11 Simple Backyard Patio Ideas to Make Your Yard Stand Out 

 May 17, 2022

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These 11 patio ideas are so simple, you don’t even need to be a pro at DIY.
1) Paint the top of your deck black and include some bright accents on the bottom in white or yellow- make sure there’s something around that will catch the eye!2) Add some good smelling flowers near your grill.3) Create an outdoor hammock with a few strategically placed ropes 4) Install solar panels for power 5) Install LED lights 6). Bring in big colorful plants 7), 9), 10), 8)) Think outside of the box: try placing benches underneath trees if it rains too often

The “small backyard patio ideas on a budget” is a blog post that will give you 11 simple, yet different, backyard patio ideas to make your yard stand out.

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Backyard Patio Ideas Make your Yard Stand OutA soothing oasis in your backyard may help provide exactly the space you need to escape from the world around you, regardless of the season. To bring your backyard patio ideas to life, you don’t need a lot of money or a gardener.

It’s crucial to understand that you may get these looks in a short amount of time and without spending a lot of money.

Most homeowners choose to leave their yards alone because they believe it will be too expensive to do differently.

But that’s not the case.

Thankfully, these quick and easy design ideas will save you time and money while instantly increasing the value of your property.

We’ve compiled a list of the easiest backyard patio ideas that will make your yard stand out amid the crowd.

Before you know it, you’ll be receiving the HOA award for finest backyard patio.

Backyard Patio Ideas

Realize Your Own Patio Ideas in the Backyard

Homeowners may inherit backyards that do not have much of a patio. The backyard may or may not be at the top of your priorities list when purchasing a property. However, just because it wasn’t a top priority when you purchased the house doesn’t mean it has to remain there.

If you bought a house without a backyard patio, you could simply add one for a reasonable price. It may seem costly, and it will increase the value of your property, but it will not be prohibitively expensive.

Wood or Concrete?

One alternative is to install a concrete slab for the patio’s foundation. You may shape it as you like, and it’s simple to place practically anywhere. Laying concrete slabs may be done on your own, but you can also hire a professional. The DIY option will almost certainly be less costly and will look just as professional.

The usage of wood for the patio foundation is another alternative for your backyard patio. You may simply paint or stain wood to fit your design tastes, or you can leave it natural.

A wooden patio can improve your environment in any case for very little money and effort.

However, there are certain things to consider when it comes to wooden patios. The region under the wood is ideal for little critters.

These critters may build their own small houses under your patio, which might cause problems in the future.

Every year, you should have a professional look after the place to ensure that nothing gets too comfy in there.

Rugs for Outside

The allure of a gorgeous new outdoor rug can pull anyone into the backyard patio decorating game before they know it. Rugs for Outside are a really inexpensive option to give your backyard patio the standout appeal it’s dying for.

A new outdoor rug may also change the look of your room from season to season. You may quickly alter the design look to reflect what’s going on in your environment. Alternatively, you might go with a lovely rug that works all year and helps your patio stand out from the crowd.

The outdoor rug choice appeals to us because it can readily conceal unsightly concrete that has faded or deteriorated over time. It may also conceal outdated wooden patios in need of refinishing. Save yourself the trouble of painting by laying down a large, beautiful outdoor rug.

Simple and straightforward.

At Your Fingertips: Tranquility

The peacefulness aspect is desired by both small and large yards. And there’s one simple way to offer any sized room the tranquility it craves: fountains!

Water features may seem to be costly and complex DIY projects, but they are not. Choosing a simpler, more rustic look may save you thousands of dollars and many hours of effort. You might even build a backyard patio fountain right now using items you already have in your yard.

Allow the cascade and peace to wash over you with an old watering can (pun intended). To make the water fountain, go to your local home improvement shop and ask for a cheap pump option.

Light Strings

Whoever said Light Strings were only for Christmas were totally wrong.

In fact, they’re ideal for a patio in the backyard. You could drape the lights around the siding of your house with your pergola, or you could make the area yourself with little wooden poles.

String backyard lighting allows users to decorate places of the yard that are not usually covered with lights. Examples include patio awnings, gazebos, windows, doorways and more. Light Strings look a lot like Christmas light strings except that they come in many themes and styles.

Colored lights are fantastic for special occasions on the patio, but mellow, yellow lights are perfect for every occasion. They offer a soothing atmosphere while providing enough illumination.

Not too much and not too little. These Light Strings are perfect and simple.

You could also add torches or lanterns if you want more light with your Light Strings. Torches can serve as two purposes – lighting and bug repellants.

If your space is larger, you may want to add more than just Light Strings to ensure everyone can easily enjoy the space.

Make Your Fence Shine

This DIY project isn’t something you’d expect to see in someone’s garden, which adds to its appeal. This next project is perfect if you want a backyard patio with a little more wow factor.

Drill marble-sized holes in your fence to add a particular touch to your backyard patio. Spread the holes about haphazardly and let them form their own pattern.

Add genuine colored marbles once you’ve drilled the holes where you want them.

Lighting Marble Fence Idea


Fill the holes with colorful marbles. While the sun is shining, this will let our patio and yard to be colorfully and vibrantly lighted.

The many hues will dance throughout your lawn, putting on an unexpected spectacle.

