10 Festive Wooden Christmas Yard Decorations 

 May 21, 2022

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Decorating your yard for the holidays is a tradition that seems to carry on year after year, but it can be difficult to figure out what you need. These 10 wooden decorations are perfect for your Christmas festivities and will help create an ideal festive holiday scene.

The “free wooden christmas yard decorations patterns” is a list of 10 festive and easy to make Christmas yard decorations that are perfect for this time of year.

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In certain communities, displaying the proper festive wooden Christmas yard decorations is a serious business!

We’ve selected some wooden yard décor to assist you have a traditional holiday yard, whether you want to offer your visitors a preview of your Christmas yard decor or you remain in one.

Christmas Yard Decorations Made of Wood

Continue reading to discover a Christmas activity that will showcase your seasonal passion.

1. Holiday Wooden Sign

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A inviting Christmas holiday tableau on your front entrance may be created with rustic elements like a wooden sign.

A natural colored or bleached wooden sign with a vivid flash of green or red letters pairs well with other Christmas yard decorations like brown paper bundles strung with strings, sleds, or garlands.

Simple lines like ‘Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays’ might be used, or you can be creative and come up with quotations from your favorite singers or movies. On Amazon, we like this “Elf Surveillance” sign!

2. Wooden Fence with Garland

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This timeless eye-catching and easy mix of red huge bows, white Christmas lights, and green garland is hard to top if you seek tried-and-true outdoor decorating ideas.

For porches with large railings, a garland with lights is ideal. To connect your interior and outdoor Christmas decorations together, use the same garlanding up the stairs and above the windows. 

If your house does not have a porch, this is also a great aesthetic for a wooden fence or an apartment balcony.

3. Logs with Paint

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This Christmas DIY project is easy enough for youngsters to assist with. Paint is required to create an easy-to-make entrance display.

You can chop the pieces of wood yourself if you have access to a woodpile. Birch logs are also available online or at a craft shop.

After that, you may paint your design on the cut wood. These Santa Clauses are painted in red and white. However, according on your inclination, you may utilize reindeer or snowmen.

Even if you are not a talented artist, this easy project will bring a rustic touch to your front entrance. Tie the logs together with a colorful ribbon to finish the effect.

4. Wooden Snowman Rustic

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Not everyone gets to have a white Christmas, particularly if snow is scarce or non-existent where they reside.

If that’s the case, try decorating your doorstep with this non-melting and friendly wooden snowman.

If you have the time and materials, you may make your own snowman out of discarded wooden pallets or wooden posts.

A whimsical touch is added with old, weathered paint, a huge burlap ribbon, and a miniature birdhouse.

5. Display of a Rustic Ladder

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A wooden ladder may be used to showcase your front porch Christmas decorations.

Then you may put any decorations you like on the ladder steps. Decorate the ladder with pinecones, greenery, lanterns, or any other little decorations.

6. Snowflakes made from recycled wood

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These exquisite and dramatic Christmas snowflakes are a terrific alternative for a variation from the typical front porch décor if you’re seeking for entrance decorations that will make you stand out. 

To add a finishing touch, whitewash or paint the wood pieces.

You may use these enormous snowflakes alone or with other rustic Christmas yard decorations like a wire lantern or paper garland after you’re finished.

7. Pallet Sign in Rustic Style

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This “Merry Christmas” sign adds a splash of color to rustic outdoor Christmas decorations.

Unlike a neutral wood finish, the red paint instantly catches the attention, making it the focal point of the Christmas front porch décor.

This sign pairs well with other rustic components like a wooden chair, burlap wreath, and tiny Christmas tree because of the rustic wear and old appearance around the edges.


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With this weather-resistant JOY nativity display, you can show your Christmas zeal and the “reason for the season.”

The three-piece arrangement is a must-have for any holiday front yard.

9. Swing on the Front Porch

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When the correct components are incorporated, a front porch may be welcoming and comforting. A front porch swing is one of these features!

The swing can be transformed into the ideal outdoor sitting choice for the holidays with the addition of an ottoman and some big seasonal pillows.

10. Nativity Set in White

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Basic is often great, particularly for individuals who wish to celebrate Christmas without blowing their budget on energy or going beyond. This simple nativity scene may be ideal. 

It’s time to go decorating!

To create a beautiful festive wooden yard, try any of the Christmas ideas listed above.

You may enlist the support of a family member or a friend to complete your DIY project while simultaneously assisting them with the creation of their outside Christmas decorations.

There is no better way to spend the holiday season!

The “diy wooden christmas yard decorations” are 10 festive wooden Christmas yard decorations that can be made in minutes.

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