11 BBQ Party Games for Fun in Your Backyard 

 May 16, 2022

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If you’re looking for something to do at your next barbecue, consider these 11 outdoor games that are fun and easy. These lighthearted summertime activities will get the party started with food, drinks, music and laughter! Topics:

The “outdoor party games ideas for adults” is a blog post that has 11 different BBQ Party Games. The games are designed to be fun and entertaining in your backyard.

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If you’re searching for some ideas for barbeque party games, look no further. There’s something for everyone, from basic backyard fun to brain-teasing challenges.

These outdoor BBQ party games are very easy to put up. Many are also inexpensive and simple DIY projects. Which are your personal favorites?

11 Grilling Party Games

Lawn Twister No. 1

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Twister is one of the most popular and entertaining barbeque party games for a group of people. Spray paint various colored circles onto an old sheet, mat, or tarp, or even directly into the grass, to create your own twister’ floor. Set up your’mat’ on your grass — it’ll be more comfortable to land on than asphalt!

You may also purchase pre-made sets so you don’t have to do any effort and can just enjoy yourself!

2. Cup race

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A cup race is one of the most exciting and dynamic BBQ party activities since it is one of the most basic concepts available. Simply prepare enough cups for your visitors and fill them with water or anything readily spillable.

Then divide into teams and create a simple (or complex!) course to race around in your garden to see who can go through without dropping a drop. As in a relay race, each individual passes the cup to the next for their turn.

3. Race of the egg and spoon

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This race is similar to the cup race in that it requires running with an egg perched on a spoon. The eggs are normally hard-boiled to make things less messy — and then you can eat them!

4. Jumbo Jenga

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There are several large versions of famous indoor games on the market right now. Giant Jenga is a fun game to play during a BBQ.

Set it up on a grassy place and take turns removing the wooden pieces — can you keep the Jenga tower from collapsing? It’s simple to create using 2 x 4 pieces of wood, so it may be a fun DIY project. Color the blocks’ ends to represent various teams or players.

5. Bowling

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This BBQ party game is quite easy to play. It’s a handcrafted ten pin bowling game. Use a total of ten plastic bottles of the same size. A one-liter bottle is an excellent option. Fill with water and cover with the lids. Assemble the ‘pins’ into a triangle, much like at the bowling alley. Find an appropriate ball and see how many you can knock down! If you add a glow stick to each water bottle, this is a wonderful nighttime activity for kids.

Cornhole 6

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Cornhole, like other popular BBQ party games, is simple to play. A board with a circular hole at the end is put up. Everyone has their own beanbag. The beanbags are thrown onto the board to score. If your bag falls right into the hole, you gain additional points. Simple, yet capable of keeping people entertained for hours.

7. Limbo

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How flexible do you feel? This is still one of the most popular games at BBQ parties. All you need is a broom handle or anything similar long enough for two people to grip at opposite ends. Who can squat the most under the limbo stick? It’s great fun for people of all ages, and it pairs nicely with some party music.

8. Race with sacks

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This is a timeless outdoor game that will never go out of style. You just need a few hessian bags, enough to accommodate all of your visitors.

Set up your track and a finish line, then get ready to race! To win the race, you leap along in your bag as quickly as possible. Both youngsters and adults will enjoy this game.

9. Toss the rings

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Another simple BBQ party game that will keep both kids and adults entertained for hours. Empty bottles may be reused and scattered on the lawn.

The object of the game is to wrap the ring around the bottle. You may assign various points to different bottles depending on how tough it is to reach them. You may build your own rings out of rope or use pool rings for this one.

10. Identify the popstar

This is one of those nighttime barbecue party games when everyone gathers around the fire. Make a list of pop stars’ names on little sheets of paper — at least three each visitor.

Place the folded pieces of paper in a bowl in the middle of the table. People take turns picking a piece of paper and singing a pop star song. The others must identify the singer. You might award a reward for the finest vocal performance!

Pictionary in the Park

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For this BBQ party game, you’ll need a blackboard in your backyard. It might be hung on a fence or a wall. It’s entertaining for all ages and stimulates the imagination.

If you’ve ever played Pictionary, you’ll know that it’s similar to charades except with photos. A blackboard may also be used for other purposes, such as becoming creative with the kids outside in the fresh air.

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The “bbq entertainment ideas” is a list of 11 BBQ party games that are fun to play in your backyard. They are all very easy, and can be done by anyone.

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