15 Amazing Balcony Garden Ideas With Pictures 

 May 17, 2022

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Here are some great balcony garden ideas from which you can choose the one that suits your taste and style. Balcony gardens provide not only a way to get fresh air, but also an opportunity for lots of beautiful flowers or other plants.

A balcony garden can be a great addition to your home. It is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors while still being inside. Read more in detail here: balcony garden ideas.

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Most people nowadays are acquainted with the notion of balcony gardening. This concept has exploded in popularity in recent years. You may now develop a beautiful balcony garden for very little money.


Always make a list of your essential criteria before beginning any project. Do you wish to create a simple balcony garden? Do you like a more bohemian or contemporary elegant look? How much are you ready to spend to make the balcony more appealing?

Fortunately, there are many balcony garden ideas in this collection to suit everyone’s wants and preferences. Bring a little bit of the outdoors inside! With the aid of this guide, decide how you want your balcony to appear and get started on these balcony garden ideas.

Gardening on a Balcony

1. Garden with a Wooden Rustic Balcony

This design concept incorporates wooden features as well as accent lights. It makes advantage of wall space by placing flower boxes vertically. You may create the planters out of recycled wood to save money on the project.

The tea light candles provide warmth and romance to the room, giving it a welcoming appearance. If you want to create a comfortable corner on your balcony, this rustic wood-centric balcony garden design may be great for you. You’ll just need scrap wood, a few plants, a hammer, and a few nails.

This classic balcony harkens back to a bygone period. Warmth and comfort are provided by the traditional hues. This concept also has a classic aesthetic that will never go out of style.

2. Balcony Garden in Terra Cotta Vertical

While re-creating this addition to the list of balcony garden ideas, hooks will be your best friend. They’re perfect for hanging baskets or terra cotta pots like the ones seen here. Simple eye hole hooks are used in this design, and metal rods, washers, and bolts are used to connect the pots.

The beauty and simplicity of this design is in the symmetrical separation of the pots to give visual appeal. Needless to say, this concept saves a lot of floor space while also assisting in the maintenance of the balcony garden.

3. Garden on a Bohemian Balcony

What could be better than a contemporary design paired with the ultimate in comfort? This balcony garden has done exactly that with the cushion, blanket, and serving tray! It has a bohemian feel thanks to the throw blanket and the woven basket table.

In keeping with the idea, the rug on this balcony adds another another visual aspect of comfort by breaking up the futuristic gray. You may relax on the comfy sofa while inhaling the pleasant scent of the beautiful flowers on exhibit.

Because no woodworking or hammering is required, this concept is quite straightforward to implement. All you have to do is strategically arrange furniture and plants to create a unified effect.

4. Balcony Garden in a Small Space

This easy yet vibrant concept will add a dash of color to your balcony décor. Even a small area may be made to seem stunningly lovely with white walls and precise positioning of colorful and brilliant flowerpots.

The last touch is a vividly colored ottoman that completes the design. The most crucial step for creating this style is to use complementary colors. The cherry on top is natural light, which ties everything together.

If your garden does not have enough natural light, you may install string lights or umbrella lights.

5. Balcony Garden Repurposed


A salvaged wooden container is used to build a raised garden. Check with numerous small automotive, motorcycle, yard, and specialized businesses for free wood boxes. Parts are frequently transported in the containers. Fresh vegetables and wine are also transported in food crates by grocery retailers. Don’t worry; these containers are often supplied for free or at outrageously low prices.

The only disadvantage is that you will need a lot of earth and soil to cover the bottom part of the container. If you don’t have enough soil, you may fill the bottom half of the box with old pots and bottles. This will also lower the cost.

6. Balcony Garden with Italian Charm

This is the ideal method to transform a small, tight room into something spectacular. This display of vividly colored Petunias and Bougainvilleas, inspired by an Italian window garden, is enough to make any passer-by stop and gaze.

Smaller pots on the interior of the balcony floor are used to grow greenery-infusing plants in this design from our selection of balcony garden ideas. The use of the greenery-infused backdrop brings this concept to life. Furthermore, the beauty of the hanging boxes is impossible to overlook!

Balcony Garden at Green Canopy Retreat

This design is ideal for individuals seeking discreet but unique balcony garden ideas. The bamboo roll helps to enhance the concept. Clematic and Silver Lace are the two vines utilized.

This concept aids in the creation of some privacy. Its fanciful vibe reminds you of dining beneath a canopy of flowery vines while watching the sunset.

8. Garden with a Minimalist Balcony

The most important aspect of this design is to keep everything appearing neat and tidy. The neutral planters provide a sense of sophistication to the space without becoming overpowering. To match the color scheme, the wicker chairs are painted white.

