11 Fun Parachute Games for Kindergarteners to Play in Your Backyard 

 April 22, 2022

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Games are fun and learning is never a bad thing. Here are 11 parachute games for the kids to enjoy! From agility tests to hula-hoop competitions, these backyard games will make any playtime more exciting.

The “parachute games for middle school” are a collection of 11 fun parachute games for kindergarteners to play in your backyard. These games can be played with the help of a parachute, or without one.

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It’s amazing to see films and movies of individuals falling from great heights and triggering their parachute in mid-flight. Children of all ages like watching this, particularly toddlers who are still learning about the world.

That’s why using a parachute can be so enjoyable. We’ll teach you how to play some of the greatest parachute games for kindergarteners at home.


Some of the activities listed below are perfect if you have a big garden and multiple toddlers to occupy. Take a look at these!

Why Should Kindergarten Students Use a Parachute?

Parachutes may seem to be nothing more than a piece of cloth. But there’s a lot more to them. Playing with one may provide a number of benefits to a group of toddlers, including:

Improve your motor skills

The act of playing with a parachute is nearly totally physical. Running, leaping, dancing, squatting, and general physical exercise with a parachute are particularly beneficial at a young age.

Boost Your Social Skills

Making kindergarteners connect with one another via appropriate activities may be very socially beneficial, encouraging them to acquire skills that will be valuable in the future.

Learn & Develop Intellectually

From elementary letters and numbers to colors, nations, towns, animals, plants, and everything in between, parachute games may help children learn what they need to know at this age.

Have a great time!

The major reason a parachute can be such a great toy is because it can teach a variety of skills while still being entertaining. Kindergarteners may have a fun with a parachute no matter what the game is.

In kindergarten, there are 11 games to do using parachutes.

Let’s look at what these parachute games for kids are now that you’ve heard about the benefits:

1. Competition of Colored Balls

parachute games for kids

Nothing is more enjoyable than having youngsters compete in teams. It avoids conflict and encourages kids to have a good time – as a warm-up for more complex team sports in the future. So, here’s how it goes:

  • Begin by instructing the children to take the parachute and hold it at hip height. For a better experience, they should be of comparable height.
  • Make teams as the youngsters grab the parachute. Two or three teams should be present. Then, depending on the number of groupings, you’ll need to add balls of various colors.
  • The goal of the game is for the kids to agitate the parachute so that the opposing team’s balls fall out.
  • The game is won by the team that can get rid of all of the colored balls from the other team.

This game is designed to socialize children, assess their competitiveness, and assess their ability to cooperate in groups. It goes without saying that it can be a lot of fun.

Mushrooms 2

parachute games for kids

We’ll begin with the most benign and straightforward of games. The mushroom’s purpose is to get the youngsters moving and to break the ice.

It’s as simple as this:

  • Allow the children to grip various portions of the chute, ideally the handles. Each child should be placed in a unique position.
  • Then order them to open the chute and let it rain down on their heads (their arms should be extended above)
  • Give them a sign and instruct them to take it down immediately. It will resemble a mushroom due to the air between the floor and the chute.
  • Then have them perform the same thing, but in a hurry. The one who remains out of the mushroom is the loser.

If you choose, this game may be completely non-competitive, and it’s a great way to start most outdoor gatherings.

3. Turtle with a Parachute

parachute games for kids

A parachute turtle is a fun game that requires coordination and a lot of movement. It may also be used as a racing game. Here’s how you can play:

  • Tell the youngsters to grip the parachute from the inside, but in distinct positions, so they’re holding the parachute in different ways.
  • Tell the kids to squat without releasing go of the parachute once they’re underneath it.
  • The duct over their hoods will make them seem like a turtle in this posture. In this posture, they must walk.
  • Make two or three groups of youngsters perform the same thing if you want to add some extra fun. Instead of strolling aimlessly, inform them that the first person to reach a given location will win a race.

It may be useful to break the ice, have a lot of fun with the kids, and, more importantly, encourage them to get some exercise while doing so.

4. It’s a Roundabout

parachute games for kids

The exercise, like the popular “Simon Says,” trains youngsters to follow directions and respond quickly (in a fun manner!) while still moving around a lot. The following is how it works:

  • Tell the youngsters to go to the boundary and get the parachute. They should be adequately spaced and dressed similarly so that they may run in a circle without colliding.
  • In this stance, instruct them to gently run in a circle. However, while you’re doing so, start giving them orders like walk, crouch, stand, sit, leap, and so on.
  • Whoever fails to obey the instruction loses and is forced to leave the game. As a result, it’s also a listening game from which kids may learn a lot.
  • To make it more difficult, add speed and ambiguity by delivering them directives in a variety of ways, forcing them to switch directions, and shifting their locations so they can’t always follow them readily.

Even the most serious and shy of children will have a great time playing this game. However, be warned that it may be really competitive (SO BEWARE!)

5. Switching Positions

parachute games for kids

It’s not simple to teach children, particularly in kindergarten. You may, however, have them play a game in which they must be familiar with them in order to enjoy it. This is when position switching comes in. This is how it goes:

  • Tell the kids to get the parachute from various locations along the border. For the game to operate, they must be standing.
  • Begin giving the children a number, color, or animal while in this posture. However, you must allocate the same one to two or three children at the same time. The goal is to construct a group that is united by numbers, animals, or colors.
  • When their number, color, or animal is called, each team must rush and switch positions. The adult or instructor may shout at both sides at the same time, making the game even more exciting.
  • Before the parachute strikes the ground, these teams must switch places. The losing team is eliminated.

