17 DIY Table Saw Workbench Ideas for Your Backyard 

 April 28, 2022

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If you’re looking for a way to get into woodworking, the humble table saw is one of the most cost effective ways to start. There’s many different DIY projects that can make use of it, some big and expensive like this back-yard workshop, others more modest but still useful such as cutting boards for kitchen counters. Read on for 17 ideas about how you might bring your very own do-it-yourself workbench in your backyard.

The “table saw workbench plans” is a DIY project that allows you to build your own table saw workbench in the backyard. The table saw workbench will allow you to have a place for storing all of your tools and equipment.

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If you’re a beginner woodworker, you’re undoubtedly already aware of the importance of having a table saw workstation. 

Unfortunately, purchasing a high-quality pre-assembled workstation may be costly, making it an unattractive alternative for many woodworkers. 

Building a workstation, on the other hand, is quite cost-effective, and may occasionally cost as little as $70-80. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of 17 outdoor table saw workbench ideas. 

1. Workbench on Wheels 

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This workstation is not only robust and stylish, but also movable. It is simple to move about because to the four wheels connected to each of its legs. 

Furthermore, if you want a modular set of benches, you may construct several benches to meet your requirements. This layout is somewhat tough, and the major material is birch plywood. Finally, it allows you to save both time and money. 

Ana White’s Workbench Design 

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If you’re looking to expand your woodworking tool collection, this 25-inch workbench crafted of plywood and a biscuit joiner is a must-have. It’s crucial to remember to construct it from the bottom up rather than from the top down. Here are a few more ideas for this strategy:

  • Use only straight planks.
  • Before installing screws, predrill holes.
  • Use glue in conjunction with finish nails for a more secure grip.
  • To prevent stains, wipe away any extra glue. 
  • Wood filler is used to fill gaps in the wood.

You may also use a PVC pipe to add an outfeed roller for added convenience. However, since this design focuses on convenience rather than mobility, it may not be suitable for a wide range of DIY workers.  

3. Wood Storage Table Saw Workbench

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This purple workstation is not only beautiful to look at, but it’s also a terrific solution for saving space. Not to add, with the materials specified in this blueprint, you can construct it for approximately $70-80. You may also store a dust bag beneath the table saw thanks to the two beams on both sides of the shelf. Say goodbye to cluttered woodworking areas.

With a hammer and some nails, you can add a pegboard to the rear of your workbench for more wood storage. The bottom of this desk was fitted with caster wheels for mobility, after which it was painted purple. 

Keep in mind that this straightforward design is low-cost, self-explanatory, and well-detailed. 

4. Outfeed Table and Large Workbench

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This layout is ideal if you don’t have a lot of room and want a huge table. It can fit a whole sheet of plywood on it since it is 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. 

Don’t worry, the plan’s magnitude doesn’t make it impossible to follow. This table may easily be created by a novice woodworker using simple tools, studs, and three pieces of plywood. Furthermore, this outfeed table has a few unique characteristics that many others do not. The following are a handful of these characteristics:

  • A shallow shelf on which you may keep your equipment and supplies.
  • Drill bits, screws, and other assorted woodworking products are held in place by magnetic strips.
  • It has locking swivel casters that make it portable.

When building this table, remember to use a circular saw and to install the casters before adding the additional shelves. The greatest aspect is that it can be used not just as a workstation, but also as an outfeed table, making it ideal for bigger garage storage. 

5. Workbench That Can Be Taken With You 

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Making a workbench may seem time-consuming and intimidating, but not if you follow the appropriate steps. To give you an example, this strategy constructs one in under half an hour with just $75. 

This idea, when combined with its capacity to save money on materials, enables you to create another workstation out of the half sheet of MDF left behind. A couple extra studs and four casters would be all that’s required. 

Using MDF as a top surface also makes it simple to move your work in progress about the table. You may also use plywood instead of MDF if you don’t have any on hand. 