This DIY project is a hit with both kids and adults since it transforms their yard. The greatest thing about these backyard patio ideas is that they are simple and affordable to implement.

This looks great on its own, but it may also be used with other forms of patio lighting.

Get Artsy

Are you a creative person? Do you know an artist who enjoys sharing their skills with family and friends? Bring anybody you know who is capable of creating masterpieces over to your backyard fence and set them go.

Fence murals are one-of-a-kind works of art that will quickly make your backyard patio stand out. Nobody in your area will have anything like it, and you will be able to enjoy it every day.

fence painting

wall art paint mural

Kay Bruner’s Blog is the source for both of the photographs above.

Before painting your fence, make sure it is adequately prepared. The last thing you want is for your lovely artwork to be painted just to be washed away after a few rain showers.

Some creative folks have started employing repurposed items in their yards, and the results are stunning (and environmentally beneficial).

There are simple methods to prepare your fence and protect the painting. For additional information, contact your local home improvement retailer.

Consider going vertical.

Following the same vein as the fence, your tiny backyard patio doesn’t have to be devoid of flora due to a lack of room. Because of the ground/soil, many big backyard patios do not contain plants. The good news is that it doesn’t have to prevent you from appreciating the beauty of nature.

In today’s backyard patio environment, fences are taking on a new role. They’re starting to resemble vertical gardens.

That’s correct. A vertical garden rather than a horizontal one. It may seem to be a bizarre notion, but it’s really rather simple.

Drill holes in your fence using a wooden pallet. Using the proper tools, secure it to the fence. Drill plastic planters or pots into the wooden pallet after that.

You could even have pot hangers that you’d want to utilize. Fill the container with potting soil and your chosen plant, then wait for it to blossom.

Plants that dangle outside of the container, creating a cascading effect, are excellent selections.

Vertical gardens are ideal for areas where soil is insufficient for plant growth or for smaller spaces.

Outdoor Dining

Patios in the backyard are supposed to be enjoyed. That means that eating supper on the patio while enjoying a nice wind is sometimes just what the doctor prescribed.

However, we understand if the concept of eating your food from your lap makes you uncomfortable. That’s why having a dining area on your backyard patio is crucial.

Tables for 4-6 (or more) people may be found on larger patios, whereas smaller patios may only be able to seat 2-4 people. You may either buy outdoor dining sets (which are usually more costly) or make your own.

Upcycling alternatives for your outdoor dining table include barrels, wooden planks, pallets, and old tires. These might be stuff you already own or items you can obtain for a low price at antique stores or scrap yards (if any at all).

Watch your visitors ooh and ahh at the inventiveness and practicality bundled into one dining set by keeping a look out for interesting findings that might easily be utilized to make a table on your patio.

First let’s talk about one of the more popular varieties of these chairs – the hanging hammock.Move Away

A hammock is one of the easiest and most affordable methods to alter your outdoor patio. We understand why everyone who comes to visit wants to swing on the hammock.

Hammocks are synonymous with relaxation. They transfer you to a remote island where the waves smash right next to you, removing your worries.

You don’t need the beach at your feet to enjoy a hammock on your backyard patio, fortunately (or unfortunately). If no trees are available for hanging the hammock, you’ll need a hammock stand, but that’s not a problem.

A hammock is delightful whether suspended from a stand or a tree.

Make a statement with a hammock on your patio, and your pocketbook will thank you.

Pallet furnishings

One of the hottest (and cheapest) trends for backyard patio living is Pallet furnishings. You simply take old pallets that you get from warehouses or box stores and create chairs, couches, and even shelving units.

You may either paint the pallets to fit the look of your backyard patio or leave them natural. A hammer, saw, tape measure, screws, screwdriver, drill, sander, and safety goggles are all necessary instruments.

If you’re not sure what kind of screws you’ll need, ask about weight-bearing screws at your local hardware shop.

Pallet furnishings is a great way to add unique seating options to any outdoor space.

Oversized Sports

Does your family like board games? Lucky for you, there are some Oversized Sports you can add to your backyard patio to create a fun and exciting space – with options such as oversized Jenga, life-sized chess, and so much more.

Large Jenga pieces may be readily made out of wood blocks, and a chess board can be made out of two different colored stepping stones. You could either utilize human chess pieces or spend a bit more money on life-sized chess pieces.

These activities offer your outdoor patio the attention it deserves without putting in a lot of work. Increase the level of participation and enthusiasm at your next gathering.


You might put bricks down in distinct patterns or one overall hue to give your backyard patio a fresh appearance. Bricks are useful since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it simple to personalize your area.

Although laying down a complete patio with bricks may be too costly for your huge patio, you might install a fire pit instead.

This is a simple method to make a focal point in your lawn without breaking the bank. Small and huge fire pits both function in the same way, bringing people together to create new memories.

Your new yard is waiting for your creative backyard patio ideas and designs to make it stand out from the crowd. These low-cost design techniques can give you the style you desire without breaking the budget.

The majority of the projects can be completed in one weekend, allowing you to completely remodel your area in no time.

The “how to make a patio look nice” is an article that will show you 11 simple backyard patio ideas. The article also has instructions on how to make your own patio look nice.

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