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 May 13, 2022

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We all know that reel mowers do not work as well on a slope, but when you get them level and rolling smoothly across the grass, they are one of the best tools for keeping your lawn at its best. The 10 Best Reel Lawn Mower will help you keep your home in tip-top shape.

The “best powered reel mower” is a type of lawnmower that has an engine, which powers the blades. This type of mower is generally more expensive than other types, but it can be worth the investment.

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While mowing the grass is necessary, not everyone enjoys charging batteries or unwinding yards of extension line. What is the answer to this issue? Mowers with reels. 

You may associate reel mowers with 18th-century farming, but technology has advanced much in revitalizing the traditional design. Even without electronics, reel mowers are an excellent method to quickly trim the garden. No emissions, no noise, no wiring — it’s no surprise that reel mowers are popular. 

Reel mowers are great for particular gardens, and they have a lot of advantages over electric rotary mowers. A reel lawn mower, capable of cutting grass at roughly the 2″ mark, may provide an exceptional cut. A manual mower may be right for you if you desire precisely cut, elegant-looking grass. 

A reel mower’s manual movement provides for a lot of versatility and accuracy. Professional gardeners and groundskeepers utilize reel mowers for a variety of reasons, including grass striping and even cutting. 


362050-1001 Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower

Our #1 Reel Lawn Mower Recommendation!

Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower keeps your lawn sharp and clean. It includes a StaySharp 18-inch blade that cuts through even the roughest and most uneven grass. You will have peace of mind and an evenly mowed yard with this product.

Price Comparison

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We’ve evaluated the top cylinder lawn mowers on the market, sifting through the options to discover which ones made the cut. Those looking for a healthier lawn, fewer fuss, and an even lawn should continue reading to learn about the finest reel mower available. 

Reviews of the Best Reel Mower

Reel lawn mowers have gone a long way in recent decades, with a wide range of models available. Because of this, determining which reel mower is right for you might be challenging. Many firms have left their mark on the mowing industry by developing products that cater to extremely particular demands. 

During our research, we identified nine of the top push mowers on the market. We concentrated on the cutting breadth, blade quality, and mobility, which we consider to be the most crucial features. 

We attributed it to who these mowers were most suited for after looking at all of these aspects. For certain consumers, everything from price to unique technology is significant, therefore we made care to account for everything in our evaluations. 

Whether you’re not sure what a reel push mower is or if you need one, stay reading because we’ll show you the nine greatest options. Check out our reviews to discover which reel mower is ideal for you!

#1. 362050-1001 Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower


A Quick Look

  • Cutting width: 18″
  • InertiaDrive and StaySharp technologies
  • Contactless
  • The chute is reversible.

Price Comparison

The Fiskars StaySharp is one of the finest reel lawn mowers on the market, being both sharp and light. 

The 18″ blade, which uses StaySharp technology for a constantly sharp blade, is the main attraction of this reel mower. As a result, the mower glided over the yard effortlessly, obliterating any tough or uneven grass in the process. The grass was finished beautifully with precisely trimmed ends. 

Fiskars has also praised its InertiaDrive reel, which cuts through difficult grass, in addition to StaySharp. This was accompanied by a fantastic 2-way grass chute that spewed grass either backwards or downwards. 

The Fiskars StaySharp was very simple to use, eliminating most of the work involved in cutting with a reel mower. The no-contact blades are to blame for this, which are a blessing for lengthy cutting sessions. With firm Plastic casters that allowed for some movement, Maneuverability was not a problem either.

The simply adjustable height lever was one of our favorites among all of the features. The grass position was simply altered on the fly with a short pull of the lever. 

The Fiskars StaySharp is a high-quality mowing tool, despite its high price. It’s simple to use, Pushing is simple., and leaves a high-quality finish on the grass. There are a few drawbacks, such as Plastic casters that may wear out and the absence of a collecting bag, but they are minor in comparison to the many advantages this mower offers. 

