworking abilities to do this, but even if you’re a complete beginner, the laid-out step-by-step tutorial will come in handy!

What is the finest characteristic of this herb garden? It’s self-supporting, so you won’t have to rest it against a wall. In addition, the shelves slant back slightly to prevent water from accumulating. The labels provide a nice finishing touch as well.

All you’ll need is a wood frame, some wood boards, some woodworking tools, and some extras to embellish your herb garden.

If you’re interested in taking on this endeavor, here’s a list of gardening equipment that every DIY gardener should have. 

19. Repurposed Wood Pallet Garden

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This DIY project is perfect for gardeners on a budget who yet want to give their landscape a facelift. Mostly because it doesn’t take up a lot of room and is also portable.

You’ll need shipping pallets (heat-treated and of excellent quality), dirt, landscaping fabric, nails, screws, hammer, garden trowel, and other supplies and equipment. Enjoy working on this project by following the instructions in the accompanying guide.

Remember to search for the HT mark on the wood to guarantee that it is of excellent quality.

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Do you despise dealing with the shambles of DIY projects? Do you want a quick and inexpensive solution? This pallet garden design will meet all of your requirements while also providing plenty growth area.

Investing in a pallet garden like this one will be profitable since all of the necessary materials can be found for around $30. What do you think about that? Isn’t it fantastic?

An old pallet, a roll of burlap sheeting, staples, spray painting cans, and other common household equipment like scissors and a hammer will be required. Get some seedlings to plant as well.


Who would have guessed that shipping pallets would become such a significant trend? Well, it’s not difficult to deduce that it’s because wooden pallets make gardening so much easier. They are simple to put together, arrange a garden, and allow plants to blossom attractively.

We hope these ideas inspire you and that you will take use of the enormous potential of wooden pallets in gardening.

Learn what herbs you may plant together, commonly known as companion planting, as an extra benefit.

Pallets are a great way to recycle and repurpose. They can be used in so many ways, from building furniture to making garden beds. Here are 20 DIY pallet garden ideas that will inspire you. Reference: vertical pallet wall.

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