17 Fun Garden Crafts The Kids Will Love 

 April 24, 2022

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The best and most creative way to present your garden to guests is with a fun and interesting set of crafts. With this collection, adults won’t even notice that you’re working hard in the garden!

The “garden crafts for kids” is a great way to get your children out of the house and into the garden. The article contains 17 fun ideas that you can make with your children.

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Getting the kids outdoors and into the yard these days may be a difficult effort, as it typically requires an activity that draws them away from their computers, iPads, and TVs. The garden, on the other hand, may be an exciting environment for children to explore. So, we’ve compiled a list of 17 fantastic DIY garden activities for kids that will have your kids preferring the outdoors over the online.

Children’s Garden Crafts

These simple projects encourage youngsters to go outdoors, engage with it, and learn.

Activities ranging from arts and crafts to seed planting will be enjoyable for both parents and children, particularly when the sun is shining and the birds are singing.

1. Create your own planters.

Turning gardening into a pleasant hobby frequently needs a little of imagination in order to get kids enthusiastic about being outside.

Custom plant pots are a fun way for youngsters to interact with the garden in a manner that is unique to them, enabling them to make their stamp on the soil.

Making your own plant pot is a simple task that involves simply a basic pot, some paint, and sometimes some bells and whistles to make it unique.

Sit down with your kid, and while you’re at it, paint your own, and discuss what plants they’d want to grow in their own pot.

To make a dull plant pot into a personal item that a youngster may grow to care about, add names, faces, googly eyes, or paint patterns. In a customized plant container, a lovely aloe plant or anything similar would look amazing.

2. Provide your kids with their own garden plot.

Allowing a kid to make their own plant pots is one thing, but giving them their own garden plot is a fantastic way for them to genuinely get their hands dirty.

Begin by inviting your kid to choose a part of the garden for their own personal allotment, or even choose one for them.

It’s critical to provide children options for this project, such as the size, embellishments, and seeds to plant.

Allow the children to personalise their patch with anything else they’ve made with you, such as decorations or any of the other crafts discussed in this article.

Check out our instructions on how to grow a garden and when to do it.

3. Grassy tufts

In the outdoors or even inside, grass heads may be a fun and simple hobby for youngsters. Tights, a plant pot, grass seed, dirt, and googly eyes are some of the supplies you’ll need.

Place the dirt in the tights and instruct your kid to plant the grass seeds, add eyes to the pot, and hydrate it.

The grass will develop over time, and your small anthropomorphic pot will sprout its own haircut. Regular haircuts and accessories will keep your plant people looking good.

4. Garden gnomes made of paper

Recycling should be a large part of gardening, and repurposing outdated items may be a fun activity for youngsters. Garden gnomes are an excellent way to transform discarded cardboard tubes into cute garden guardians.

Keep whatever tube rolls you have on hand, and encourage your child to paint and create their own cardboard companions using paint and paper. Unicorns, fairies, and soldiers are all possibilities for your child to investigate.

5. Rocks for pets

Although not everyone wants a dog or cat, you can still provide your children with a lovable, mess-free pet in the shape of a rock.

Take out the google eyes and paint once again, and let your child change pebbles into a friendly stone companion, complete with a name and a place in the garden.

Alternatively, you may just be creative and convert pebbles into works of art by adding individual touches or names.

6. Fairy-tale homes

Fairy homes are a great way to get your kids interested about gardening and get their imaginations going while also creating a cute garden feature.

These small caves may be created out of anything from old plastic bottles to broken plant pots, allowing your child’s imagination to run wild.

Make a mess with the materials and offer your kids a creative work of art that they can keep an eye on.

Pinwheels are number seven.

Making pinwheels may be a fun way for kids to adorn the garden and is a basic yet straightforward project for them to do.

Begin by having your children seek for appropriate twigs in the yard, or use whatever little wooden sticks you already have.

Prepare your paper, pencils, and paints, and make your own little pinwheels to hang about the garden.

Planter made from an egg box

If you don’t have enough room outdoors, consider these indoor garden activities.

Cress, lemon, and even cactus seeds may be planted in egg boxes to bring the outside inside.

Give them a quick coat of paint if you want to add some personality, and you’ve got yourself an indoor garden for you and your kids.

Suncatchers (nine)

Suncatchers are lovely on a bright day and may be a fun way to get your child’s creative juices flowing.

Sticky back plastic, crayons, paper, and beads are just a few of the things that may be used to make them. Allow your children to choose from a variety of possibilities and see what they come up with, then let them decide where they want to put their creations.

Windchimes No. 10

Recycling items may be used to make DIY wind chimes, which are both easy and effective. Old tins and rope may be used to make interesting and unusual windchimes that clatter on windy days.

With a little paint, glue, and a variety of beads and paper, you can turn old garbage into something your kids will enjoy.

11. A snapshot in time

Why not devote a tiny soil patch in your garden to a nostalgic collection of objects you can look at lovingly if you have one?

A time capsule is a terrific way to recycle old tins and jars while also letting your children to choose what they want to put in it.

Drawings, pictures, and messages to their future selves may all be lovely keepsakes in the years to come.

12. Go on a scavenger quest

A scavenger hunt may be a fantastic approach to get your kids digging through the leaves if you’re searching for a method to educate them about the outdoors.

Create a little checklist of items to look for and identify with your children. Make them search for everything from bugs to plants to twigs.

This will allow children to engage in some imaginary play while also allowing them to observe what lurks in the garden.

13. Feeders for birds

Bird feeders are a simple project for kids to do in the yard to create a feature that will attract the birds.

A simple activity that can be constructed using thread and cheerios, or a more difficult craft that involves filling an old bottle with seed and making a little funnel for the birds to feed from.

This will not only offer your children something to do, but it will also attract additional birds to your yard.

Birdbaths number fourteen.

After your children have enjoyed crafting bird feeders, you may assist them in creating their own birdbath.

These are an excellent alternative for creativity since you may design the perfect bird leisure center in your own backyard using a variety of old or new materials.

Old bowls, pots, and decorations are perfect for this entertaining activity, and you can let your kids have a lot of fun with it.

15. Planters hung from the ceiling

Hanging planters are a terrific way to add some variation to your garden while also providing a fun exercise for the kids.

These may be built out of a variety of materials, including recycled items like bottles and tins. Make sure you have enough thread to hold all of the dirt and water you’ll need.

Chalk paint (16).

Those who have a wonderful patio in their yard may not enjoy the notion of their children painting murals on the ground, but with chalk paint, there is no need to worry.

Chalk paint, among other things, can be found at most home and garden shops and can provide your children with hours of entertainment with a messy, but washable simple activity for kids.

Sunflower House, No. 17

Sunflowers are great because they can grow straight up in a certain spot, allowing you to construct a tiny den or fenced-in area using just lovely yellow flowers.

Plant a small patch of sunflowers and use them to make some walls for your kids to sit and play in after they’ve grown to their full height. This is not just a lovely and inventive design for a children’s play area, but it will also look great in any garden. 

In this guide to garden plants, you may learn more about sunflowers and other plants.

What are some of your favorite kid-friendly garden crafts?

There’s never been a better time to get your kids engaged in gardening than now, with summer just around the corner.

The activities suggested here are only the beginning, and they will undoubtedly help your children develop a link with the pleasures of being in the garden.

If you’re seeking for additional information on general gardening to maintain your foliage in good health, have a look at our website for a variety of helpful hints and lessons.

garden crafts from junk” is a blog that provides 17 fun garden craft ideas for kids.

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