What we enjoyed

  • StaySharp blades are incredible.
  • Pushing is simple.
  • Hard grass is chopped using InertiaDrive.
  • Very good height adjustment

What we didn’t care for

  • There’s no grass bag.
  • Plastic casters
  • Expensive

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#2. Great States Push Mower 815-18


A Quick Look

  • Cutting width: 18″
  • 5 blades of steel
  • Rubber ten-inch wheels
  • Handle loop

Price Comparison

Many manufacturers prefer exuberance and intricate features above simplicity, which is frequently disregarded in garden maintenance. The Great States 815 is a great example of a simple yet successful design. 

The 18″ blade will rapidly chop through grass, and the wonderful ball bearing reel with five blades makes fast work of a lawn. We discovered that it easily sliced through even, flat surface grass. Patch grass and weeds, on the other hand, took a few more cuts to get through. 

The Great States 815 was versatile enough. The height lever may be adjusted from 0.5″ to 2.75″, resulting in a lovely lawn. 

The assembly was quite simple once the package was opened. The only thing left to do is connect the handlebar to the cylinder, which just takes a few minutes. The grip on the handlebar is quite pleasant and supple. 

The 815 excels in the area of movement. The radial rubber tires glided lightly through grass and rough terrain. It turned and pushed easily, which is crucial in a push reel mower. 

The Great States 815-18 is an excellent pick in every way. The mower’s simple, easy, and effective design was an added benefit to an already excellent product. All of the essential features of a reel mower are present and of the highest quality. This is a mower that we strongly suggest. 

What we enjoyed

  • Simple layout
  • Excellent blades
  • Maneuverability
  • Positions of height

What we didn’t care for

  • Battles with tall or uneven grass
  • Grass discharge in one direction

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#3. Greenworks Reel Lawn Mower, 16-Inch


A Quick Look

  • Cutting width: 16″
  • 2-in-1 grass ejection
  • 2″ rear wheels, 10″ front wheels
  • 4 height adjustment positions

Price Comparison

Greenworks has a long history of producing high-quality mowers across the board, and its reel mowers are no exception. 

This reel mower is a less expensive option right out of the box than other reel mowers on the market. The assembly is simple, involving simply the connection of a handle and a collecting bag. Because you won’t need any equipment, you’ll be mowing your lawn in no time. 

The 16″ cutting deck is ideal for small gardens and lawns. The contactless blades cut level grass well enough, but struggled with anything taller than 3″-4″. However, weeds and grass clumps may need many cuts to be removed. 

A narrow range of cutting locations, spanning from roughly 1.2″ to 2.25″, should enough for everyday cuts. 

A grass collecting bag is included with the Greenworks mower, allowing for mulching and collection. The mower will gain considerable size and weight as a result, making moving much more difficult. The clippings were still being ejected in a timely way even without the bag. 

The Greenworks is one of the lightest reel mowers we’ve tested, so moving it is a breeze. Despite their size, the wheels performed well and handled rougher conditions admirably. If you’re of the shorter sort, keep in mind that the handle isn’t adjustable. 

Any yard can benefit from the Greenworks 16-inch reel lawn mower. It’s a good buy because of the price, weight, and discharge choices. Those looking for a bigger mower might look at their 18″ model. 

What we enjoyed

  • Lightweight and pleasant
  • A fantastic addition was the collection bag.
  • Simple to transport

What we didn’t care for

  • Designed specifically for tiny gardens
  • There is no way to modify the handlebar.
  • Obstacles on medium-high grass

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#4. 1415 Reel Mower by American Lawn Mower Company


A Quick Look

  • Cutting width: 16″
  • Blades of alloy steel
  • 0.5″ – 2.5″ adjustable cutting position
  • T-shaped handle
  • Composite ten-inch wheels

Price Comparison

The American Lawn Mower Company 1415 Reel Mower’s classic form is a monument to its simplicity. We had a joy mowing with this little beast since it was simple to put together and operate. 

Small gardens were no problem with a 16″ blade. When the mowing was finished, the 5-blade ball bearing left lovely cutting lines and a crisp finish. The blades themselves were razor-sharp and adapted well to even grass. 

This mower’s accuracy is really remarkable. The cutting blade may be modified from 0.5″ to 2.25″ in length. This may be one of the greatest solutions available if you desire a nicely trimmed lawn. 

