17 Beautiful Rare Flowers From Around the World (With Pictures) 

 March 21, 2022

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The world is filled with flowers and plants of various shapes, sizes, colors, flavors and scents. These range from common to the rarest varieties you can find anywhere in the world. From tropical rainforests to mountain meadows there are so many beautiful plants out there that we simply cannot be without them.

The “top 10 rarest flowers in the world” is a list of 17 beautiful rare flowers from around the world. The article includes pictures and information about each flower, as well as its scientific name, where it can be found, and when it blooms.

17 Beautiful Rare Flowers From Around the World (With Pictures)

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Nothing compares to the sight of ethereal flowers in full bloom in the springtime. Flowers not only enhance the aesthetics of a space, but they also appeal to a range of our senses. While their aesthetic attractiveness is the most important feature, their pleasant aroma has a relaxing impact on our senses as well. 

Lilies, daisies, roses, and other flowers are familiar to most of us. There is, however, a whole other world of flowers that are so uncommon that they demand particular attention. 

If you’re an anthophile (a person who enjoys flowers), this list is for you. We’ve compiled information on 17 of the world’s most beautiful and uncommon flowers for gardening aficionados. Fortunately, you can grow some of them in your front yard, on your window glass, or in an indoor mini-garden! 

1. Camellia Camellia Camellia Camellia Camellia Camellia Camellia Camellia

Middlemist Camellia blossoms are one of the world’s rarest flowers, with just two locations on the planet where they may be found. New Zealand and the United Kingdom, to be precise. In reality, only two specimens of this bloom have ever been discovered. 

Despite the fact that the name implies that the blossom is red, they have a lovely brilliant pink tint. Even better, the flower bears a strong similarity to roses, to the point that someone who is unfamiliar with flowers may be fooled by its look. 

These flowers not only have a lovely aesthetic, but they also provide a number of health advantages. They’re supposed to contain incredible antioxidants and age-defying capabilities. It’s possible to declare it the most expensive flower ever created. 

2. Puolo, Youtan (Udambara Flower) 

While it’s still up for dispute whether this should be classified as a rare flower, we can’t deny that it has some magical qualities. These blooms, which are said to bloom just once every 3000 years, have a scent similar to sandalwood and are powerful enough to fill a room. 

The capacity of this flower to grow anywhere, from nothing, is its most distinguishing quality. Youtan Puolo, unlike all other flowers, can grow on vehicles, wood, and other surfaces without the requirement for seeds, water, or soil. 

As its name suggests, this diaphanous blossom has a metaphorical value in Buddhism. To clarify, the Sanskrit term “Udambara” refers to an auspicious blossom that has come directly from the heavens. This flower has also been mentioned in ancient Buddhist writings, adding to its spiritual significance. 

As a result, the next time you see small tulip-like structures blooming on your furniture, you may be sure Lord Buddha has visited. 

Juliet Rose is number three. 

It’s no surprise that when we speak about rare flowers, a handful of them may even fall into the “most costly” category. One such flower is the Juliet rose. This flower is often regarded as the most costly rose in the world, with prices ranging from $3 million to $5 million. 

On the other hand, it is not the flower’s beauty that makes it so valuable, but the amount of time and money it took to generate it. David Austin, a well-known rose breeder, spent $3 million and 15 years developing this peach-pink rose. 

All of this exclusivity and hard effort may lead you to believe that this flower requires a lot of attention. But we’re here to show you that you’re mistaken! The Juliet rose is low-maintenance since it adapts to all soil types and simply needs a lot of sunshine. 

4. Flower of Kadupul

Prepare yourself for an even larger shock if a $5 million price tag on a flower stuns you. The Kadulpul flower is so uncommon that it is classified as priceless, making it impossible to get. 

The fact that this flower dies within a few hours after blossoming adds to its worth. Furthermore, they’re difficult to notice since they bloom at dawn and have already died by morning. Because of its brief existence, it is hard to get the flower to marketplaces, making it a flower that cannot be purchased.  

Not to add that, although this flower only blooms for a short period of time, it takes almost a year to attain full bloom. As a result, the flower’s uniqueness is simply increased. However, none of these things should prevent you from enjoying the beauty of the flower in bloom, even if it is fleeting. 

5. Beak of a Parrot

This flower resembles a parrot’s beak in appearance, as the name implies. It has a lobster-claw form and an orangish-crimson color. 