Finally, if you need something larger, you may build two of these tables and connect them with a stand. 

6. Workbench for Kids (DIY) 

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A workbench does not have to be reserved for expert woodworkers. And this strategy exemplifies that. It is the ideal equipment to prepare your future DIYers and woodworkers, since it was designed to act as a workstation for children. It may be utilized not only as a playground decoration, but also as a completely working workstation. 

This workbench has a 24″ height and a shelf with an integrated top to neatly store all of the tools. Similarly, the pegboard on the table’s grid is a wonderful place to keep your tools. It features two modest concealed pocket hole joinery in addition to the shelves, which adds to the visual appeal of this workbench.  

Overall, this is a pleasant activity that can be done over the weekend. DIY families may even engage their children in the construction of their little workstations. 

Workbench that folds down 

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Unlike most other designs, this one enables you to construct a workstation that is both fixed to the wall and foldable. As a result, it’s a good idea for those who live in limited places. 

This table saw workstation will take you around 2 hours to make and will cost you roughly $50 in supplies. Furthermore, you may use it as a shelf to keep your equipment even when it is folded against the wall. 

This layout is ideal if you don’t need a large workspace and just have intermediate carpentry abilities. 

8. Storage Boxes and Workbench

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This workstation is ideal for medium-sized rooms since it can be used as both a workbench and an outfeed table. This bench makes woodworking easier by keeping all of your equipment organized, thanks to its storage drawers. Even better, the drawers open on both sides, allowing you to walk around easily while working.

The primary material utilized in its construction is plywood, with genuine oak drawer knobs. The top surface, on the other hand, is constructed from an ancient door.  

Heavy-Duty Workbench No. 9 

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This is a simple project that may be used as a workstation or robust storage shelves in a basement or garage. While this is a two-shelf bench, the design may simply be changed to accommodate three or four shelves.

The primary purpose of each workbench is to get a low-cost, free-standing, and mobile table. It’s also built to hold a lot of weight, up to 400 pounds, with no noticeable deflection along the top shelf. The bottom shelf is for tools (where deflection is less of a concern), while the top shelf is for a mix of storage and workstation (where deflection issues are more important).

To create this masterpiece, the plan author spent a little over $120 and 3 hours. As a result, despite its high cost, the finished piece is a true carpentry wonder.

10. Apartment Table Saw Workbench 

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It may be difficult to have a workbench in an apartment because:

  • There is not a lot of room.
  • Workbenches are unattractive and might emit smells. 
  • Working on them generates a lot of noise. 

Thankfully, this strategy has produced a table that overcomes all of these issues. It’s made of cedar and serves as a storage space as well as an extended workstation. The scents were reduced and an attractive appearance was achieved by using cedarwood. However, as compared to plywood, cedar might be costly. 

This bench also features a modular part that can be taken out for rapid tool access. Not to add, while entertaining guests, this modular component may be simply removed and stored. Anyone who lives in an apartment will appreciate its space-saving design. 

11. Workbench for the Family Handyman 

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If you’re working with large gear like a V-8 engine, you’ll need a really solid workstation. Fortunately, this layout is designed to construct a long-lasting, strong workstation. As a result, the issue is resolved. 

Of course, the plan’s cost-effectiveness and simplicity are two other factors that make it appealing. This workbench has just one flaw, costing between $51 and $100 to construct. And that is how long it takes to construct it: a full day. 

However, if you devote one day to it, you will be rewarded with a workbench that is:

  • For a newbie, it’s simple to get about.
  • Strong enough to support a V-8 engine
  • It’s built to endure a lifetime.

It also comes with a video instruction that will walk you through the procedure. 

Closet Workbench No. 12 

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The scrap closet was used to construct this table saw workstation, as the name implies. The inventor of the concept repurposed metal shelves and hangers from his closet to create a new floating shelf that doubles as a workspace.

