10 Swimming Pool Myths Busted by an Expert 

 May 21, 2022

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Swimming is a wonderful and healthy summertime activity, but some myths around swimming pools can make you think twice before jumping in. We talked to an expert about the real facts of pool safety so you know what not to do.

The “swimming pool myths and facts” is a blog post by an expert who has debunked 10 common swimming pool myths.

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Working as a pool cleaner in the swimming pool sector has given me a lot of experience and information about pools. This involves hearing (and correcting) frequent pool misconceptions.

Some of the statements made to me by swimming pool owners and real estate brokers astound me every time.

I’m going to debunk some popular swimming pool misconceptions and realities in this essay.

Real-Life Experience Busts the Top Swimming Pool Myths

Myth #1: Swimming pools do not increase the value of a property when it is sold.

Australian houses with swimming pools sell for an average of 8% more than their competitors. Homes with swimming pools sell quicker in warmer regions, and they sell very well in the summer.

Myth disproved.

Myth #2 – Swimming pool waterfalls are expensive and a complete waste of money.

A waterfall may actually increase aeration in your pool by assisting with water movement, which is beneficial to the cleanliness and health of your pool.

Myth disproved.

Myth #3: Larger filtration systems are more effective.

A swimming pool pump is a device that is designed to work in a certain range of water, with the highest efficiency and lowest cost. In terms of a composite picture, the correct size is preferable, and cost efficiency is critical.

Myth disproved.

Myth #4: Swimming pool maintenance is costly.

An ordinary swimming pool may be kept for as little as $25 per month with adequate regular maintenance and a large selection of items in a competitive market.

Myth debunked entirely.

Swimming Pool MythsMyth #5: Exercising in a pool is equivalent to regular exercise.

Swimming keeps the body cool and enables for motions that are impossible to do outside of it.

Water also contributes to the workout by creating drag and giving support. Many workouts may be done that will improve your health and safety.

Myth disproved.

Myth #6 – Chemicals found in urine

They do not exist, despite assertions to the contrary. This is a common ruse used by many public swimming pools to prevent youngsters from peeing in them.

This myth has been debunked, despite its effectiveness and use.

Chlorine turns blonde hair green, according to myth #7.

Copper exposure is what causes hair to become green. Copper from copper pipework or copper-based algaecides might be present in your water.

Myth disproved.

Myth #8: Chlorine causes rashes, aching ears, and stinging eyes.

Bacteria causes rashes and sore ears. Stinging eyes are caused by incorrect and excessive PH levels, as well as chloramines, rather than by chlorine levels.

Myth almost debunked.

Swimming pools are only useful for half of the year, according to myth #9.

Pools may be utilized all year for health advantages thanks to simple to install and low-cost solar powered systems.

Swimming in cold water may be incredibly energizing, and if you swim often, you will find that you are better prepared to endure the colder winter months.

Myth disproved.

Learn how to keep your pool in good shape all year!

Swimming pools stench like chlorine, according to myth #10.

Your pool will not smell like chlorine even if you use a lot of it.

The odors you’re smelling are chloramines, which are reactants with chlorine disinfectants in your pool, such as sweat, sunscreens, colognes, and other such items.

Adding extra disinfectants to any pool can eliminate the odor.

Myth disproved.


That’s all there is to it. The top 10 misconceptions about swimming pools have been debunked. 

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