You can play with cities, nations, fruits, veggies, and pretty about anything else. In any case, it’ll be a lot of fun!

6. Make a handshake

parachute games for kids

The shaking-hands game is a game that is similar to exchanging. This one is more of an ice-breaker game than a teaching tool. It may assist youngsters in getting to know and connect with one another. The following is how it works:

  • The youngsters should grip the parachute above their heads so that it has to journey down for a few seconds before touching the ground.
  • You may now use colors, numbers, animals, or anything else you want. However, we encourage that they use their own names instead.
  • These two youngsters must release go of the parachute, go underneath it, and shake hands when the instructor or adults pronounce two of their names. Then they must return and get the parachute from the same location as previously.
  • They must exit the game if the parachute strikes the ground. Variations on the elimination procedure may be added (or have none at all)

It’s a lot of fun, gets the kids moving, and helps them get to know one other better. This one may be particularly good for children who struggle to socialize.

7. The Treasure of the Sea

parachute games for kindergarteners

The sea treasure game is another game that may be used as both a learning aid and a direction-taking exercise. It’s all about having kids go find a treasure beneath the sea, just how it sounds (the parachute). It’s quite straightforward:

  • Bring a collection of goodies for the kids to find (toys, shapes, balls, colorful items, etc.). Submerge them in the parachute.
  • Make the children grip the parachute and hold it at chest height (so they can still crouch below). Tell them to agitate the parachute to make it appear like it’s being tossed about in the water.
  • They will already be having a good time in this job. However, you can make it much more amusing by calling out one of the children’s names and instructing them to go downstairs and get something particular.

The goal is to perplex the children and force them to gather various items. This has the potential to be a lot of fun. More significantly, it will assist kids in better understanding instructions, as well as educate them about shapes, toys, and other topics.

8. Cat & Mouse

parachute games for kindergarteners

Some of the most enjoyable games are those that require children to compete with one another. The energy and exhilaration of competition may be quite beneficial even for children. It might also be used as a way to meet new people. The game of cat and mouse is just that:

  • The mouse will be played by one of the children. The cats will be the others. The cats will attempt to capture the mouse from underneath the parachute, just as it sounds. 
  • However, there is a catch. They must seize the parachute while the mouse remains under it. When you call out one of the cats’ names, they must go after the mouse.
  • They become the mouse if they are unable to capture the mouse within a specific length of time. This will go on indefinitely.
  • The children in charge of the parachute will have to wriggle the fabric in order to make it more difficult for the cat to grab the mouse.

This may be a fun way to test their competitiveness as well as their ability to interact and play without becoming enraged.

9. March with a Rhythm

parachute games for kindergarteners

With toddlers, pure physical activities are always worth attempting. This one has a lot of singing and dancing, which kids like. This is how it goes:

  • The parachute should be grabbed by the children. They should hold it this time so that everyone is gazing in the same direction.
  • Then begin singing, perhaps a nursery rhyme or a children’s song that they can join in on. They should march around while clutching the chute at this point.
  • Then you should tweak the words and/or get the kids to dance to the beat of the music. This will aid in the development of motor skills while also ensuring that they have a great time.

This game has no losers or winners. The emphasis is on having a good time, singing, dancing, and jogging.

10. Color, Number & Animal Quiz

parachute games for kindergarteners

Are your children just learning the fundamentals of numbers, animals, and colors? What better way to assess their expertise than to directly question them? Here’s when a parachute may be both amusing and educational:

  • Allow the kids to walk around the parachute. You may tell other youngsters to step on a certain color since the chute is constructed of various hues.
  • You may give a number to each child to make it more engaging. That youngster must jump into the parachute color when you mention the number and color.
  • To top it off, after they walk into the correct hue, you can have them make an animal sound.

The game is a lot of fun, there are no winners or losers, yet it still teaches children something. There’s nothing to lose by giving it a try.

11. Locate the Shoes

parachute games for kindergarteners

More children acquire fundamental skills in kindergarten, such as how to tie their shoes and dress themselves. Retrieve the shoes is one of those activities that helps students understand fundamental concepts. Here’s how to put it to good use:

  • To begin, have the toddlers remove their shoes and set them on the grass or the patio concrete.
  • The parachute should be held by every child. Obviously, they should be arranged in a circle. The chute should be around shoulder height.
  • Assign a number to two children in this slot. This will be a group effort. When their number is announced, each team must descend below the parachute and put on their shoes.
  • It’ll be entertaining since they’ll have to sprint and put their shoes on at the same time (some will have to learn to tie them up in the process). It is, nevertheless, a numerical practice. And, what’s more, it may be a team sport.

One of the most physically demanding and beneficial sports using a parachute is also rather simple to play.


Allowing toddlers to get bored at a party or returning home without using all of their energy is not a good idea. You’ll have a lot of fun with your kindergarteners if you play these parachute activities with them.

In certain circumstances, breaking the ice and getting youngsters to play with each other is difficult. However, with games like these, it will be a breeze.

Because these activities may be very competitive and physically demanding, an adult should always be nearby in case anything goes wrong.

Regardless, we encourage that you try them all. They’re a lot of fun and really nutritious in a variety of ways!

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