A 2″x4″ frame, a few studs, and basic woodworking equipment are all you’ll need. If you don’t have a scrap closet, a comparable place such as the laundry room or your balcony might be used instead. 

Modular Workbench (#13) 

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This could be the design for you if you’re low on space but want all the features a workbench should have. 

This bench is great for garages or other compact locations since it has five foldout features. It has a fold-out work table, a rolling table saw stand, and a miter box table. This also has plenty of storage drawers, pegboards, and drawers.

Fortunately, it is simple to construct and only takes a few basic instruments, such as a cordless drill, circular saw, hammer, and miter saw. This bench structure also allows you to easily fold, move, and swivel all of the equipment and work areas you need. On a lower shelf, in the bench roll-out drawers, within the top utility cabinets, and on pegboards, it has plenty of storage. 

The workbench is also inexpensive and long-lasting. Don’t be put off by its 16-foot length; on the plus side, it may be utilized to transport all of your goods from the lumberyard to your workplace in one trip. 

Table Saw Workbench (No. 14) 

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This is a simple idea for building a table saw workstation that also serves as a router. There are several advantages to building a workstation like this, but the most important advantage is that it looks fantastic and professional!

Aside from its visual appeal, this bench is a really useful piece of equipment to have. A 12″ thick surface, caster wheels, legroom for sitting and working, a dust collecting space, and a T-Track system are all included.  

The end product is stunning, and the method is simple enough for even inexperienced DIYers to do. The sole disadvantage is that it takes three days to construct and is somewhat more costly than other designs. 

15. Multipurpose Workbench with 3 Functions 

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One of the most creative and difficult ideas is this 3-in-1 multifunctional workstation. This workbench, however, offers greater functionality than any other because of those factors. This is due to the fact that it combines a table saw, a router table, and an inverted jigsaw into one unit. 

If you get stuck, the video lesson included with the plan will guide you through the procedure. Keep in mind that this plan is not for novices and may take up to a month to complete. The finished result, however, is well worth the time and effort.  

This design has three different kinds of saws in one table, as well as an integrated sawdust collecting system. The whole arrangement is wired together, allowing you to operate anything from the convenience of your workstation. If you’re a seasoned DIYer, we strongly advise you to take on this project!

16. Workbench with Storage on Wheels 

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By adding shelves on either side of the desk, this concept maximizes space efficiency. Smaller things like paint cans, brushes, and screwdrivers can be stored on the side shelf. The area under the workstation, on the other hand, is ideal for storing larger goods. 

Furthermore, this table saw workstation is equipped with carter wheels, making it simple to move about. This is what makes it such a useful tool. Using this strategy ensures that you have a portable table, as well as the many tools contained on it. 

This design is backed up with photos, measurements, and a list of all the supplies you’ll need. Not to add, the degree of difficulty is beginner, making it an excellent choice for everyone. 

17. Caster-mounted table saw stand 

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Moving and lifting table saw workbenches is one of the most difficult aspects of the job. By employing casters instead of plywood as the primary construction material, this idea helps to alleviate that difficulty. 

The plan was to create a three-section system with two columns on the exterior and a shelf in the centre for the table saw to sit on. The two columns are at the same level as the table saw’s table part.

The table saw may also be constructed to be lowered to the bottom, enabling it to be utilized as a miter saw table with a little tweaking. Above all, there’s a power strip and an extension chord with a storage hook on this table. 


The most important tool to have in your woodworking arsenal is a workbench. It not only makes DIY activities easier to do, but it also keeps you organized. 

Without any DIY workbench designs validated by several woodworkers, building a workbench yourself might be challenging. Thankfully, we’ve found a solution for our favorite people, the do-it-yourselfers. All you have to do now is grab your tools, choose an appropriate strategy, and go to work!

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The “workbench with table saw” is a DIY project that will allow you to make your own workbench in the backyard. There are 17 ideas for making your own workbench that you can use.

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