15 Awesome Wood Fence Ideas and Designs 

 May 27, 2022

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Fences are the necessary border in your backyard. They can be an annoyance that takes up space, or a functional and aesthetically pleasing piece of your landscape. With so many fence ideas and designs out there, you don’t need to settle for anything less than perfect when deciding on what type of wood fence will best suit you.,
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The “modern fence ideas” is a blog post that features 15 different wood fence designs. The blog post includes pictures and descriptions of each design.

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Adding a fence to your backyard can provide you with more privacy and charm. But, regrettably, these fences may quickly become prohibitively expensive, and they may not even look as well as we had hoped!

Avoid dealing with obnoxious contractors by constructing your own fence using one of these 15 fantastic wood fence ideas and designs. 

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Wooden Fence Designs and Ideas

1. Recycle Chain Link Fencing

Do you want to create your own wooden fence, but the current chain link fence is preventing you from doing so? Then, hey, we’ve got a suggestion for you! A chain link fence is, without a doubt, incredibly practical. However, you can’t dispute that a wood fence would be much more attractive than a chain link fence.  

To erect this fence on your own, begin by removing the chain links but leaving the poles in place. They will make the whole operation much simpler by providing a robust framework for the fence. Remember to leave at least one nail gap between each board and to completely surround the metal posts in wood.

2. Fences made of marble and wood

These marble-infused fences will add some color to your garden. These gleaming fences are simple to make and look stunning, particularly when the sun is shining. All you’ll need is a drill and a few pebbles that enable light to travel through. To make the fence appear even more lively, the marbles may be of various sizes and colors. 

Simply drill a few holes in the wood and place the marbles inside. Take any flexible and long pipe to define the curve and simply slice it off for the concave swoop at the top. 

The coolest aspect about this concept is that the stones seem to change color based on the quantity of light they get. But one thing is certain: the stones will keep the shadowed area of the ground lit throughout the day!

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3. Ideas for Painted Wood Fences

Painting the wooden pallets before putting them together might help the fence stand out. It takes very little time and may look really attractive. You may either paint or create murals to cover them totally in a single hue. 

Recycled timber, flowers, and herbs are expertly combined in the above concept. Paint the central pallets and connect the side pallets with flowers and herbs growing on top to create this kind of fence in your garden. 

These wood fence ideas are cost-effective, environmentally sustainable, and make fantastic photo backdrops!

4. Pallet Wood Fence Ideas for the Garden

Why not extend the garden to the full fence, since we’re on the subject of growing a garden on top of pallets following the previous idea? Planting greens on top of the wood pallets that make up your fence is a terrific method to integrate and optimize your garden area. The supplies necessary for this project are very inexpensive. 

A weed fabric (also known as landscaping fabric), the seeds you wish to plant, excellent quality compost, and several pallets are all you’ll need. Place the cloth in the pallets’ cradle. Staple them from as many ends as possible to create a tight fit. In the cradle, add the compost and some shallow-rooted plants like kale, spinach, lettuce, and so on. 

5. Ideas for Wire and Wooden Fences

These durable and long-lasting fences are ideal for your garden, particularly if you have vegetable patches. They defend the patch from creatures that may attempt to destroy it. They provide protection as well as a rusty, farmhouse appearance to the garden. After you’ve set up the wooden poles, all you have to do now is connect the rabbit wire. 

Dig a trench just under the fence, insert the wire, and pack it in with earth. Staple the ends of the wooden poles using a heavy-duty stapler. 

Make a basic wooden frame for the door, secure the wire, and insert a board diagonally as indicated above. Finally, use a latch to secure the gate, and you’re done! 

Wattle Fence Designs 

The aspect that jumps out the most about this concept is that it is constructed entirely out of sticks. Don’t be deceived by them, however. When woven together, they nevertheless give incredible structure and strength. Long and straight saplings are required for this basic yet strong construction. The ones seen in the illustration are maple. 

Remove any little or superfluous branches or leaves from the saplings using proper gardening equipment. All that’s left to do now is set the stakes in the ground and start weaving! Repeat the procedure until the required height is obtained. To weave them closer and tighter together, you may use a hammer or a mallet.

7. Distinctive Privacy Fence 

If you have nosy neighbors, this unusual privacy fence design is the best option. Due to the use of a range of materials ranging from textiles to historic windows, it seems appealing from both sides. 

Two vintage-style windows, a wooden frame, climbers, and spray paint are the materials utilized in the shown concept. Prepare the wooden frame and drill holes in the concrete footers to secure it. 