The 1415 was a breeze to push for a motorless lawn mower. With a tire that could move through patchy grass and hard terrain, the 10″ radial wheels gripped the grass nicely. The composite wheels were designed with durability in mind, so they should last a long time. 

The T-bar handle stood out among the reel mowers we tested. We loved moving it about since it was simple to hold and pleasant to the touch. 

The American Lawn Mower Company 1415 Reel Mower didn’t have all the bells and whistles of other reel mowers on the market, but it was dependable from beginning to end. The grass was properly trimmed after usage, and it cut through spots of weeds and little clumps with ease. This is an excellent value mower for your garden at this pricing. 

What we enjoyed

  • Simple layout
  • Pushable but light
  • Excellent control
  • Options for fine cutting

What we didn’t care for

  • There aren’t many other features.
  • Edge-related issues

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#5 MJ500M Snow Joe Push Mower


A Quick Look

  • Cutting width of 16 inches
  • Cutting height in four directions
  • Collecting grass (6.6 gal)
  • 8.8″ wheels

Price Comparison

The Snow Joe MJ500M has a sophisticated design. The solid pea-green deck looks excellent and blends in well with the rest of the garden shed’s contents. 

For tiny gardens and yards, the 16-inch cutting deck was ideal. It cut the grass well, although the blades might have been a little sharper. As a consequence, it had some problems cutting somewhat unevenly and laboring over slightly established grass. 

The Snow Joe MJ500M has a grass collecting bag that holds 6.6 gallons of lawn clippings. Because there are few alternatives for grass discharge, the MJ500M is a good choice if you wish to compost your clippings. 

The complete product is quite simple to put together, although it does need frequent inspection. After a few usage, we noticed that the handlebars and wheels were becoming loose. The wheels themselves were capable of turning and moving, but they struggled on rough surfaces. 

The Snow Joe MJ500M will mostly appeal to one kind of user: someone with a little garden who needs a straightforward solution. This is a nice purchase and Excellent value for money at less than $80. The Collecting grass might have been better constructed, and the build quality could have been better, but it’s an excellent mower overall. 

What we enjoyed

  • Excellent value for money
  • Straightforward and practical
  • Collecting grass
  • Excellent design

What we didn’t care for

  • I had a hard time getting an even cut.
  • It’s delicate.
  • Finicky Collecting grass

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Scotts 716-18S Push Reel Lawn Mower is ranked #6.


A Quick Look

  • Cutting width: 18 inches
  • 7 Blades of alloy steel
  • Cutting position and adjustable wheels
  • 10″ wheels
  • grasp with ease

Price Comparison

Scotts has set themselves apart from the 4-5 blade choppers on the market by including 7 blades. 

The ball bearing connected seven blades are vital in getting a cut done in a few passes when used with an 18-inch mowing cylinder. Because the Scotts 716-18S is surprisingly light and nimble, you’ll be able to mow in half the time. 

The Scotts 716-18S was extremely simple to put together, needing little effort and no tools. Users will need to modify the wheels and decrease the cutting height using tools to lower the cutting position. We were able to get it to cut from 1″ to 3″ with this. 

It’s a breeze to move this mower about. The wheels themselves have little trouble with inclines, slopes, and uneven terrain. The only difficulty we had was with the edges and corners, but it was generally really easy to work with. 

To be honest, this mower is fantastic. It not only offers excellent value for money, but its weight, speed, and blades are comparable to those of an electric mower. If you have a small garden and need a good mower without the bells and whistles, the Scotts 716-18S is a great choice.

What we enjoyed

  • Excellent value for money
  • Easily manageable
  • Produces a beautiful cut
  • Setup is simple.

What we didn’t care for

  • There aren’t many other features.
  • Tools are required for position adjustment.

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#7. Snow Joe Manual Push Mower FBA-MJ502M


A Quick Look

  • Cutting width: 20 inches
  • 5 blades of steel
  • 9 different cutting locations
  • 4-wheel drive system

Price Comparison

Snow Joe has long been known for their flexibility, with items that can be used for a variety of purposes. Snow Joe may offer everything you’re looking for in a push reel lawn mower with a A few more features. 

