15 Beautiful Modern Backyard Pictures & Ideas 

 March 27, 2022

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When designing a backyard, it’s important to take into account the privacy of your neighbors. A retaining wall and trees can help create some much needed shade while also making sure you don’t have any view-blocking eyesores in your yard.

The “modern backyard design” is a popular topic that has been covered by many bloggers. There are a lot of beautiful pictures and ideas to choose from.

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The heart of your small dwelling is your garden. It’s a location where you’ll be spending the majority of your time throughout the summer months, from barbecue parties to reading novels in pleasant corners on your patio.

Are you trying to refresh your outdoor area in preparation for spring, or transform your current dark backyard into a soothing haven? We’ve compiled a list of 15 inspiring ideas to help you transform your lawn into a contemporary oasis.

Beautiful Modern Backyard Pictures & Ideas

#1. Create a Mini Waterfall and Stream

Do you like going on hikes in your spare time to be in nature? Bring the calm of a gentle waterfall and the tranquillity of a flowing stream into the comfort of your own home!

Construct a multi-layered patio with a waterfall and stream to improve the appearance of your backyard. With some basic building knowledge and a few days, you’ll create your own backyard water feature.

Digging to create depth or adding stone slabs to enhance layers for the falling water are good places to start. As a result, a low-maintenance stream will flow directly through your backyard if you choose gravel and medium-sized pebbles as the foundation.

Furthermore, include plants like water lilies, water lettuce, blue iris, and diverse aquatic plants to the stream to give your contemporary garden a raw aspect. However, before you begin this job and begin digging, verify with your local authorities to ensure that subterranean utilities are marked.

#2. Construct a Modern Fire Pit

Set up a concrete fire pit to take your backyard game to the next level. The fire will give a magical touch to your contemporary garden and guarantee that your relaxing sessions continue long after the sun has set.

During the building of your fire pit, use crisp geometric forms to give it a modern appeal. You may also make your fire pit out of stone, iron, or copper, but concrete is the most adaptable and simplest to work with. Above all, you may create numerous pleasant locations in your contemporary backyard that integrate into the concrete buildings by inserting furniture made of oak or maple wood surrounding your fire pit.

You may also construct modest wooden stairs that lead up to the main feature on your lawn. You may also add tiny touches of nature to compliment the concrete by planting a succulent bed in your garden. 

Take a look at our ultimate backyard fire pit guide to aid you with the procedure before you start updating your outside, evening environment.

#3. Backyard Design for a Small Space

Inefficient use of space is one of the key issues with a tiny lawn. This design is ideal for those who have a small backyard and wish to transform it into a luxurious contemporary place.

Laying white pebbles along your lawn’s vertical edges can help to solve this issue, giving your tiny yard an elongated appeal. Similarly, a wooden walkway leading to a sitting area can turn your drab patio into a chic retreat.

Install faint orange lights around the border of your grass to provide warmth to your back porch. Similarly, lighting the wooden furniture will bring a sense of sophistication to your lovely garden. With a few bright pillows on your bench, you’ll have a beautiful contemporary garden at your fingertips.

Decorate the freshly constructed patio with low-maintenance plants such as the snake plant, spider plant, or aloe vera put in attractive pots behind your sitting area for the finishing touches.

#4. Incorporate a Backyard Swing 

Build a comfortable swing and a small pond in your garden to create a modern-day sanctuary for unwinding on those hot summer days. Furthermore, by situating the swing in the middle of your yard, you will be able to establish distinct areas in the garden.

For example, backyard owners may create a pond and line the parapet with contemporary tiles to give their lawn’s water element a modern touch. Incorporate submerged plants like anacharis or hornwort to further brighten up your little reservoir. Growing cardinal flowers and water lilies to give color to the pond is another option.

Pressure-treated wood such as birch, mahogany, oak, maple, and cedarwood may be used to build pillars to support the swing. Because they can withstand the weight of the swing, these kinds of wood are ideal for external columns. Furthermore, pressure-treated wood is rot-resistant, making it suitable for use in outdoor furniture.