Paint the windows a color you choose and cover them with fabric, preferably lace. For further seclusion, add some tall potted plants and climbers. 

Horizontal Wood Fence Ideas with Potted Plants

Adding potted plants to a modest fence may give an otherwise plain location a touch of elegance and refinement. This is another option to expand your backyard gardening area without sacrificing any more land. The terracotta pots are also mounted on pressure-treated hardwood planks. 

To begin, use a shovel to clean the ground and cut wooden boards to the desired size. The boards should be zipped together and horizontally nailed together.

To give a stark contrast to the earthy terracotta and delicate greens, we decide to paint them white. The nice thing about these wood fence designs is that they give enough seclusion while not entirely blocking the view. 

9. Wooden Lattice Fence Designs 

A lattice fence is simple to construct and install, and it has a pleasing checkered design. It is inexpensive since it simply necessitates a few simple garden tools, wood boards, and vines for extra aesthetic appeal.

Make sure the dirt level isn’t too high and that the earth isn’t too rough. Using a garden shovel, dig out stumps and remove any additional, unneeded weeds from the area. Start by cementing the posts and cutting the wood squares for the main fence. 

As the wood matures, it will most likely get darker, adding to its beauty.

10. Ideas for Recycled Shutter Fences

Do you have a hoarding problem? Do you have a room full of old goods that you save in the hopes of using them one day? So, there’s no need to wait any longer. Your special day has arrived. Collect as many shutters as you like for this DIY fence and join us in the recycling!

Simply screw hinges to join two shutters at a time after you’ve completed all of the shutters. You may paint them whatever color you choose. The photo depicts a lovely French blue since it blended in well with the flora and furnishings, while also giving the new shutter fence an aged appearance. 

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Wooden Picket Fence Designs 11

The picket fence is the most traditional fence design. Because of its basic but incredibly practical design, it has been around for a long time. To give a pleasant feeling of confinement, picket fences are frequently erected at a low height surrounding dwellings, as seen above. 

To construct this fence, cut the wood to the required length and begin shaping the tops into the desired form. You may make traditional arrowheads out of them or shape them using cardboard cutouts as stencils. Remember to leave 2 inches between the fence and the ground when nailing them together. This keeps the grass from rotting and stimulates grass cutting. 

Wood Fence Ideas with Vertical Succulents

Framing and hanging greens is another method to incorporate them into your vertical wall. This DIY project just requires some cedar plywood in various widths, a variety of succulents, glue, and potting mix. For a frame, fascia, and back piece, the cedar plywood should be cut to size. 

Determine the box’s dimensions and secure the exterior frame using nails. For a more refined look, this wooden structure might be treated with a deeper hue. Place some landscaping cloth on top of the chicken wire and then add the succulent planting potting mix.

13. Wooden Fences with Split Rails

Due of its modest needs, this fence proposal stands out among the others. It just necessitates the use of wood. That is all there is to it. There are no nails, hinges, or anything like that. The whole fence hinges on the way the wooden logs are put together. Do not, however, doubt its strength because of this; they will undoubtedly withstand the test of time.

With a sledgehammer, break several logs straight down the center. Finding a natural flaw in the log is the simplest approach to achieve this. 

You may choose any tree based on its ease of availability, but we picked oak since it splits readily. Sort them out and begin arranging them down in an angled pattern. Because there will be some unevenness, remember to start with the thicker logs.

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Designs for Paneled Wood Fences 14

These wood fence design ideas include a component known as modinex. Because they are made of wood and poly, these fence panels are long-lasting and environmentally friendly. They work brilliantly with wood to provide a contemporary yet rustic vibe, while still seeming like genuine lumber. If you choose, you may construct panels out of natural wood. 

Make a wooden frame for the modinex panel and place it in the centre. On the sides as well as the bottom, secure it with some more wooden boards. The nice thing about these panels is that they generally have elaborate patterns. As a result, when the sun shines through, it produces a lovely pattern on the ground.  

15. Wooden Chevron Fence Designs

The design shown above is for a single wall, but it may be replicated to make a complete fence. It will appear contemporary while also giving you with more area for a patio and seclusion. 

To build this wall, you’ll need pressure-treated timber and connection brackets. Start fastening the diagonal boards on the frame once you’ve made a basic frame for them to sit on. To keep the “v” pattern, start at the bottom with longer boards. Switch to smaller boards as you get closer to the top for a cleaner look.

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We hope that among these 15 wooden fence designs and ideas, you found the right fence for your garden. If you want to make your backyard even more inviting, try adding garden seats and fire pits in addition to these fences for the coziest backyard ever! 

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