15 Beautiful Pool Cabana Ideas for Your Backyard 

 March 23, 2022

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Want to take your backyard pool experience up a notch? Check out these cool ideas for pool cabanas!

The “backyard pool cabana ideas” is a beautiful way to have an outdoor living space. There are many different styles and designs that you can choose from.

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While having a pool is plenty for a pleasant weekend at home, a poolside cabana is always a welcome addition.

It provides a location to store your items while also providing some shade. It may also turn a dull pool into an oasis if you’re throwing a party. 

The word cabana, on the other hand, has a wide definition. We’ll show you anything from modest poolside dwellings and cabins to pergolas, gazebos, and huts to do just that. Regardless of what you’re searching for, you’ll have the greatest pool cabana ideas.

Take a look at them all below!

Cabanas for Swimming Pools

We’d want to explain how to recognize them distinct since practically everyone associates the term cabana with something different. The six most prevalent types of cabanas are described below: 

Cabana style 

A tiny room with four posts and three walls, as well as an open space facing the pool. This is a traditional cabana. Curtains are often used instead of walls. Planks, wood fibers, and even tiles may be used for the roof. 

Swimming Pool House

If the place has all 4 walls and a sliding or glass door instead of an opened face, then that’s a Swimming Pool House. People also know it as a lounge or a pool bar. Either way, this one tends to have extra appliances and furniture. 


Some cabanas are constructed completely of wood and have a typical cabin design. That, suffice to say, is their moniker. These are often closed, however they may also be used as additional pool space.


A pergola is a structure with four pillars and a roof made of parallel beams. This one is completely exposed, and it’s usually used as a primarily ornamental space. It could provide some shade. 


Gazebos, unlike cabanas, are open-air structures with no walls. However, instead of pool areas, they are often utilized in backyards and gardens. They have a more classic style with tile or hardwood ceilings. 


Also known as bungalows, pool huts are similar to Swimming Pool Houses and cabins. But these hold a more tropical style, often made entirely of wood and boasting furniture for extra convenience. 

Backyard Pool Cabana Design Ideas

While there were hundreds of various concepts we could provide, we chose the ones that were the most appealing. Those that will pique anyone’s interest at first glance. Here’s additional information about each of them: 

1. Curtained Mini Cabana

You may start by keeping things basic. A simple cabana with four columns, a fiber roof, and some drapes. That should cover everything you need to have your backyard set up and your pool ready to go.

This style of cabana looks great, to say the least, if it can be placed amid your garden flowers and other plants. 

Add some waterproof chairs and a mat or carpet to make it even better. It will be prepared for any circumstance. 

2. Luxurious Wooden Cabanas

Do you have a grassy yard? Do you like exquisite decorations? Then an elegant cabana with tasteful drapes and a beautiful wood frame is the ideal option.

To further complement the wood’s charm, we propose utilizing tiles or concrete for the floor. A wooden deck, on the other hand, may accomplish the trick.

The cabanas would look great in any backyard when paired with some pool chairs and a small table.

3. Poolside Mini-House

A cabana-style home may help make your pool seem more finished. It is little more difficult to construct than a basic cabana, but it is much more useful.

You could, for example, put in some furniture, an air conditioner, and a refrigerator. Then it won’t feel like a cabana, but rather like a second home that you won’t be able to leave.

Don’t forget to go tropical with the roof, which should be made of wood fibers, and a trendy wooden deck for the finishing touch. It’s okay to be functional, but it’s always better to be beautiful. 

4. Gazebo in the Japanese Style 

The Japanese are not known for their swimming pools. However, they are well-known for their architecture. If you can take the best of their design and apply it to your poolside gazebo, you’ll have a stunning building. 

The installation of the bridge distinguishes this cabana. While this is not always practical, it may always make for a unique accent that adds to the beauty of the location.

In any case, this Asian-style gazebo would greatly enhance the charm of your backyard, particularly if your home already has an Asian theme. 

5. Poolside Cabin at the Windmill

Few solutions will stand out as much as a windmill cottage for individuals who wish to take their poolside cabana to the next level.

This isn’t really a cabana, but it does the job. It will take your poolside to the next level of magnificence if you can construct it with a covered area and some seats. 

However, constructing this style of cabin will not be simple. It might also cost a lot of money. But the elegance it brings to the space is unrivaled – not to mention the fact that it may also be used as a garden shed. 

Cabana in the Style of a Garage

A garage-style cabana is always a good concept since it’s simple yet nonetheless eye-catching. This one may be ideal if it has a spacious sitting space with seats and a coffee table, some furnishings inside, and perhaps even some appliances to rest. 