The Snow Joe FBA-MJ502M is great for one thing: it has a 20″ cutting width. Few manual push mowers provide this much versatility. This mower covers more territory and might help you go through a garden quickly. 

The five-blade reel performs well on the grass, but the Snow Joe struggles to cut evenly. If you want fine grass, you’ll probably have to walk back over heavy grass many times. It may cover more land, but it is unlikely to satisfy the garden perfectionist. 

On the bright side, the Snow Joe FBA-MJ502M has nine different height settings. This amount of control may appeal to gardeners who value their ability to regulate grass length. With the aid of a lever near the back wheels, this was quite simple to modify. 

A Collecting grass is also included, holding around 8.5-gallons of clippings. This is slightly problematic at times, but will definitely be useful for anyone who uses clippings for mulch or compost. 

The twin wheel motion aids in machine movement and was particularly useful for edging. The wheels, on the other hand, were flimsy and led to the mower’s overall build quality being questioned. 

The Snow Joe is a specialty motherless mower that isn’t for everyone. It has several cool features, but build quality flaws and certain lower-grade blades make this mower seem inferior to its peers. 

What we enjoyed

  • Cutting width: large
  • Lightweight
  • Collecting grass
  • 4-wheel drive system

What we didn’t care for

  • Blades are unremarkable.
  • Build quality is questionable.

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Earthwise 2001-20EW #8 Lawn Mower with Reel


 A Quick Look

  • Cutting width: 20 inches
  • 5 blades made of steel alloy
  • Cutting height: 1″-3″
  • 6″ rear wheels, 10″ front wheels

Price Comparison

Another 20″ reel mower, this one with a more streamlined appearance. 

With a terrific pricing and some amazing features, the Earthwise 2001-20EW is a nice alternative to the major brands on the market. 

The aforementioned 20” width really helps deal with small gardens in record time, as well as 5-Blades of alloy steel cutting the grass evenly. Patches only required a second pass through to achieve the quality finish, making it a simple process. 

The Composite ten-inch wheels were great for getting around the garden, as well as demonstrating their quality material. Along with the cushioned handlebar, the Earthwise 2001-20EW drifted effortlessly across the garden. 

The sole disadvantage is the lack of adaptability in cutting positions; with a quick-snap adjustment range of 1″ to 3″, maintaining the proper grass length proved challenging. 

What we loved most about the Earthwise 2001-20EW was its simplicity and lack of grandeur. It’s simple, inexpensive, and does the job better than anticipated. Only a few 20″ reel mowers can do the job as effectively as this one, thus we highly suggest it. 

What we enjoyed

  • Cutting reel with a large diameter
  • Simple layout
  • Simple to operate 
  • Excellent blades

What we didn’t care for

  • No additional features
  • There isn’t much space for height adjustment.

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#9 Scotts Outdoor Push Reel Lawn Mower 2000-20S


A Quick Look

  • Cutting width: 20 inches
  • Blades made of a 5-steel alloy
  • Cutting height may be adjusted between 1″ and 3″
  • Lightweight construction

Price Comparison

Scotts Outdoor has poured its quality into this gadget, providing one of the greatest reel mowers on the market, although being somewhat more costly than other 20″ mowers available. 

The quality reel, which came with 5 blades, was ideal for going across the garden and obtaining an equal outcome. This was simple to change, although the height modification possibilities were limited to 1″ to 3″. 

The 2000-20S, like many other Scotts Outdoor mowers, felt substantial and solid, with good wheels. It not only handled the wider breadth admirably, but it also glided effortlessly around inclines and uneven portions of the grass. 

Scotts Outdoor has been mentioned before, and their items are always of high quality. It’s a little on the pricier side, but you’ll get a long-lasting mower with plenty of features. 

What we enjoyed

  • Excellent construction quality
  • Pushing is simple.
  • Cutting precision is exceptional.

What we didn’t care for

  • A few more features
  • When compared to comparable models, it’s pricey.

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The American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 14-Inch 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower is ranked #10.

