15 Amazing DIY Rain Chain Ideas 

 May 3, 2022

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In order to make your rain chain work for you, we’ve collected 15 DIY rain chains that will help keep water from pooling on a patio or driveway. It is easy enough to create one yourself and in just minutes you can be enjoying the benefits of watering down plants with a natural rainfall.

Copper rain chains are a great way to add beauty and functionality to your home. Copper is a very versatile metal that can be used in many different ways, including rain chains. The copper will slowly oxidize over time, giving the chain an aged look which is perfect for any space.

15 Amazing DIY Rain Chain Ideas

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Make a lovely water feature with these rain chain ideas!

What is the definition of a rain chain?

Rain chains are a lot of fun. They’re a stylish alternative to the metal or plastic downspouts that direct rainfall away from your home. You may create a feature out of the rainfall that flows off your buildings by replacing a downspout with a ‘chain’ of various beautiful materials.

You’ll hear the tinkling sound of flowing water rather than a rush of water through plastic guttering, which is far more peaceful. You’ll be able to watch the water stream through your rain chain while also enjoying a lovely aesthetic element.

What happens to the water?

Consider where you want the water to go when making a DIY rain chain. You might create a rain chain that goes to a barrel or a water butte to save rainwater. Alternatively, rainfall might be channeled to a specific plant container or a water garden.

Where did the rain chain concept originate?

Rain chains have been used to decorate Japanese households and shrines for ages. They’re called ‘kusari-doi’ in Japanese, which means ‘chain gutter.’ From bamboo to rope, a variety of materials have been utilized to make these elegant downpipes throughout the years.

Ideas for Making a Rain Chain

 Making a rain chain is a fun little project to do at home. You may utilize a variety of different materials. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of 15 fantastic ornamental rain chain ideas.

Rain Chain Made from a Terracotta Pot

This is a terrific technique to build a rain chain since you can use a variety of color combinations and it’s inexpensive to manufacture. To make a chain gutter, link small terracotta pots onto a chain. The pots may be painted to fit your color choice.

Rain Chain Made of Polished Stone

You can build a rain chain out of thin flexible wire with this one. Connect the polished stones to the next link in the chain by wrapping the wire around them. You may make a one-of-a-kind rain chain for your house out of a few inexpensive items.

DIY Cutlery Rain Chain

What could be more lovely and practical than upcycling discarded materials into something new? Make a rain chain from old metal cutlery that you no longer use. Alternatively, go to a thrift shop and look for vintage spoons and forks. The chain is made up of the handles. To guide the water, the spoon bowls and fork tines are twisted at an angle.

DIY Rain Chain from a Watering Can

Water going through watering cans is a fantastic concept. This rain chain is made of copper, but you could use cans of any metal and color to make your own. Copper oxidizes and finally becomes a lovely shade of green (verdigris).

DIY Pine Cone Rain Chain

If you like using what nature has to provide, you’ll appreciate this rain chain concept. To withstand the flowing water, the pine cones may need to be treated. Even if this is only a passing rainstorm, it’s still lovely while it lasts.

DIY Rain Chain from Stacked Planters

Instead of hanging at an angle, the plant pots in this rain chain are stacked (see our terracotta pot rain chain, above). Each planter is equipped with a hook that allows it to be simply suspended from the chain link above. This is a simple and basic project that may be completed at home.

Rain Chain Made of Copper Tubing

Make a rain chain out of spare copper tubing, like the one depicted above. It will divert water away from the home while still looking amazing!

Rustic Bucket Rain Chain (DIY)

To build your rain chain, you may use any kind of container. Metal buckets have a nice rustic vibe to them. The water may be collected and utilized in the garden by directing it into a barrel. Consider what you currently have in your house that you might use to construct a rain chain.

DIY Rain Chain Candle Holder

Have you ever received a tea light candle holder as a gift? Is that something you never use? Repurpose these small pots into a rain chain like the one above if they’re cluttering up your home or loft. You might even paint them in a variety of colors.

Plants to Make a Rain Chain

This notion of plants growing in a rain chain is fantastic. If you live in a region with a lot of rain, make sure you select plants that like to be watered often! The beautiful part is that since the water goes through and out of the pots, the soil will drain properly.

DIY Ceramic Rain Chain

This rain chain is not only eye-catching, but also functional. Water pouring over the ceramic discs creates a relaxing sound. A stack of flat polished stones with holes drilled in this fashion might also be used.

Rain Chain Made From Copper Cups

With rain falling on it, copper takes on a new appearance. Hammered copper cups are strung onto a matching chain in this design. To make an eclectic version of this rain chain, collect a variety of copper artifacts – they don’t all have to match! The addition of a copper basin to catch water underneath your rain chain completes the look.

Teapot Rain Chain (DIY)

How cool is this? Get the creative juices flowing with your Ideas for Making a Rain Chain. Junkyards and thrift stores are great places to find old bits and bobs such as kettles, teapots and crockery. What could you make?

DIY Rain Chain is a blast!

This DIY rain chain idea might be for you if you’ve ever gathered intriguing pebbles or rocks on a beach vacation and now have heaps of them. What better way to show them off than in a chain of raindrops? To link them, all you need is some wire to wrap around them and connect them.

Rain Chain Made using a Cookie Cutter

You could have many of them in a drawer that you don’t use very frequently. Secondhand shops are also a good place to look for cookie cutters. Make a rainwater carrier out of them by connecting them with lengths of chain.

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