Furthermore, planting shade-loving plants and shrubs underneath your swing will help you make the most of every square inch of your yard!

#5: An Outdoor Kitchen Design

If families like outdoor cooking in their leisure time, including an outdoor kitchen in the garden design may be worthwhile. What’s more, you may have barbecue parties for your neighbors, family, and friends throughout the weekend. Most significantly, you may enjoy al fresco eating in the comfort of your own garden!

Kitchen equipment such as a barbeque grill or a pizza oven are vital components of this design. A desk for meal prep and storage cupboards for tableware and cooking items will round out your garden’s kitchen.

Create a stone pathway that leads to a timber deck, as well as raised gravel beds for the dining table and sitting places.

To give your future contemporary backyard a rustic appearance, light up this outdoor kitchen with antique string lights.

#6. Plunge Pool in the Backyard

Do you have a tiny yard and like going for a swim during the summer? After a long day at work, relax in the warm waters of a plunge pool installed on the lawn. Better still, invite your friends and neighbors over for a pool party in the afternoon.

By adding a bright beach umbrella and a sun lounger to the deck, you may create a contemporary backyard oasis. As a result, draping mattresses in outdoor coverings may give the patio a beachy feel.

To keep the pool area cool, use the wall around the pool to grow perennial plants and creepers. Furthermore, by laying stepping stones in the grass, a magical-looking trail leading to the plunge pool will be created.

 #7. Stone Tiles and a Wooden Deck

Although a basic stone tile yard and a simple wooden deck are both considered uninteresting, combining the two will result in a backyard jewel. Any garden will be transformed into an aesthetic fantasy thanks to the contrast generated by the rustic wood and elegant stone.

Porcelain tiles may be used to create a walkway in the lawn’s middle that leads to a garden on one side and a wooden deck on the other. Add relaxing lawn chairs to the wooden deck to create a cozy area. Additionally, by surrounding the deck with lush green plants and shrubs, any backyard becomes an attractive environment.

Create a water body around the stone tiles to finish it off. The raised tiles and flowing water will lend a sense of refinement to the garden, which is already lovely.

#8. A Private Garden Surrounded by Tall Hedges

When people have a low fence in their backyard, they are often susceptible to the prying eyes of their neighbors. Changing the garden’s layout may be enough to reclaim the exclusivity desired in the garden.

To begin, draw an outline of the hedge around the outside of the yard. Second, decide the plants you’ll use to cover the fence. Buxus, murraya, and yew plants are some of the hedge plants we recommend. English laurels, on the other hand, are the greatest option for developing hedges due to their easy growth cycle.

Grow fake grass in your yard to drastically minimize the amount of time it takes to maintain it. Add a nice sofa and a coffee table, and you’ve got yourself a personal getaway!

#9: Creating a Wall Design with Plants

Changing a grass into a contemporary backyard generally requires a slew of adjustments. This concept, on the other hand, can brighten up your patio in no time and needs very little work to implement. If you have a plain wall in your garden, make it the focal point of the area by cultivating eye-catching plant species.

Begin by deciding on a design for the wall and sketching it out. Mount pots along the wall’s outline to create this wall feature. After the pots are in place, choose some attractive plants to fill them.

The key to keeping a healthy plant wall is to avoid utilizing flora that grows quickly. Plants like arrowhead, Boston fern, English ivy, and maidenhair fern can keep you engrossed in the garden for longer.

In a word, a living wall draws attention away from your lawn’s more rudimentary elements.

#10: Select a Calming Color Scheme

A basic color choice of pure white and tranquil greys is hard to go wrong with. While these neutral tones provide all outdoor spaces a feeling of space and peace, they also allow your yard’s flora to shine.

Anyone may get a clean design for their backyard while being eco-friendly by combining new-age materials such as a composite deck. It is more durable and easy to maintain than a hardwood deck. Similarly, utilizing porcelain paver stones to accent the patio’s floor would give it a polished appearance.

To turn your grass into a classy outdoor eating area, fill up the backyard space with a sleek dining table. Install a fire pit and chrome lamps as the finishing touch to complete the look.