Choose pots with similar designs if you want to opt for a minimalist aesthetic. The floor tiles are also functional, making it simple to maintain the flooring on a regular basis. The tiles come in handy since garden balconies may become dusty and muddy. This garden balcony design is simple to implement and a must-try for anybody who prefers a cleaner, more organized appearance.

9. Zen Garden Balcony

balcony garden ideashttps://www.houzz.in/source/

A zen garden uses carefully arranged rocks, water features, and moss to create a tiny styled scene. This is a unique and deserving addition to the collection of balcony garden ideas. It blends traditional Japanese design elements into your garden, turning it into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The addition of rock and wood to this balcony garden creates a feeling of permanence. Even though you’re on the seventh level of a multi-story structure, the garden seems grounded because to the usage of earthy components. Simple candlelight is used to cement the serene mood, making this a soothing area both day and night.

10. A Vegetable Garden on the Balcony

Creating a practical balcony vegetable garden is no longer a difficult undertaking. Planters are usually more expensive than the plants that will be placed in them. You may also repurpose unused paint cans and mason jars to save money on pots.

Planting a vegetable garden on your balcony has various advantages. If your plants aren’t receiving enough light, you may transfer them to a new location. Drilling extra holes in containers helps improve drainage. Watering is also more efficient, and certain typical garden pests, such as slugs, aren’t a concern.

11. Balcony Garden Idea in Monochromatic Setting

Monochromatic hues are frequently associated with boredom. The traditional black and white monochromatic style, on the other hand, is far from dull. These hues work together to create a sleek and elegant appeal, boosting your home’s dcor. Purchasing this folding, portable wooden chair is also a wise purchase.

The white balcony floor creates the idea of additional space, while the striped rug provides structure to the room. The color-coordinated pots and white flowers add sophistication to the monochrome motif.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to keep to a white and black color scheme. You may use whatever color you like as the focal point of your design. It’s one of the must-try outdoor balcony ideas because of its versatility.

12. Balcony Garden at Tropical Haven

This style is wonderful when properly incorporated into the balcony. Vines may be added and woven around an above arbor made of bamboo and PVC tubing. The floor painting is also a fun element that nearly completes the ensemble.

This concept uses wooden tones and combines them with a tropical motif. In addition, there are extensive instructions for building the side bench and cabinet in the link.

This balcony garden is luxuriant and takes you to a tropical paradise. The vibrant pink and blue accents provide some additional flair to the room. They pop against the background while staying true to the tropical color scheme.

Garden with Blue Floral Balcony

Blue has long been associated with serenity. It represents tranquillity and tranquility. The antique white table and the painted blue floor take on a life of their own.

If you don’t like the traditional table and chair set-up seen in the photo, you may upcycle a garden bench to add a rustic touch. The blue planters are also a nice touch, and the burst of pink helps to break up the blue.

14. Garden on the Balcony

This is most likely one of the most fashionable balcony garden ideas on the list. Succulents, such as aloe plants, detoxify and enhance the quality of the air. As a result, they not only look good, but they also have a significant impact on the environment.

If you want to build an indoor garden, succulent plants are a good place to start. For those trying their hand at gardening for the first time, this notion becomes a must-try. It’s also appropriate for individuals looking for low-maintenance plants.

Only the craftsmanship necessary to attach the pots is required in this project. Everything else is pre-made and requires no more work.

Balcony Garden: Beige Isn’t Boring

This is one of those classic balcony garden designs that everyone loves. Jerry and Collin, a couple looking for their own creative niche, were the first to adopt it. “Work with what you’ve got” is their slogan. They proudly state that they remodeled this lovely balcony area entirely with stuff they already had on hand, without spending any money.

The balcony was designed to accommodate gardening equipment and supplies, additional seats, an ambient dining area, and the cultivation of culinary plants. All they’ve done is strategically organize all of the items in a clever, space-saving manner to create a home they’ll return to.


Edible crops, greenery, and flowers may all be grown in balcony gardens. They have the benefit of being an outdoor room with numerous applications as an extension of your house. They may also be used for reading and sitting down for a conversation.

Balcony gardens may be a wonderful location to unwind and relax. Getting fresh air, establishing a space for natural smells, and engaging with plants and wildlife all have several health advantages. With the aid of the above balcony garden ideas, you can construct your own personal hideaway and enjoy the advantages for a long time.

Furthermore, if you want to take on additional tasks and overhaul your backyard, here is a landscaping guide to assist you.

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The “easy garden ideas” is a collection of 15 amazing balcony garden ideas with pictures. They are easy to do and can be done quickly.

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