It may be built with normal glass doors to match the pool or with a garage door if you want to go all out with the design. In any case, the cabana will be useful and comfortable, particularly for people who often throw parties and friend reunions. 

Cabana with a Poolside Living Room

Large backyards with wooden decks are suitable for a sunken living room, which will add beauty to any poolside area.

Yes, the cabana would have a pergola or gazebo design. If necessary, more chairs may be added. The sunken couches, along with waterproof furniture, should be the focal point.

Simply replace the hot tub portion of a pool with underfloor furnishings to create this one. Don’t forget to make the darkened region as functional as possible. 

The Underwater Bar is number eight.

This style of cabana is mainly seen at resorts and clubs. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of making one at home. In fact, if it seems like the appropriate decision, go for it.

The goal is to construct a cottage inside the pool. However, just under the columns and roof, you may construct a dry sitting area at the same level as the water. 

Of course, this would cost a lot of money and time to construct. However, it is still a fantastic complement to any pool area, particularly large ones. 

9. Cabana style Style

Cabana is derived from the Spanish word “cabin.” Nothing fits the word more than a traditional tropical hut on the side of a pool, as you would expect.

While they are most often seen at hotels and pool clubs, they may also be a great addition to a homeowner’s garden. 

We suggest sticking to the conventional timber construction with a fiber roof and an open front. That would distinguish your cabanas from the others. 

10. Ceramic Gazebo in a Tall Gazebo Style

A garden of plants surrounds the ceramic tiles, steel framework, and a few seats. Why make it so difficult when a simple gazebo like this one can make the pool area work?

The location will be excellent if the huts are tall enough to allow the sun to enter in the afternoon and morning but tiny enough to shield the searing heat during the daytime hours.

Barbecues and pinatas may also be held in cabanas that are tall enough. As a result, if you choose one of them, you’ll get two rewards. 

Mini Island Cabana No. 11

If you have a large pool with a little island, why not make the cabana out of that area?

To function, it doesn’t have to be a large multi-purpose building. It should do the job as long as it is broad enough to hide the sun during the warmest hours of the day.

Make the island greener by adding grass and flowers if you can. This should improve the pool’s appearance while also making it seem like it belongs in the backyard. 

12. Cabin-style pool inside 

Considering a large-scale pool project? Then constructing a cottage within a pool will be a blast. It seems to be absolutely paradoxical, yet it really works. More significantly, it adds a fanciful touch of flare to your pool that you can’t ignore.

However, this might be incredibly costly and time-consuming. For those with the financial means and the time, we endorse it. If you do, nothing else will compare.

You may relax in the cabin, put up some appliances to get away from regular life, make a man cave, and anything else comes to mind. The possibilities are limitless. 

13. Pergola Style for Indoors

Choose a pergola-style cabana if you want something simple and inexpensive. Nothing flashy, yet stylish enough to improve the look of your pool.

Pergolas do not need to be separate from the pool in order to be beneficial. They may also be a part of the backyard without being overbearing.

The major benefit of pergolas is that they may give some shade while yet allowing natural breeze to pass through. This is a significant benefit that nearly no other form of cabana provides. 

14. Inside Pool Cabana in the Style of a Classic Bar

Some cabanas never go out of style. One of them is the poolside bar. While it’s more common in resorts and clubs, it’s still a good choice for backyard pools.

You may keep it simple and plain while yet showcasing the eye-catching wood fiber roof. You may even use a whole wooden frame to make it stand out. This should help it to stand out even more.

The fun aspect is seeing how well it works to be near the water without getting wet, and vice versa. 

Cabana in the Style of a Mini Pergola

The cabana does not have to be the focal point of the party. It will be sufficient as long as it gives some shade and protects against external conditions.

As a result, we suggest erecting a modest pergola across the pool. It would be great if it were a little higher to make it stand out. You may construct it over ceramic tiles to give even more beauty to the space. 

Remember to include the pool chairs and outside furniture in the mix. That would make it an enticing spot to unwind. 


Why would you leave your poolside without a cabana after viewing all of the options? 

Regardless of your budget or skill, each of these pool cabana designs is very attainable. Sure, some of them will need some downsizing, but the majority will be a no-brainer.

In any case, we hope you left this post feeling motivated and eager to get your hands dirty and create the cabana of your dreams. So, what exactly are you waiting for? That cabana isn’t going to be built by itself!

The “modern pool cabana” is a modern and sleek design idea for your backyard. It’s simple and modern, but still has a touch of elegance.

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