Despite its exotic appearance, the parrot’s beak is a simple plant to cultivate in your own garden. Warm temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and frequent watering are all that is required. It’s usually propagated from stem cuttings and grown in pots indoors. 

If you reside in a colder climate, you may build your own greenhouse and cultivate this and other exotic plants without limitation.  

6. Orchid of the Ghosts 

Ghost orchids are beautiful white blossoms that can only be found in Cuba and portions of South Florida that have been flooded. Their name comes from the fact that they seem to float across the forest. Ghost orchids have no foliage and just slender roots that attach them to the trees they grow on, which explains why this occurs. These roots blend seamlessly with the trees, giving the impression that the blooms are floating. 

These flowers are extensively targeted by poachers in the wild because of their rarity. Despite the fact that they are incredibly difficult to locate, some poachers may risk their lives in search of them. The reason for this is because ghost orchids fetch a high price on the illegal market. 

Ghost orchids, like other uncommon flowers, are unable to live outside of their natural environment for lengthy periods of time. As a result, you won’t be able to grow them at home. Their native home, the forests, is the finest place to appreciate their splendor. 

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid, No. 7 

This is another one of those rare flowers with a price tag to match its rarity. This flower was created entirely by humans over the course of eight years. This orchid blooms just once every 4-5 years, adding to its uniqueness. 

This orchid is so valuable that a buyer paid $200,000 for it at an auction in 2005. Its high cost is due to the rarity of this flower’s cultivar, as seen by the stunning green and purple colours that this breath-taking beauty flaunts.  

Franklin Tree (number 8) 

This flower, which blooms on single-branched trees, has been extinct in the wild since the early 1800s. Ex-situ conservation efforts by botanical gardens across the globe are responsible for all Franklin tree blooms that exist today. These flowers, on the other hand, are simple to cultivate. Their sole needs are well-drained soil, full to partial sunshine, and consistent watering. 

Beautiful white symmetrical petals and a pleasant, honeysuckle-like aroma characterize these blooms. Additionally, in the autumn, the leaves of this plant turn a lovely shade of crimson, adding to the plant’s decorative appeal. 

Its sole drawback is that it is difficult to transplant. The root structure of the franklin tree is complicated and delicate, making it difficult to transplant without causing damage to the plant. 

Cooke’s Kokio (nine) 

Cooke’s Kokio, one of the world’s most endangered and uncommon flowers, can only be found in a few places of Hawaii. There are currently about 23 grafted plants of this species in cultivation. The deprivation of this flower’s native habitat due to a forest fire was the cause of its extinction. Not only was its habitat destroyed, but the majority of the flowers were also destroyed. 

Because of their special growth needs, these deciduous trees cannot be planted in your garden. In the wild, they’re also extinct. As a result, if you want to view these lovely red blossoms, you’ll have to go to one of the out-planting locations in Hawaii. 

Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid is the tenth orchid in the Rothschild family. 

This flower is so uncommon that it is protected by the Malaysian government. It is said to cost as much as $5000 per stem on the illegal market. It is banned to collect it since it is endemic to Malaysia’s Kinabalu National Park. However, the flower’s distinctiveness makes it vulnerable to smugglers, putting it at risk of extinction. 

The fact that these blooms take 15 years to blossom is one of the key reasons for their rarity. Of course, they are stunningly gorgeous, as seen by their yellow-black smooth petals, which add to their exotic appeal. 

Finally, it lives up to its moniker of “Aristocrat of the Slipper Orchids.” 

Chocolate Cosmos (#11)

Chocolate cosmos, as the name implies, has a deep, chocolate flavor rather than the flowery perfume that most flowers have. It features velvety reddish-brown petals and a unique reddish-brown texture. Their description is so close to chocolates that one may think we’re talking about chocolates! 

While these plants are extinct in the wild, they are easy to cultivate in small pots or in your garden. Just make sure it gets enough of sunshine, nutrient-rich soil, and regular watering. And before you know it, your lawn will be smelling like chocolate and vanilla!

Cereus nocturnus (Night Blooming Cereus) 

The night-blooming cereus, also known as the “Queen of the Night” or “Princess of the Night,” is a rare desert flower that only blooms once a year, at night. As a result, although though this flower is stunning to look at, it is the rarity of its bloom that distinguishes it.  

It belongs to the cactus family and has elongated white petals. This plant, unlike other cacti, does not have thorns. Instead, it has lovely lengthy leaves. When it blooms, it will release a powerful aroma that will travel throughout your home. 