American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 14-Inch 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

A Quick Look

  • 14-inch cutting width
  • Four blades of steel
  • Blade height is adjustable
  • Handle by Coushines 
  • polymer wheel, 8.5″
  • Mechanical

Price Comparison

The American Lawn Mower Company’s reel lawnmower is a fantastic alternative if you’re seeking for a lightweight mechanical lawnmower. 

This mower not only looks good, but it also has four sharp blades with a 14-inch cutting width. The blades are constructed of heat-treated alloy steel and may be adjusted in height from 0.5″ to 1.75″. They are meant to stay sharp for years.

The 8.5-inch diameter polymer wheels give excellent mobility. The long-lasting cushioned handle is very comfortable to use and gives a firm grip even while in motion.

The product’s most notable feature is that it does not emit harmful fumes into the environment. Regardless, it produces a sound that, although not especially loud, may bother certain individuals. As a consequence, you may cut grass up to 4 inches long with this mower and get a scissor action cut.

The reel mower comes with a handbook, steel mower arms, and the reel mower itself. It’s a terrific value since the kit contains all of the necessary nuts and screws, and setting up the mower will only take a few minutes. 

What we enjoyed

  • Does not clog
  • It consistently produces clean cuts.
  • It gets rid of everything, even weeds.
  • Under adult supervision, children can handle it. 
  • Easily transportable
  • Size is small.
  • Simple to operate

What we didn’t care for

  • If the grass is higher than 4 inches, it takes longer to mow.”
  • It makes noise. 
  • grass chute, one-way

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Reel Mowers and What to Look for When Buying One Buyer’s Guide

‘WHAT?’ say many people when they first see a manual reel mower. ‘Do I have to do any physical labor?’ They scream at the top of their voices about it. They overlook the fact that reel push mowers, whether corded or cordless, offer some significant advantages over electric lawn mowers. 

What is the definition of a reel lawn mower? 

Reel mowers are lawn mowers that are manually operated. They are made out of a big cylinder with several blades on a ball bearing reel that operate as grass scissors. The cylinder rotates as you push it up and down your lawn, and your grass becomes shorter. Fantastic. 

They’re a handy little gadget that can outperform powered mowers in a variety of ways. Overall, they’re straightforward and practical for the garden. 

Why should you purchase a reel mower? 

The biggest benefit of purchasing a reel mower is that it does not need power. This eliminates the need for wires and charges while mowing the grass. Place it on the grass and take a stroll. 

There are several environmental advantages to living without power or gas. You’re not only saving money on your power bill, but you’re also helping the environment. You’re also exercising since there’s physical labor involved – now that’s value for money. 

When it comes to mowing grass, reel mowers are quite precise. Unlike rotary blades, which tear the grass apart and damage it, manual mowers cut it like scissors. The effects may be remarkable when combined with the ability to chop down to less than 1″ in height. Bowling greens and golf greens are mowed using reel mowers to achieve a clean finish. 

Who should consider purchasing a reel mower?

Reel mowers are perfect for those who have a small garden. Few people will want to go across acres of property with a manual lawn mower, despite its advantages. A motor-free mower, on the other hand, may save a lot of time in small yards. 

This time savings isn’t only due to convenience; several of the models discussed in this article are capable of quickly traversing a garden. Some mowers may need retreading an area numerous times, however this is done to guarantee that the ground is level. 

Gardeners who prefer simplicity, ease, convenience, and nicely cut grass may consider reel mowers. If this describes you, it may be time to invest in a reel lawn mower. 


It was difficult to choose the greatest reel mower available. There are so many things to choose from, each with its own distinct qualities that we enjoyed. 

It all boils down to personal preference and circumstance. Make sure to consider the size of your yard, the degree of cut you need, and the amount of effort you are willing to put in. Once you’ve considered all of these options, revisit our evaluations to determine which one best meets your needs. 

We hope you are able to select the finest reel mower for you and have your yard looking just as you want it.

The “gas powered reel mower” is a type of lawnmower that uses gas as its power source. The best reel lawn mowers are the ones that offer a lot of power and can be used for heavy-duty tasks.

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