#11: Integrate Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Your lawn is a natural extension of your home! As a result, achieving a sense of balance between the inside and outdoor spaces may dramatically improve the aesthetic attractiveness of a yard.

To help create a seamless flow from your home to your garden, utilize sliding or bi-fold doors. Similarly, apply a brick inlay around the door to make the partition stand out. There are, however, other ways to make your backyard stand out even more.

Use comparable tiles on the patio and in the room on the other side of the sliding door to keep the look consistent. In addition, terracotta pots and a wooden deck will complete the design. Give your lawn a homey feel by adding colorful furnishings like couches and rugs.

#12. Construct a Pergola

Building structures like a pergola are a fantastic option for those with a sunny yard searching for ways to spice it up. They are not only more cluttered and trendy than gazebos, but they also give much-needed shade on hot days. As a result, your backyard will have a sleek design while also fulfilling various purposes.

If the primary objective is to provide shade, you may go with a completely retractable roof. A pergola with interrupted beams spread out in a vast pattern, on the other hand, may effectively define outdoor places such as a sitting area or a dining table. A pergola’s beams also give plenty of support for creepers and climbing plants.

Create a green lawn in one corner and a raised concrete floor for the dining table or sitting area. The various textures work together to make your leisure furniture stand out.

With such a beautiful yard, you’ll undoubtedly spend the most of your leisure time outside. Take a look at the greatest garden seats to see which one would work best in your space.

 Shed in the Backyard #13

When you hear the words “backyard studio,” images of a drab, unpleasant garden shed come to mind. A lawn studio, on the other hand, is now seen as a way to exhibit your design talent in your own backyard.

Studio sheds are a great way to add some fun to your property. While there are many different styles to pick from, they can definitely improve any backyard, from providing more storage space to providing a relaxing environment.

This charming cabin, with its teal and white color scheme, exudes a new-age but modern vibe and allows you to personalize the inside to your own. A modest wooden deck may be built next to the shed to offer additional room for a coffee table or elaborate pots to house delicate plants.

You may build the garden shed using classic materials like wood or unconventional ones like vinyl sheets. 

Renovate a shipping container and turn it into a spectacular backyard shed.

#14: Create a Contemporary Garden

You should be able to cultivate as many plants as you like in a tiny garden. The plants not only brighten up the grass, but they also give your yard a natural but contemporary appeal. Furthermore, by constructing platforms on various heights, you may improve the appearance by growing a variety of plants.

The key is to make the most of every available space, from raised vegetable beds to the area under the dining area. To make the most of your little garden, plant herbs like rosemary and oregano, as well as plants like basil.

You may create an exquisite walkway in your garden by planting plants along the boundaries. Consider adding a sleek glass panel to create a separation and generate a feeling of distance to further enhance the lawn’s beauty. When dealing with plants, keep in mind that beautiful gardens do not appear overnight.

Check out this detailed advice on how to grow a garden to make your job simpler.

#15: Turn Your Lawn Into an Outdoor Theater

Although this isn’t a year-round option, having a private movie theater in your backyard may be a lot of fun during the summer. Especially when the sun has set and the weather is still pleasant!

Contrary to common opinion, constructing a backyard cinema is much less difficult than it seems. The necessary components are simple and may be scaled to fit most budgets. Make a screen out of a kids tent or a white sheet, and construct an open-air theater with a simple projector and speakers. 

You can obtain an old-school vintage vibe for your theater by adorning it with duvets, comforters, and outdoor cushions. Hang string lights from a tree or a pagoda to add to the mood. 

Take a look at these incredible DIY backyard lighting ideas to discover the ideal lights for your outdoor theater.


You may build a sophisticated outdoor space right in the comfort of your yard by considering your grass as a blank canvas and using different materials. We hope you’ll find something here that piques your curiosity, whether you’re a professional gardener or a do-it-yourself enthusiast.

The “modern backyard landscaping” is a process that can be done in many different ways. The pictures and ideas will show you how to do it, with some of the most beautiful modern backyard pictures and ideas.

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