The way this flower works is nearly amazing. It blooms once a year, filling your home with an intoxicating smell before wilting as soon as the first ray of sunlight reaches it. 

Fortunately, this is one of the few uncommon blooms that can be grown in your own garden. To get started, all you need is a pot, some fertilizer (see out these recommended options), and a sunny location. 

Jade Vine (#13) 

These flowers are native to the Philippines’ woods, but they have become scarce owing to massive deforestation. The Jade Vine, as its name implies, has a unique greenish-blue tint not seen in other blooms. 

With their claw-shaped blossoms, they virtually create a necklace-like structure and are stunning to look at. This flower’s qualities make it a favorite element in lei-making. Surprisingly, this gorgeous plant is a member of the peas and beans family. 

Not to add that these blooms glow in the dark, making bats the primary pollinators. At the same time, propagation of these blossoms is difficult, making them even more vulnerable. 

Campion of Gibraltar (14). 

This flower is unique not because of its beauty or availability, but because of its background. These blooms were thought to have died out in 1992, but they were discovered blooming on a rock in Gibraltar, surprising botanists all around the UK. As a result, the origin of its name is also explained. 

They are, however, quite unusual, occurring only in London and, of course, Gibraltar. 

Monkey Orchid (number 15) 

This flower resembles the face of a capuchin monkey, as its name indicates. They’re endemic to Ecuador’s south-eastern region, where they grow at heights of about 2,000 meters. 

These flowers are alluring not only because of their look, but also because of their scent. When they’re in full bloom, they smell like ripe oranges. The nicest aspect is that they may bloom at any time and in any season. 

This flower’s peculiarity may lead you to assume that it is difficult to cultivate at home. These flowers, on the other hand, may be cultivated in your garden if you take careful care of them. 

Happy Alien, Number 16 

The joyful alien plant, one of the most unusual-looking blooms, is native to South America. It has the appearance of an extraterrestrial with a smiling expression carrying an empty white tray in its hands. Because it was initially found by Charles Darwin around 1831, this bloom is known as Darwin’s Slipping Flower. As a result, this flower not only has a distinct look, but also a fascinating history! 

Because of their small roots, they can only grow to a height of 4 inches. Hummingbirds pollinate them as well, thanks to the white tray-like structure. 

Daffodil of the Sea 

The Mediterranean wonder of the sea daffodil is well-deserved. It originated in the Mediterranean area and has evolved to withstand the toughest environmental conditions, something that most flowers are unable to do. Given how delicate the blossoms seem, this may come as a surprise. 

They have a ruffled look, delicate blue-grey leaves, and an extended green stem. These flower bulbs, on the other hand, are known to be toxic. Apart from the fact that it is listed as an endangered and protected plant, there is a solid reason to keep away from it. 

If this plant has piqued your interest, you’ll be pleased to learn that you may grow it in your own house. All you have to do is pretend to be the flower’s native environment. Fortunately, if you reside in a sunny location, this is a simple chore. Get some seeds, a container, and some sand, and you’ve got yourself an ideal setting for producing sea daffodils! 


While we’ve included 17 rare flowers below, each of which was designated as such for a variety of reasons, there are a plethora of additional flowers that might be just as rare. As a result, it’s incredible to think that, despite this long list, many more flower species are yet to be identified. 

To put that into perspective, experts estimate that one-fifth of the world’s plant species have yet to be identified. 

However, most of the flowers we included are either extinct or endangered in the wild, owing to human activity. We can only ensure their safety by leaving them alone, raising awareness about the issue, and possibly learning something along the way.

Bonus Read: While you’re deciding which uncommon flower to include in your outdoor setting, start a backyard landscaping project.

The “rare flowers name” is a beautiful flower that can be found in many parts of the world. The rare flowers are often found in places where people don’t go and they are usually not as common as other plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest most beautiful flower?

A: The Rafflesia is the worlds rarest flower and it can also be considered one of the most beautiful flowers. It has a very distinctive appearance that looks like a cross between an alien creature and a rose which makes this plant stand out amongst other plants in its genus.

Where can you find the rarest flower in the world?

A: If you are looking for the rarest flower of all, there is only one place to find it. You must go to The Valley of Flowers in Kashmir and see if they grow anywhere else on Earth.

What is the most unique flower in the world?

A: The most unique flower in the world is called a Bird-of-paradise and it originates from Indonesia. It has highly colorful flowers that are native to New Guinea, Irian Jaya, Australia, parts of east Asia and Melanesia.

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